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Sister Wives On ZeeWorld, Wednesday 5th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Sister Wives On ZeeWorld Wednesday 5th June 2024 Update, Dua’s condition gets critical. Haider thinks about his moments with Dua. He says I never let a single tear come to your eye and I brought you to hospital today. I couldn’t be a good husband. Gulnaaz prays for Dua. She says I always did wrong to you but you respected me and took care of my kids. dadi hugs her. Dadi prays for Dua. She says I wish i could speak earlier so my Dua’s life didn’t get ruined. The doctors try to save Dua. Rahat says I was proud Haider wasn’t like me. I thought he’s opposite to me. He broke my pride. Hina your son ruined her life. This shouldn’t have happened.

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Gazal says in heart I hope Dua never gets up from that bed. sameer says she slapped me. I would have killed her myself. Haider looks inside the ICU. He says she always prayed for my protection and this happened to her. rahat says you’re responsible for this. Don’t do this drama now. The doctor comes out. Haider asks him if Dua is okay. He says we will only know when she gets conscious. She had a mental break down. She shouldn’t get any stress. She can’t handle anymore stress. The blood supply to her brain is very low. She might lose her senses when she opens eyes. Everyone is shocked. Rahat says you’re responsible for this. Rahat says this man is responsible for this. Gulnaaz asks can we meet her? He says no we are shifting her to ICU. You can’t meet her.

They take Dua to ICU. Haider tries to see her. Rahat shoves him and says keep your shadow away from Dua. Sameer says why is your MIL silent? SHe will also get against you. Gazal says I won’t let that happen. She goes to Hina and says ammi see what Haider is going through. Please don’t leave your son. You can hate me but please take care of Haidder. Hina stops her. She goes to Haider. Haider says I am destroyed ammmi. I did the same to Dua what abbu did to you. I am so wrong. I made a sin. Hina stops him. She says you’ve now done any sin. Marrying Gazal isn’t a sin, it’s a good deed. I know people consider it bad but they don’t get the reason behind it. The man whose wife is like Dua what else would he do rather than marrying another woman. He says what?

Hina says she’s a shameless girl. She disrespected you in my eyes. She ruined Gazal and Ruhan’s life. She didn’t stop from her mission and that’s why you had to go to Gazal. You gave Gazal a home and you became a better human. You’re not wrong. