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The legal wife on MaxTv Episode 35

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TV series

In today’s episode,
Monica tells Adrain that her date is waiting for her so he should go. Adrain tells her that she will speak with Nicole so it doesn’t come on and Monica leaves.

Nicole meets Adrain and asks him if he thinks about her and there Adrain tells her that whatever they have is over so she should just move on. Monica comes there and there she tells Nicole that she trusted her so much but what did she do, she slept with her husband and Nicole said yes she did sleep with her husband and they didn’t only become lovers but they made love and had sex and it kept on happening and happening and she enjoyed it and it was amazing. Monica then slaps her and leaves.

Eloisa and Javier speak and there Eloisa confess to him that she loves him Javier and there Javier asks if there is a chance for them and Eloisa said yes because they will grow old together and see to it that their family issues are resolved and they will have a peaceful life.

Dante takes all his anger on Javi and tells him that its all his fault that his father Javier has taken all his atrocities on him and taken it out on Eloisa. So because of that she has lost Eloisa and Javi gets stunned by the change in attitude of Dante. Because Eloisa will have been his if not him.

Monica tell Kerry that she is finding it difficult to trust Adrain now because she hasn’t gotten over the issue with Nicole and there Kerry gives her an idea of tracking Adrains cell phone to know his whereabout. At night where they sleep, Monica unlocks Adraind phone and starts to tracks it.

Adrain tell Bradley that Monica doesn’t trust and believe in him anymore and he doesn’t know what to do. There Bradley tells him that that’s what’s he gets for getting involved with her wife’s best friend and he can’t blame himself for that. And there Adrain says that he knows he made a mistake but Monica has taken it too far too much and doesn’t know what to do anymore.

Sandra tells Monica that she feels ashamed for what Adrain has done to him and there Monica tells her not to because what ever happened Adrain was the one that brought that on himself and so she shouldn’t blame herself for it and there Monica hugs her and Sandra tellls her that she hopes that she won’t stop loving Adrain and that she should not stop fighting and there Monica says that’s they are trying tO make it work.

Nicole and Max meet and there she tells Mac that she desparartely needed someone tO love and when Adrain came in the picture she saw that as a perfect opportunity and she knows that’s its wrong for having fallen for a married man but she couldn’t help it .
She tells Max that he still has the opportunity to get who he wants to love because her situation now is bad.

Monica and Kerry have a chat again and she is worried that Adrain hasn’t returned. Kerry tells her to calm down because at this point in their relationship she has the upper hand so with just a sanp of finger then Adrain is there because he is now like a stray dog.

Nicole takes a pregnancy test and its seems she is pregnant. She text Adrain that they have to meet since its important that he knows about it. In order to be fully sure Nicole goes fo Marcathy and there it seems Adrain is going there too and Monica gets the signal after she called Ruwena to ask whether Nicole is there at the office and that’s where we end guys. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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