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The legal wife on MaxTv Episode 8

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TV series

We started this episode with Nicole seeing Max Audrey hugging and she get sad and turns away. She goes to where they are and interrupted their conversation and Audrey asks who she is and MaX says that she doesn’t love her and that she can’t teach her heart to love. Audrey comes to ask who she is but Audrey smiles at her and leaves crying.

Monica sits alone and Adrian joins her and he thanks her for being a good friend to him and monica thanks him and leaves but adrain asks her if she was angry at her and she says no . Adrian trips and fall with Monica . Adrian tells Monica that he likes her and that he will like to court her and Monica aka if he is asking for her permission and she says that they are in a free country and free to do what ever he wants.

Nicole throws up in the bar and calls MonICA but she is not picking. She cries her eyes out. Javi gets angry at Eloisa for meddling in his Family affairs and asks him what he can do to make amends and he says nothing because its her fault that they are in. Jasper consoles her and tells her that he loves and Eloisa says same and they embraced .

The next day Adrain shows up at Monica’s apartment and volunteers to take her to wherever she is going. They go to the seahore and meets Eloisa favorite fishes . She gets a call from Miguel and puts it back. Nicole is being tapped by the maid to wake up but she is not waking up. She is being sent to the hospital immediately. Adrain tells Monica that he is working hard for his Family and future family too. Javier gets to work and meets no one at office and gets angry at Javi and tells him he is useless. He finds out that Monica is in Daeit . Adrain goes to get Monica’s bag and eaves drop on where they left the bag and gets to know that Dante Ramos is in town. He gets to Monica and is tells her that her father is in town.

He goes to see him immediately and hugs him.

Javier goes to the house and puts it all Eloisa because Monica has gone to Daeit. Monica speaks with Dante and he gets him food and she tell him that she has graduated and working now and he asks of Eloisa and monica says she is ok. Monica asks about him and says he is ok. He asks Monica of he is happy living in the mansion and she lies about it. Hugs her and tells her that She will still be the little girl that he called OVA.

Nicole wakes up and asks of the time.

Monica leaves and Dante asks what’s the relation with Adrain and her and monica says he is her suitor and Dante tell him to take very good care of her. Adrain and monica have a nice time at the seashore and Adrain kisses her. Javi tries to call Monica but not responding . They meets the team and she is handed her phone that Javi has been calling him and when she called back,he tells her that Javi says that she should leave. The next day , Miguel gets to Daeit and is surprised that he is there.

Nicole gets home and is being told to rest and she says no since she is always alone but because she has always been that way. Nicole gets to work and gets angry at workers for the work they did and they wonder what’s her problem.

Monica is set to leave and Miguel asks to drive her but she leaves with the service vehicle instead and aologise to Miguel.

Nicole gets angry at her workers again and try leave her.

Javi shouts on his son for choosing not to go on his class and Buen tell him live him alone. Monica gets to Manila and she greets Javier and guest and Javier tells him to have rode with Miguel instead and she asks to go sleep.

Adrian catches Andrew again meddling with his friends and tells him that he won’t be able to help him out when something happenes to him .

Miguel tells his father that no matter what he will win Monica and his Dad tells him that he will not take that as a challenge and he wishes him luck.

Adrian tells his mother that someone is interested in the girl that she is courting and she gets jealous about it and says that what if its just crushing and Adrain makes her to understand and that’s where we end guys. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.