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Strings of love starlife, Thursday 6th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Strings of love on starlife Thursday 6th June 2024 Update, Manveer tells Seerat to leave Sahiba’s hand to sign the divorce papers. Manveer asks Sahiba to sign on the divorce papers and give freedom to her son. Sahiba takes the divorce papers and is about to sign on the divorce papers but Seerat stops Sahiba saying she would like to capture this moment in her phone. Seerat goes to get her phone. Hansraj comments on both Sahiba and Seerat’s relationship. Prabjyot also agrees with Hansraj’s commnets.

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Manveer asks Sahiba to sign on the documents but Akaal asks Sahiba to stop. Akaal says to Manveer that she can’t take Sahiba’s signature on the divorce papers forcefully. Manveer asks Akaal why can’t she do it? Akaal reminds that it is about Sahiba and Angad’s relationship. Manveer reminds that she is Angad’s mother. Akaal says to Manveer that time taught him a lesson that the parents should not control their children’s decisions as what they think is right might be wrong in their perspective. Akaal says they should trust their children and leave their life decisions to themselves. Inder says to Akaal that if he realised this before all of them would have been happy a long time ago. Akaal asks Sahiba what does she want to do with her and Angad’s relationship? Sahiba says she would like to talk to Angad before taking any kind of decision. Akaal asks Inder to call Angad.

Angad recalls what happened and decides to clear the misunderstandings between them.

The electricity in the Brar mansion suddenly goes off. Jabjyot worries about the electricity suddenly going off. Jasleen asks Jabjyot why is she looking worried? Jabjyot says the electricity also last time went off when she was about to give the responsibility of this house to Sahiba and she is worried something will happen again.

Angad sees the electricity went off and recalls that Jabjyot felt inauspicious the last time something happened like this.

Seerat decides to talk to Angad and convince him to sign on the divorce papers. Angad sees that his phone’s battery is dead.

Seerat comes to Angad’s room. Angad sees Seerat from the back and thinks it is Sahiba. Angad starts questioning why did she leave him when he expressed her feelings to Sahiba. Angad says to Sahiba that he always finds her near him whenever he is in danger but when it comes to him and his feelings she becomes like a rock why is that? Angad sees that the lights are turned on. Angad sees that it is Seerat not Sahiba. Angad questions Seerat why didn’t she tell him that she is Seerat and not Sahiba. Seerat says she is about to tell him. Seerat leaves from there saying she will go and call Sahiba.

Angad sees Seerat from the back and realises what happened. Angad comes to Seerat and asks Seerat that if he expressed her feelings to her instead of Sahiba when Jabjyot was about to give the responsibility of this house to Sahiba. Seerat says she will explain to him what happened. Angad says she will explain infront of the whole family.

Inder tries to call Angad but he gets message that Angad’s phone is switched off. Sahiba decides to go and talk to Angad. Angad brings Seerat to the hall. Sahiba asks Angad why is he bringing Seerat like that.

Seerat says to Angad that because he is accusing her like she is some kind of criminal but Sahiba was just about to sign on the divorce papers. Angad gets shocked seeing this. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.