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The legal wife on MaxTv Episode 34

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TV series

The legal wife episode 34, Monica goes to buy dress for the function and they compliment her that she wil be the most beautiful wife at the ball and at the same time, Nicole gets ready for the ball and buys the same dress colour and design as Monica’s. They tells her that she will be the attention of the night and Monica gets flattered but shakes it off.

At the function ,Max and Adrain meet Nicole and adrain tells her how surprise he is to find her there and Nicole says same. Adrain tells Monica that Nicole is at the function and she has the same dress colour and design with the same design.
She gets worried knowing this and Adrain tells her not to worry because he is there for her only.

While the function was ongoing, adrain draws near Nicole thinking it was Monica and Monica sees them and tells Adrain that he finds every oppportunity just to be with her and Adrain tells her that she thought it was her Monica.

And Monica tells him to keep his explanation to himself because she is not buying that. Nicole tells Monica to grow up because and Monica who was offended tells her that she won’t like it if she dared tells her that again and Monica asks her if she wore the same dress just to seduce her husband again and Nicole tell her to stop being so cheap.

Monica tells her that she is cheaper and there Nicole tells her that she won’t like her as her enemy. Monica tells her that she already became her enemy the day she has an affair with her husband.

Javier tells Eloisa to comes back home and tere Eloisa tells him that for that to happen he will have to accept his son inlaw Adrain and make up with Adrain and try to change his way for that will only make her come back to her. And Javier agreed to do that and Eloisa and he embrace .

At the function, Adrains mask is used to bargin with a price for the orphanage and there Nicole and monica bid for him and there nicole wins the bid and so she gets to go on a date with Adrain.

The episode ends with Monica getting upset that Nicole won the bid. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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