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This is Fate on zee world, Sunday 15th October 2023 update

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TV series

This is Fate on zee world Sunday 15th October 2023 update, Karina questions what fault does the un born child have in all this, he will not have his father when he is born, does Rishab not think he should get the love of a father, Rishab assures he would give him the love of a father to the extent that he would not miss anyone, Rishab says they would also love him so he will not have anything else, Mahesh sitting asks if he loved his uncle more then him.

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Mahehs mentions that no child can love anyone else more then his father, Mahesh explains Preeta is the daughter of this house, they have lived their lives and might die at any given moment so he feels like he must make sure his daughter is in safe hands, and no one can be better then Rishab. Mahesh assures this wedding would be really simple and so would he take the responsibility of his father.

Bi jee explains to Preeta that her relation with Rishab is of the entire family, she must not be so selfish because does she want the child to grow with the thought that there was not anyone to keep his hand over his head, Dadi questions if Rishab would agree, Rakhi on the other hand also demands the answer from Preeta asking if she is going to fulfill the responsibility that Karan left in the path, Karina once again inquiries from Rishab who agrees, they all hug each other. Rakhi and Bi jee are also questioning Preeta and they pray to Bhagwan.

Preeta sitting in her room, is thinking how karan said they all must always remember him with a smile on their faces, she thinks how she questioned him why is he talking about the Aatma to which he replied since the Aatma is always present. Shristhi coming to the door exclaims that Bhagwan jee always does injustices with the people who are good as he separated karan and Preeta who loved each other a lot, Shristhi sitting with her on the bed question why is she crying because karan would not feel really nice if he sees her crying, he always wished she must smile. Preeta replies they must let him cry for one day as karan promised to always stay by her side their entire life but now he left her in the middle path so must also cry, Shristhi hugs Preeta as they both are weeping a lot, Preeta requests them to forgive her, she need to cry for this one night and is promising to not cry from tomorrow.

In the morning Sherlin is purchasing the groceries, when he explains that it has been a total of six hundred, she requests him to give her a discount when he replies that she is shopping for the first time, Sherlin starts saying how she had a lot of workers who would buy them but she never came to the market, the other women in the market start smiling at her when she questions if they are making fun of her, the vendor exclaims she herself is making fun of herself and must leave, she pays the money and sees Ganesh in the market, mentioning that Rishab and Preeta are going to get married tonight.

Preeta standing in her room is thinking about all the beautiful moments spent with karan, how they both promised to stay together till they got old, Rakhi enters the room with the dress for the wedding, she places it on the bed where she sees the photo of karan and Preeta together. Rakhi goes to her asking if she is remembering him, assuring that the injury would fill with time, Preeta replied this would never fill but she is going to lock it in her heart and will never let it come out in her life. Rakhi hugging Preeta mentions that the ritual would be completed tonight, she thanks Preeta for accepting to marry Rishab.

Sherlin rushes to the room, she sees Prithvi sleeping so pours some water over him, he suddenly wakes up questioning why did she do it, she replies he is useless and would always remain sleeping. He did not listen to her warning when she tried stopping him as their lives have been ruined because of him, he questions what is she saying as he is sure Rishab would never marry Preeta. Sherlin exclaims that she heard Ganesh talking with someone on the call where he said that Rishab and Preeta are getting married tonight, he is shocked at hearing this when he exclaims that the Luthraโ€™s are stupid because they are still getting them both married when he said that she is giving birth to his son, Sherlin questions if he thinks they are stupid since they all know what he is up to and he is a liar. Prithvi questions if she is mad, and is there any plan when Sherlin says she would not have come to him if she had any plan. Prithvi asks her to go and check what is going on in the Luthra house, she says she would not go alone but he will also come with her, she leaves the room when he threatens to throw her in the tank if she throws water on him again.

