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The blood moon on MaxTv Episode 18

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Miyo tells Jake that he hopes Erin can convince Sir Andrew, they also talk about some random things and Miyo leaves from there. In his neighborhood, Miyo bumps into Tristan and he invites Miyo to hang out with him. They both sat down with a little awkwardness while trying to catch a conversation.

The Blood Moon max tv
The Blood Moon max tv

The stall keeper was closing so they had to leave, On the other hand, Madamstar the fortuneteller was having a convo with Tristan’s family. Miyo gets home and Greta told him the name of his baby ‘Kisses” she gives Miyo the baby and told him he is going to be the Godfather.

Madamstar saw Tristan in a distance in the neighborhood but she was so scared that she runs from there so she was unable to see where Tristan went, she wonders what Tristan is doing that her neighborhood.

Senator Mallari is campaigning for his presidency which makes Supremo angry so he asked his subordinates to go and stop him, he also told them to kill anyone who comes their way ( referring to the moonchasers).

Madamstar at night had a nightmare where she repeatedly says “to die to live” On the other hand, Tristan is awake and goes downstairs to wish everyone good morning but to his surprise, nobody was home so he rushed outside to ask around and he was told they are in Dory’s house.

Tristan comes to Dory’s house to meet his family, he was so worried that they left unannounced and told them to wake him up even if he is asleep the next time they step out. A convo trikes between Miyo and Tristan about their respective families.

A bouncer in the neighborhood starts a commotion outside when his friends question him about his mistress, he was so strong that almost beat everyone. Miyo and Tristan come to their rescue and beats the bouncer. Everyone was amazed by Miyo’s skills.

Gael, Lemuel, and Erin wait for Sir Andrew all night they finally saw him in the morning and Erin decided to go talk to him alone. Andrew was approached by a Co gambler and his team who believes he cheated them. They sh0t him and were about to take his money but Erin comes there sh00ting in the air so they run from there.

Andrew gets angry and attacks Erin, he struggles him by the neck and tells him he made a mistake coming to him cus he is no longer the Luna Soldier he knew before. Andrew then let go of him.

Tristan was so amazed that he asked Miyo to join his train, he told Miyo that he wouldn’t ask for his money back if he agree to join him but Miyo paid the Money instantly. Tristan changed the conversation and asked Miyo to watch over his family when he is not around and Miyo accepted the offer.

Greta’s boyfriend and baby father comes to patch things up with Greta but Dory is in no mood of accepting him back into her daughter’s life after leaving them for his wife. She closed the door on him and this made him (Deepo) angry.

Prof. T briefs the moonchasers about Senator Mallari, he also asks volunteers to go on a 12-hour drive to monitor where their mission will begin but Tristan refuses to leave his family behind and leaves from there.

A group of armed robbers hired by Mr. Gilbert ( Supremo) storms a mall where Mr. Gilbert played the hero by beating a taking a bullet on behalf of others. One of the armed robbers turned out to be Greta’s baby father.

The news about the robbery spread and Greta saw the news about the arrest of Deepo, she was so hurt and blames herself for it and Dory continues to encourage her.

Baristo comes to the neighborhood to meet Malia, he tells her about the failed mission to convince Andrew now known as Omar.

From there, Malia join the other LLU members and she was sure Omar can help them eventually and never give up on him. Erin tells her is possible Omar will listen to her if she learns about her identity.

To get to Omar, Gael teaches Malia how to play poker since that’s what Omar spends most of his time on. They believe Omar uses his vampire abilities to win all the games he plays.

The episode ends with Malia winning the game and saying she is ready to play against Omar now. In the next episode, Tristan is held at gunpoint by Senator Mallari whiles Omar beat up Malia to hand her over to Supremo.