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The legal wife on MaxTv Episode 5

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TV series

We started the episode with Nicole getting home and her grandfather asks what’s wrong but she just gets to her bedroom. Jasper speaks with javis wife about javi relationship with Monica and their mother and says that it was because of how his dad suffered when Eloisa left them and she says that she hopes that he will be able to let gO of the Resentment that he feels towards their sister and mother.

Monica tells her father that she was given an opportunity in the jiji to work on a project and their dad was like okay but javi gets angry at the thought of having Monica in the team and Javier assures him that he should just let it pass and Monica promise to deliver.

MAX Waits airport for Audrey but she rising show up and Nicole stands from afar and watches.
Eloisa speaks with nanny about what she can still do just to be able to make javi accept her and she wonders.
Monica and Adrian are in the elevator and he asks for a cookie but Monica doesn’t mind him. Adrian makes a presentation to his team and they all look bored and not responsive . They leave immediately after they ask for a break . Nicole gets a message from Max and she does not respond.
Adrian talks with his friends and asks for help because his team is not helping. Nicole gets to surprise Monica at her workshop and she tells her that she can’t go with her to the shopping because she is working.
Nicole leaves broken but pretends to be ok.

ADRIAN takes his team to his friends shop and they don’t look so pleased .

Eloisa sees Nicole park her car outside and brings her in. She gets inside the house. Adrian and his team get back to work and still on Monica but she ignored him. He apologized fOr taking the love beer from her and all the nasty things that she belieVEs that he offended her with and she tells her to be serious with her friends. She gets inside her car and thinks about adrain .
Eloisa and Nicole eat and they talk about Dante and Javier walks in immediately. Javier walks out on them and javi gets to speak with Javier and demands to get water . Nicole and javi argue about not moving on in life and Monica and sandboy gets to the scene . Nicole leaves immediately after . Monica and javi argue again and at the same time Javier and Eloisa argue.

Eloisa speaks with Javier again and he says ge forgives her because he is the only one who will love her.
Monica gets flowers sent to her at work and she wasn’t moved at all .
MAx is worried because Audrey had blocked her .
Adrian and Monica gets to present their ads and afterwards Adrian apologise for getting it too way ward with his presentations .

They argue afterwards. Nicole is partying and Monica gets her to speak with her and tells her that javi wants her to break his friendship and Nicole is not really moved. Monica finds out Nicole ended things with Max . They make up and have fun at the roof top. They get sad when they see a man happy with her daughter and she says that no matter the challenge that they face. They will always be very happy . They hug each other and Nicole tells her she is right because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Adrian asks his mother why she always buys vita sardines and she says because it cheap and affordable And at the same time too Monica visits someone and she is being invited for diner and she is being told the same thing that Adrian mom told him .

They present their ads the next day . After the presentation they wait to be picked and they brag about each other. They are told that their presentation was having the same tone and they looked suprised. That’s where we ended guys. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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