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The legal wife on MaxTv Episode 10

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TV series

The legal wife episode 10, We started this episode with Adrian looking around after he had been able to know how to go about his project. He makes his presentation the next day to the board and they are impressed with his presentation.

Monica gets worried whether Adrian will go through his work And at the same moment to Miguel liked his presentation.

Adrian is arrested for selling fake cars and he pleads to be released because he is innocent and asked to see the chief and the chiefs comes out and a flashback is shown how he was mistreated and left alone by his mother. The chief tells him to sign the document because its not need to take it far. He calls Adrian son and advises him to be care next time . Monica reaches the police station and speaks with Monica that everything is fine now. He tells Monica about his past with his father and makes it clear that he doesn’t need his help anymore and tells Monica that nothing his father does affects him anymore.

He thought he was through but seeing his face again makes him to remember all that happen and tells Monica that he looks ugly when he cries and Monica says its not true because he looks so handsome when he cries and he is so proud of him . They hug afterwards . He drops Monica off and Monica apologize for not taking him inside to apologize and promise to do so when the time is perfect And Eloisa stands from afar and watches. Eloisa asks Monica who that guy is and he says that he is a suitor of hers and Eloisa says that he liked him for her and they promise to keep it a secret for the mean time.

Sandra meets Adrian and gets worried of what happened to him and tells him that it was nothing since he is fine now.

The final presentation for the bits sardine is in and Adrian asks her if that her father and she says yes. After the presentation, everyone liked the video that was made and they all wait for Javiers final comment and ge says yes he liked the video and he congratulates Monica for it and they all rejoice.

They agree to celebrate.

Javier asks Javi who the guy that was sitting near Monica is and he says that he works at JJ &PP Company. Miguel tells his father that he is not interested in the company but Monica.
Adrain shows Miguel his concept and he said he doesn’t like it and he mocks him and Adrian says that its unprofessional and he is making this personal and tells Adrian that he can do everything that he need to do to get rid of him .

Nicole gets to Dantes village and they tell him that he has left . He gets sad and leaves . At the grand launch of the campaign both Monica and Jasper are surprised to see that miguels company logo is part of the Vita Project and Miguel waves from a distance but Monica Shawns him and leaves .

Javi tells his father that there was no need to add Zapantang group of company’s logo to the campign and Javier tells him that he is not trusting the campign to be a full success that’s why he is having that as a back up.
At the launch of the campign,Miguel forces Monica to have a sit with him since he knows no one there and Monica tells him that he should wait since the rest of the family are in their way there but he still insist and tells her that she can’t avoid him all the time and there Adrain comes there and immediately Miguel starts to make a scene. They fight and they are being separated by Javier and Miguel threatens him . He sacks Adrain from there. Javier tells her that he doesn’t want tO see her with him and monica tells him that she happens to love him and he loved her back to he should leave them alone and Javier says that its not possible because Miguel is the one for her and Monica makes him understand That he can’t be with someone with a rotte attitude like Miguel and Javier says that he must obey him . Monica says that that’s what she has been doing since she was a child and tells Javier that he shouldn’t tell her whom he should love because that’s not acceptable.

Bob and Emma leaches out on Adrain and they make the guy feel bad.
The video is being shown and they all liked it. Monica rushed out crying and Eloisa follows to console her .

Nicole tells Grams that she has being looking for Dante and hopes that he doesn’t get upset . She says that but he wasnt there and grams says that maybe he has a reasonable excuse for leaving and Nicole asks why is defending him .At that same moment too Dante goes to a place and he is being told that vita is making their lunch today and he asks about his company and he says they are fine.

Monica and Adrain meets and talk and adrain apologizes for screwing up and Monica says thats its not his fault but her father and miguels and Adrain tells Monica that he loves her and Monica says same and Adrain promises to prove to her that he will make everything to fulfill his love.

A problem Aries at vita company and Javi tells Javier that someone says that they were poisoned by vita sardines and they leave immediately to the company.

Adrain is being attacked and kidnapped by some goons. On their way to the factory, Javier tells his driver to stop the car and gets out only to meet Dante and he advises him to think twice before he does anything by firing people and leaves by congratulating him with vita . A flashback is shown that Javier had Dante shot and is surprised that he survived . Adrain tried to free himself from the goons and they beat him up, Miguel comes out to threaten him with a gun and leaves by telling him that he will Make sure that Monica ends up with him and he dare not utter a word of what happened to him or else his Family will have to pay for it.

Jasper and Javi argue about the sudden downfall of their company and they wonder who the enemy is . Javier speaks with the investigator and is being told Dantes company brought vita down and Javier cursed Dante and that where we end guys. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.