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The legal wife on MaxTv Episode 36

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TV series

The legal wife episode 36, The episode starts with Nicole and Adrain meeting and he tells Nicole that they have to stop what they are doing because they are making things harder for themselves and it hurting Monica and her. Nicole was about to tell him that she is pregnant but ended up saying sorry.

Jasper tells Monica to stop what ever she is doing because everytime Adrain tries to move on her steps brings them back so if she thinks she is punishing Adrain for what she is doing then she is hurting herself and not her.

Javier sees Javi to tell him that they need to settle their differences but Javi tells him that its too late since they can’t do anything again. Javi tells him that he will think about it but can’t promise him anything because he doesn’t see any reason to come back to him anymore and Dante stands and watch them from afar.

The Ads agency still wants Nicole in their team or else they will change their company to take care of their advertising products and right after the meeting, Monica goes to confront Nicole that she should leave and go far away and there Nicole asks if she feels threatened that her husband will come back to her and Monica says that she doesn’t know what she will do to her when she catches her again.

Nicole sends a text to Adrain to explain the confrontation with Monica earlier and there Monica comes to tell him that he is not suppose to communicate with Nicole anymore and Monica asks him of he was a cop or something for Nicole to explain himself and there Adrain tells him to stop because if they are going to be that way then it’s best they go their separate ways and Monica tells him to just go if he feels tired because his empty threats doesn’t scare her.

Later in the evening, Bunjoy asks Monica if she is fighting with his father and Monica says no and he asks if he loves his Father and there she says yes and consoles him.

Adrain gets drunk and the bar attendant calls Nicole to come get him and monica who tracks the where abouts of Adrain locates him. Nicole takes him to a hotel and Monica comes there too and they have another confrontation and Nicole says that she was just worried about him and there Monica says that if she was indeed worried she would have brought him to him.

Adrain wakes up and tells Monica that nothing happened between them and there Monica tells Adrain that she will be a fool to believe him and that’s where we end guys. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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