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The legal wife on MaxTv Episode 7

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TV series

Alright guys we are continuing with our wonderful telenovela and in today’s episode Max is going to see Nicole in her house and meets grands. Eloisa prepares some nice food and Jasper tells her its nice a nd Monica comes in to taste too and compliments that its taste very good and she should consider it for commercial purposes. Javi comes in too and he is given some but tells Eloisa that he is allergic to them and Eloisa suggests that they take it home for his son and Buen.

Nicole tells Max to work things out with Audrey and MaC says that how can he when she doesn’t want to talk to him and MaC says that he is there to see her and Nicole makes him understand that he has had enough of what they had. Javier thanks Monica for going out with Miguel and Monica stares stunnly. Monica is being given a personal time table for the shooting a nd makes a farce about it that Adrian can’t just get himself occupied with her like that.

Max goes to see Monica to talk to her to convince her to invite her out to diner . Monica asks him if he likes Nicole and he says he doesn’t know since Nicole completes him . Monica tells him to leave her alone if he doesn’t love her because Nicole is suffering.

Nicole sees Monica calling her but she doesn’t pick the call. Her Secretary tells her that Dante passes by the office and he wants to know if she was related to an esquivel .
Monica tells Nicole that Max called and wanted to set up a surprise diner and she says she won’t go.

Adrian mom delivers some clothes to Adrian and she flirt with sir Bob while Monica was busy eavesdropping .
Dante goes to see Nicole at her office and she wasn’t there .

Javier buys Eloisa some nice dress to wear to a party they will attend later and she was so elated .

Monica was looking through her things to pack and she tells her mother that the location is at where she grew up and she just hopes Javier won’t be get angry at her.

Nicole meets Max at a bar and he was glad that she came to meet him and they talk about why Dante is in town and he asks if she will tell Monica about it and she said the more reason she doesn’t want her to know.

Adrian separates his brother from a fight that he was engaged in because of a motorcycle and the mom gets angry at him for what he did.

Andrew was called to the police station because of the missing motorcycle and they are all worried. . Monica asks her colleague what the problem is with Adrian and just then Radly comes to tell them that adrain is not joining them to the trip. Monica goes to offer her help but he rejects. Monica invites Nicole over to Daiet and she rejects and she tells Monica that she has something important to tell her and she changed her mind immediately.

Monica sees Nicole and MaX together and tells her not to allow herself to be fooled by Max and its her life so she will live it ever way she wants. She lives with MaX and after they slept together she sees a mesage from Audrey and replies her after she said she wants to speak with him.

Monica and her team get to Daeit and she starts to get a lot of memories. Dante is speaking with someone and it seems he is also a rich man now.
Nicole prepares breakfast for Max and his team and and they decide to leave to a meeting later.

Adrain gets to Daeit and goes fo speak with her and apologize but she tells her that its not a big problem. Later In the evening. .they meet and discuss whatever they will do because they have done most of the work for tomorrow for today. Max finds out that Audrey says that he broke up with her and he is surprised.

Adrain tells his team that he is not scared to tell Monica his feeling and just then Monica turns and stares at him.

Max goes to see Audrey and he tells her that he loves her and Nicole watches them from afar and that’s where we end guys. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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