Prithvi peeks through the front door where Rakhi is asking the Pandit jee if he needs anything, he said he would ask if there is anything missing. Prithvi is still not sure if this is a wedding but Sherlin asks him to look more carefully as they all are waiting for the guests, Rakhi asks Bi jee if they should bring Preeta but she replies Preeta might not be ready, Mahesh mentions even Rishab is not ready.

Preeta is sitting in the room looking at her photo with karan, she recalls how they both were really close and she loved him with all her might, Rishab also picks the photo he has of karan and recalling how nice he felt after meeting karan, he hugs it after finally standing up to leave for the ritual.

Preeta places the photo explaining she will not cry from now onwards but she vows to meet karan one day and when it arrives then it is going to be really wrong for him, she is going to fight with him and irritate him as why did he leave her alone and he even left their child., Rishab is shocked hearing this, he hears her saying how she said to karan that they got married because of her Kundali and Bhagya, they both were about to live till they got old so how could he leave her in the middle of the path, she sits back wiping off her tears.

Rishab seeing Preeta knocks on the door, he exclaims she was talking to karan so he did not disturb her, Rishab seeks permission to come in since he wanted to talk about something, he explains he knows karan means a lot to her and he even meant a lot to her, she can fight if she has any feeling, he asks if she recalls what he said that no one can snatch Karan from her, he has just come to stand with her in this life but not be her partner, he has come to help her because of karan, Rishab assures she would always live in his heart like a true friend whom he respects, Karan will always remain amongst them, Preeta turns weeping so he hands her the napkin before leaving. Preeta turns back to sit down where she hugs the photo of karan.

Prithvi in the house pours a drink for himself, he sitting on the couch starts recalling when Preeta threw him out of the Luthra mansion, he calls Sherlin who comes from the kitchen, he questions what has he made of herself and inquires if she wants to get married with Rishab, Sherlin replies she knows it cannot happen because Rishab threatened her, she recalls when Rishab came to her demanding the signature on the divorce papers, he threatened to take a legal route against her as she has done a lot of things that are unethical and she got him trapped in the false drug case, she got scared when he threatened to send her to jail so she signed them. Prithvi asks why did she sign them, Sherlin replies she tried her best and even went to manipulate Karan but the whole game turned against them both, he questions if she wants to marry Rishab, she assures of doing anything for him since she once again wants to live a life of luxury. Prithvi assures everything will happen according to their plans, Sherlin asks what is he thinking.

Rishab is standing in his room, Mahesh comes inquiring if he is angry with him, Mahesh requests him to not be angry as even when he knows Rishab is in a state of tension he could not let anyone like Prithvi come and harm Preeta, what about the child and he cannot let any pain come on Preeta since she is his daughter, Rishab ask why is he so tensed since he know what his father is thinking about, Preeta je is the honor of this house and so he is going to make sure she never faces any problem, Mahesh asks if they should leave, Rishab and Mahesh both walk out towards the Mandap.

Prithvi comes from behind them exclaiming this time he is going to do something different since the last time Karan managed to sit in his place so this time the bride is going to be changed, Sherlin comes out wearing the same dress as Preeta.

The Pandit jee is performing the rituals while Rishab is sitting, he exclaims now they must call the bride, Rakhi goes to Bi jee requesting her to come as they would bring Preeta, both of them leave. Sameer asks Shristhi if there is something wrong, she replies that Preeta would come to the Mandap but she feels that Preeta would not fulfill the rituals of the wedding and might even leave the Mandap. Sameer says she herself agreed, Shristhi asks if he doesnot know that she did so with a heavy heart and even there is refusal in it.
Preeta is sitting in the room, Rakhi and Bi jee enter when she asks if Preeta is ready, Rakhi advises her to get ready as she also has to fulfill the duty of a mother, she helping Preeta stand asks if she considers her as a mother, so wants to question something from her that does she believe in her, Rakhi assures parents can never take wrong decisions for their children and she is doing the right thing for Preeta, but needs her help in all this so she is sure that her future would be really bright, Bi jee requests her to come since it is the time for her wedding, Rakhi helps her wear the veil before they start walking. Prithvi and Sherlin hide seeing them come, Sherlin pulls the carpet when Rkahi walks over it, Bi jee rushes to her asking if she is fine when Rakhi replies she felt as if someone pulled the carpet but she is fine, they leave for the Mandap. Meanwhile Prithvi takes Preeta in the corner.

