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The legal wife on MaxTv Episode 6

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TV series

In today’s episode mum Emma and boss Bob tell the team that they will call javi to present the ads presentation to them and they are still in shock of how they all had the same concept for the project. Adrian asks her if she belieVE that have stole her concept and she walks out on him .
Eloisa tells Javier that she didint just come back for her children but also him and Javier is left all quiet. Adrian walks up to the balcony and Monica comes up to join him. She gives him some of her cookies and they patch things up . Jasper tells javi that Bob approved Monica’s presentation and he is not moved at all .
Adrian suggest to Monica that they become a team and she agrees . Eloisa receives flowers from Javier and she is stunned. Javier speaks with miguels father and he tells Javier that he trust his Family to do what’s right And tells Javier that Miguel has already told him that he likes Monica and Javier says yes.

Adrian and Monica works together and he is so happy that things are going well between them. Monica gets home and smiles at herself and Eloisa comes to congratulate her for passing on the presentation and she is so happy. The next day they get ready to make their presentation to the board and before that they compliment themselves for their looks. They are told that they board is in . Nicole gets angry at Max for trying to defend her earlier and she is not happy at all . They argue about Audrey being in town and he says that Audrey blocked her on messenger and Nicole tells him that she is fed up with all of this and she leaves.

Monica makes her prsentation and javi starts to interject her. And adrain walks in to make the presentation and she makes Monica down and Adrian take over.
MAX still waits for Nicole and she tells him to leave but he says that he has been an idiot for not noticing her all this while.
Monica wonders in sorrow at the top of the balcony and adrain makes her laugh so loud that he got confused. She feels so bad that he got to know the kind of relationship that he had with his brother. Adrian tells her that the project was approved and She is so happy. They go out to celebrate their victory . They have fun at a nearby restaurant and adrain climbs that stage to sing a song for Monica . She was so happy and she sings to .

Jasper tells Eloisa and Javier about what Javi did and they are surprised . The next day the family tease adrain as to why he got home so late and he doesn’t reply . Jasper asks Monica why she is blushing and she snapped it of. Javier tells Monica that Miguel has been bugging him and wants to know if she is not doing anything later on they can have diner and Monica keeps quiet. She asks her father whether it was okay if she can and suddenly she gets a call from javi telling her not to blame her for her troubles.

Nicole is told that Dante Ramos called her and she is shocked . Monica gets to the office and she gets a cup of coffee from adrain a nd her colleagues tease her. The place they chose for the shooting of the video for the ads campaign is were Monica grew up in and she gets emotional. Nicole thinks about what Monica said about Dante loving her too when she he finally meets her and she wonders . Miguel picks Monica up and she makes up an excuse and he says that he will pick her up later .

The team stare from afar and becomes so happy for Monica. At diner Monica is wow to see the kind of gentleman his dad keeps bragging about and he quiet has an attitude.
Adrian calls MonICA to ask if she has gotten home safely and she says yes and he keeps contradicting himself and that’s where we end guys. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.