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The stepdaughters daughters episode 73

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TV series

We started with Isabelle and Mayumi fighting. Francis tried to stop them but they wouldn’t listen. Mayumi asked Isabelle where she left Froilan. She pushed Isabelle to the ground and Isabelle grabbed a bottle which she aimed at Mayumi. Francis got in the way and got hurt. He started bleeding so Mayumi brought him to the hospital. Isabelle grabbed the chance to escape.
Froilan managed to run away from Jigs who had been following him. He called Coco Bella to try and contact Francis and Mayumi but they were not in the office. He asked the secretary to warn them because they might be in danger.

When Isabelle was in the taxi, Hernan called. He got the information from the secretary and reprimanded Isabelle for sending thugs to hurt Mayumi and Francis. Isabelle denied it and instead told Hernan that Mayumi sent her employees to harass her. She claimed that she almost died but Hernan reminded her that she was the one who killed their families. He then hang up on her.
Isabelle called Daphne to tell her she was leaving. Daphne said she should take some time off and she would try to soften Hernan by the time Isabelle decided to come back.

The taxi driver tried to empathize with Isabelle but she told him that she didn’t need his advice. The driver got upset with Isabelle for her rudeness and asked her to get out of his car. Isabelle tried to look for her wallet to pay for the cab but she had dropped it while fighting with Mayumi. The driver shoved her out of the car and took her phone as payment. Isabelle fell down on a poll of mud and was not able to take back her luggage before the taxi left.

Grandma Felly went to see Francis at the hospital and got mad at him for getting himself in trouble. She seemed upset with Mayumi too and insisted on being the one to take care of Francis. Mayumi apologized to Francis because he always got in danger trying to protect her. Francis said he would rather get in danger than be without her.
Jenjen brought Grace some food in her room since she had not yet eaten. Grace kicked down the tray and told Jenjen not to bother her. Luisa went to see what happened and found Jenjen crying. She asked Grace what happened and she said that Jenjen dropped the tray.

Jenjen admitted it and tried to pick up the pieces. Luisa asked her not to do it because she might hurt herself. Grace decided to do it but Luisa stopped her, saying that the housekeeper would take care of it.
Later, Luisa went to speak to Grace. Grace got mad because Luisa seemed to be accusing her. Luisa said she wanted to find out what happened because Jenjen was crying. Grace snapped back at Luisa and Luisa asked her why she changed. Grace couldn’t answer and stormed out of the room.

Isabelle went to a hotel to clean up but the attendants mistook her for a beggar and kicked her out. She ran into Mayumi’s employees and accused them of asking money from her. They got mad and attacked her.
Froilan went to see his friend and asked him to help him find Francis. On their way, they ran into Isabelle on the street.

She fainted in front of their car so Francis brought her to the hospital. The employees from Mutya called Mayumi to tell them that they saw Isabelle but two men took her. When she arrived with Francis, Froilan and Isabelle were already gone. Froilan had left because Jigs was still following them.
Luisa went to Hernan’s house to tell him she was still alive. He had already left for work and Mylene was afraid that Daphne would see her. Mylene hid Luisa in the back and Daphne was shocked when she saw her because she thought Luisa was a ghost. She ran away and Mylene sneaked Luisa out.

Mayumi got mad when she found out that Luisa left the house. Sasha asked Luisa to understand Mayumi because she almost went crazy when they thought Luisa had died.
Froilan took Isabelle to a hideout and when she woke up, she begged him to help her because he was the only person she had left. She thought to use his love for her against him. Froilan pretended to fall for it but sent his friend to look for Mayumi and Francis. Froilan wanted them to find out that he was still alive and had Isabelle with him.

Grace met with Daphne and complained about the situation in the house because Luisa seemed to favor Jenjen. Daphne advised Grace to treat Luisa better so that she could become Luisa’s favorite.

Hernan called Mayumi to tell her that someone called to warn them about people lurking around Coco Bella. He said that he hired more security for the company and would send others to Mayumi’s house. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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