Sherlin sits beside Rishab in the mandap, everyone feels as if she is Preeta. Rishab starts following the rituals with Sherlin sitting beside him who is smiling thinking what is the problem of Rishab Luthra who was sad when marrying her and now even marrying Preeta he is like the same, so what does she care as the only thing she desires is to get married with him meanwhile Prithvi will marry Preeta, and she will once again become the older daughter in law of the Luthra Mansion.

Prithvi enters the room with Preeta, Pandit jee questions what is he doing since it is wrong and he cannot get them married, pandit jee tries to leave but Prithvi threatens him to just open his mouth for the vows of the wedding, prithvi threatens Preeta explaining he doesnot care about the child so might harm her, Pandit jee tries to leave when prithvi stands warning him to not think of doing anything wrong because he is really dangerous, Pandit jee gets scared assuring of completing the pooja, meanwhile Preeta is requesting him to not complete the wedding.

The Pandit jee asks both the bride and groom to give their hands to each other, Shristhi whispers to Sameer that she doesnot feel Preeta di would give her hand and is it not possible that the Pandit jee completes the wedding, Pandit jee asks her to give her hand to the groom, Shristhi gets shocked seeing her hand so rushes upstairs, Sameer follows her upstairs, Shristhi explains she has a doubt with the bride, She is searching for her Preeta di, Sameer replies she is sitting in the Mandap when Shristhi informs she feels that the women is not Preeta. She hears the cries of Preeta so asks Sameer to stay quiet. Prithvi assures Preeta there is nothing to be worried about since he can ruin the entire world.

Shristhi and Sameer follow the voice, they manage to see Prithvi sitting with Preeta in the room where the Pandit jee is getting them both married, they are stunned to see Prithvi with the dagger while Preeta is really worried.

Sameer and Shristhi are shocked to see Prithvi holding a knife, Sameer is about to enter the room when Shristhi stops him so he asks what is she doing, Shristhi explains that Preeta is not alone right now and has her child so they must be careful, Sameer questions then who is with Rishab in the Mandap, she explains it is Sherlin when he asks what are they going to do, she explains they must be careful and use intelligence so the right person gets married with the one they are meant for, Sherlin must sit with Prithvi while Preeta jee gets married to Rishab.
Prithvi is not able to bear it so covers the face of Preeta explaining now it seems as if they both marrying with their own intent and so it is the right thing.

Shristhi exclaims she has a plan so whispers it to Sameer, he questions if this is going to work when she replies that she doesnot know anything but they must try to do it.

Sherlin is performing the rituals with Rishab jee while Shristhi and Sameer walk down the stairs, he advises her to once again think about what they have planned since it is not right, she exclaims they cannot anything else so must do it, Shristhi purposefully pours the dust in the Hawan causing a lot of smoke so everyone starts coughing, meanwhile Shristhi and Sameer manage to take Sherlin away, Rakhi seeing them wonders why are they taking Preeta from the Mandap.

Prithvi asks Preeta to calm down since they have to wait for a little while, Pandit jee asks them to perform the ritual when prithvi questions how is Preeta going to do it when her hands are tied, he asks if he can do it on her behalf so starts performing them while Preeta is yelling.

Shristhi and Sameer are taking Sherlin, Rakhi coming from behind questions why is Shristhi taking Preeta away inquiring if she doesnot want her to get married, Shristhi reveals it is Sherlin and not Preeta, Rakhi is shocked seeing her and so questions how did she manage to enter this house, Rakhi questions if she is here wearing the clothes of Preeta then where is she, Shristhi reveal she is with Prithvi, Shristhi reveals the entire situation of how she and Sameer saw Prithvi forcefully marrying Preeta in the room. Rakhi in frustration slaps Sherlin when Shristhi reveals she is glad they got the plan and then managed to create the smoke in the Hawan, Shristhi reveals this is why she si planning to free Preeta. Rakhi raises her concern when Shristhi reveals she needs a pin so they must cover her face so that Prithvi doesnot know who is inside the veil, she asks if Sameer knows what they need to do.

