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The stepdaughters episode 77

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TV series

The stepdaughters on joy prime episode 77, We started with Mayumi receiving a call about of Froilan’s autopsy. The report stated that Froilan died of chemical poisoning. Francis also received a the report and told Grandma Felly about it. He said that they should drop their charges against Mayumi because she was responsible for Froilan’s death. Grandma Felly agreed but told Froilan that it was still not alright for him to get back together with Mayumi.

Daphne took a moment to speak to Grace and asked her not to tell anyone that she was not sick. She explained that she did not have anywhere else to go if they kicked her out.

Daphne found out about the autopsy and called Isabelle to inform her. She said that Isabelle was the main suspect and asked her to make sure that she was not caught in any of the CCTV footage. Isabelle said even if she got caught, they would not be able to recognize her.
Mayumi went to see Francis to thank him for dropping the charges against her. Francis said it was nothing because she was not responsible for Froilan’s death.

Mayumi offered to help investigate who poisoned Froilan but Francis refused. He said it would be better for them to stay away from each other and went with Bryce instead. They went to the hospital to check the CCTV footage.
Mayumi could not wait to learn what they found out so she went to the hospital with Sasha.

They ran into Isabelle there and she said that she was there for a check up. Mayumi accused her of killing Froilan but Isabelle denied it. They started to fight so Sasha called Bryce and asked for their help. Bryce came with Francis and they stopped the two from fighting. Francis accused Isabelle of killing Froilan but she denied it again. Mayumi dared Isabelle to check the CCTV footage with them to prove she was innocent. Isabelle went with them but they did not find anything. Mayumi was appalled that Isabelle always managed to escape justice.

Meanwhile, Luisa asked Daphne to testify against Isabelle for her crimes if she wanted to stay at the house. Daphne said that Isabelle was like her own daughter and refused to do it. Isabelle therefore kicked her out of the house. Daphne got mad and told Luisa that she wished she had died. Luisa slapped Daphne and beat her up. She also asked Mylene to bring her thing so that she could leave. Daphne begged Hernan to let her stay because she was sick. Luisa grabbed a bottle and aimed it at Daphne dodged it. Luisa was able to prove that there was nothing wrong with her eyesight.

She dared Daphne to take them to her doctor or the hospital she was getting treatment. Daphne did not respond so Luisa concluded that she was faking her illness. Hernan supported Luisa and had Daphne leave the house. Daphne left and went to stay with Isabelle.
Isabelle tried looking for her friends to borrow some money. She called Ariana to ask about Nikki. Ariana said that Nikki went abroad. Isabelle therefore asked to meet with her the next day.

Ariana picked Isabelle up to go to the Spa. On the way, they saw Mayumi’s car and Isabelle asked Ariana to follow her. Mayumi went to a park with Sasha near where they were holding Froilan’s wake because they couldn’t attend. Sasha left to buy a drink and Isabelle tried to hit Mayumi with a rock. Her phone rang before she did it, alerting Mayumi. She hid before Mayumi saw her and answered the phone. Daphne had called to tell Isabelle that they could have Grace spy for them at the mansion.

Hernan, Luisa and Grace attended Froilan’s wake on behalf of Mayumi. Hernan apologized for what Isabelle did but Grandma Felly said she did not blame him. When they were done, Luisa said she wanted to see Mayumi at the park and went with Hernan.

They ran into Isabelle at the park and she pretened to be happy to see Luisa again. She begged Hernan to take her back because she didn’t have any money but Hernan said he already disowned her. Luisa beat her up for what she had done to her and Mayumi.
Daphne met with Grace and asked her to steal some of Luisa’s jewelry. Grace said she could not do it because she might get kicked out of the house. Daphne apologized and said she asked that because she was desperate. Grace however promised to help with anything else.

Grace got hired at Coco Bella with a position at Coco Line. Hernan called her to his office and gave her a check of 30000 pesos. He said she should use the money to buy what she needed for work. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.