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Strings of love starlife, Thursday 13th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Strings of love on starlife Thursday 13th June 2024 Update, Angad and Sahiba reach Mumbai. At the airport, Sahiba excitedly describes how she enjoyed a flight trip. Angad asks her to talk slowly. Sahiba continues to speak loudly. Angad shakes her head. A mysterious man’s driver notices them and informs his him. He asks drive to bring them to him carefully without making any mistake. Sahiba gets happy seeing their name board. Driver welcomes them and takes their luggage. Seerat reaches a hotel room to meet her mysterious man and asks why did he call him here, what does he want from her.

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Angad with Sahiba reaches hotel and tells receptionist that he has a room booked. Mysterious man as a hotel manager introduces himself and takes them to their suite. Sahiba is surprised to see living room and 2 rooms in it and asks what will they do with 2 rooms, he overspends. Angad says they will stay in separate room. Sahiba says he should have booked 2 separate rooms. Angad says he wouldn’t have kept an eye on him and protect her. Hotel manager turns out to be Seerat’s mysterious man’s employee who informs his boss that Angad and Sahiba checked out in a suite and he will keep an eye on them.

Keerat calls Sahiba and informs her that she is selected in state wrestling championship competition. Sahiba congratulates her. Keerat asks how is it going in a room. Sahiba enters a room and is surprised to see bed decorated with heart-shaped flowers. Keerat says Angad must have planned it. Angad walks out of bathroom in a towel and asks what is she doing here, he chose this room already. She says she didn’t notice, this room looks pretty. Angad asks her to take this room then and walks out. She walks behind him. His towel slips off. She stands stunned seeing that. Angad hides his modesty and asks her to turn around. She repeatedly turns towards him. He rushes towards curtains and gets trapped in them. Sahiba tries to help him. He asks her to go. She says she is here to help him and helps him stand up.

Hotel manager knocks room door. Sahiba gives towel to Angad, laughing at hime, and opens door. Manager says staff told there was a sound of something falling in their room. Sahiba says chair fell down. He asks if he can help. Sahiba says they will manage and closes door. Manager asks wait to keep an eye on them. Angad notices his bandage loose and thinks he forgot to bring his first-aid box. Sahiba says she packed his first-aid box first as doctor advised for regular change of his bandage. He says he will apply it himself. She orders him to keep his mouth shut and applies bandge to his wound joking with him.

They both then visit hotel’s restaurant. Sahiba gets confused reading fancy description of dishes and reads one. Angad says it’s jalebi. Sahiba says they keep fancy name and bill even on that. Angad gets his client’s call and gets busy over phone. Manager asks photographer to click Angad’s pic and call Angad as Sunny Sood. Angad notices photographer clicking his pics. Photographer acts as clicking other’s pics. A man walks to Angad and addresses him as Sunny Sood. Angad stands confused.

Sahiba tries to impress Angad with flowers and gifts. A few men identify Angad as Sunny Sood. A girl says Sunny got engaged to her and and is enjoying with another girl. Sahiba asks Angad why they are all call him Sunny Sood. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.