Prithvi is marrying Preeta meanwhile Sameer along with Shristhi and Rakhi are pulling Sherlin, she however tries her best to break free. Sameer takes out the cracker and lights it up putting it in front of the gate, the cracker creates a lot of smoke in the room which causes the Pandit and everyone to cough, Prithvi exclaims the Pandit created a lot of smoke when he suggests to open the door, Prithvi warns him to not even think of running away. Rakhi follows the Pandit and she starts removing the ropes with which Preeta is tied before picking her up and so Shristhi and Sameer manage to replace her with Sherlin. Rakhi taking Preeta outside asks her to not be worried and she removes her veil. Rakhi questions how did she get trapped when Preeta reveals when she slipped on the carpet Prithvi pulled her away.

Prithvi once again sits down questioning why did the pandit cause so much smoke to be created, he threatens the Pandit to do it carefully this time.

Pandit jee questions where is the bride so everyone including Dadi and karina start searching for Preeta, Shristhi comes down the stairs with her explaining that she felt suffocated so they went to get some fresh air. Preeta once again sits down with Rishab on the Mandap, he sees her crying so exclaims the vows would be different in this wedding, he is not going to expect anything more from her as she was always for him the wife of karan and he is just entering her life as friend who is going to give immense love to her child. Prithvi is eagerly marrying not knowing it is Sherlin under the veil.

Preeta is sitting as the rituals are progressing when she is wearing the Mangal Sutur along with the Sindoor and the Pandit jee exclaims this wedding has ended, the entire Luthra family starts clapping.

Prithvi is sitting when the Pandit jee mentions this wedding has ended, he is smiling. The police enter the room along with the entire Luthra family. Prithvi mentions h was waiting for them as he got married to Preeta, Prithvi is shocked seeing Preeta standing in front of him and so Prithvi is shocked when he lifts the veil it is Sherlin standing in front of him, Preeta asks the inspector to arrest them, he therefor arrests both Sherlin and Prithvi.
Five years have passed, Preeta is walking with the thali when she accidentally stumbles as Dadi turns, the flowers get placed on the steps of Bhagwan jee, Preeta explains she is saying this because of her love otherwise she made a mistake, Preeta leaves.

Preeta is walking when Ganesh hands her the bags, she explains he got really late for which he apologizes. Preeta enters the kitchen where Rakhi is instructing the chefs, Preeta hands her the dry fruit for the dish so Rakhi replies what is she going to do without her, Preeta questions if her sister-in-law woke up, Rakhi informs Sameer doesnot have the courage to wake her.

Preeta enters the room where Sameer is sitting, she asks him why does he not wake up his wife, she just pulls the quilt from her waking Shristhi, Preeta explains this is what is needed. Sameer informs that she snaps if he tries anything of the sort, Shristhi starts making fun of him when Dadi calls Preeta, she rushes to take the thali when Dadi advises her to distribute the Parshad to everyone.

Preeta distributes the parshad to everyone when Rakhi asks where is Rishab, Sameer informs that today was the auction of a Mahal so he had to go there but Rakhi replies if he is saying that she doesnot know anything about him but then he must not forget she is his mother, she knows the thing that is more important for Rishab is his breakfast as he doesnot have either lunch or dinner but then gets acidity so she asks Preeta to call him, explaining how he must come back as soon as possible leaving everything since she herself made the breakfast for him.

Preeta explains he doesnot have her mobile right now when Rakhi suggests she should go and get it, a ball stumbles down the stairs which stuns everyone, Preeta turns to see a girl rushing down the stairs with a smile on her face. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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