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The legal wife on MaxTv Episode 9

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TV series

The legal wife episode 9, In today’s episode, Buen speaks with Javi that their son got scared earlier and he said that he was just disciplining his son that’s all and he is glad that she and Buen are on the same page. Nicole tells her Secretary to tell Anton to reconsider her decision and she was glad. She asks her Secretary why is that she always pushes those that love her away and goes to follow those who pushes her away. Her Secretary tells her that she is a fighter and that she need to fight and not give up. She was glad with that advice.

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Eloisa apologizes to Monica for what Javier did earlier and she says that its okay and then Eloisa asks her how their hometown was and she said okay and tell her that for her father’s sake she needs to take things easy. The next day Adrain meets Monica at the reception and flirt with her . One of the girls in the team tells her that they are falling slowly for Adrian and asks if he she can keep him to herself and Monica said yes.

Max and Audrey goes to where a Photoshop is and meets Nicole there. She tells Audrey that Max is all his and that they deserve each other because they are nauseous and sickening. Audrey asks Nicole if she is bitter and Nicole was about to slap her but she tells her that she is not worth it since she had her nails done that day.
Monica messages Nicole severally but she doesn’t reply. Adrain leaves for work and before that he flirt with Monica again .

Nicole meets Monica and apologize. They exchange gifts and say sorry to each other. Monica tells Nicole about Dante and gives herthe address of Dante and she says that maybe someday and monica tells Nicole about Adrian. Nicole asks her if she has told her mom and she Said no and she tells monica to make things clear to Miguel since what she went through has made her reason. She feels so happy with for Monica and they leave happily together to their homes. Nicole throws away the address but picks it again after reconsidering.
Monica tells Adrain that she hopes that everything goes as planned.
They leave for lunch and Adrain volunteers to take her to a restaurants and she says its okay and suddenly a text comes from Miguel.

Miguel gets to the advertising agency and ask to meet Monica but she told that she has gone out with Adrain and he gets angry.
Grands visits Nicole and she is surprised to see her . He apologizes for not being there for her and she says it okay but grands says he doesn’t want tO loose another person. Miguel tells Javier that she is inlove with Monica and he hopes that she will too but she has a problem with Monica and Javier wonders the problem .
Monica gets home and meets Miguel having a drink with Javier and says she wants to rest and Javier tells her to join them.

Nicole thinks about Max and gets all sentimental again. Javier asks Monica how true is it that he went home with another man on the day of the trip and she says yes and monica tells him that there is something he needs to know and that she can’t love Miguel no matter what and Javier asks whether he did something to offend her and Javier tells her not to be unreasonably because Miguel only shows her kindness and she knows that he is right.

Monica complains to Eloisa that it shouldn’t be that she has to like Miguel for the company to grow because she belives that the company will get back on its feet again . Eloisa tells Javier that is he thinking about his welfare or Monicas because she won’t allow hiM to use her. Miguel and Adrian have a talk about making the campaign a big success because he needs to know his ideas And he asks Miguel why he chose him for this job and Miguel says that he has heard that he is the best .

Nicole and Grams have a nice outing together and they reminsce on Nicole mother.

Miguel continues to interrogate Adrian and he tells him that does he know what he does to people like him because he doesn’t want disappointment.
Monica gets flowers from Miguel and Sandboy tells Monica that he liked Adrian for her and she looks happy.

Nicole meets Addain at bar And have a chit chat after he saved her from falling. He tells her its because he was too focused and that’s why he didn’t know that he had dropped it. Nicole motivated Adrian and that’s where we end guys. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.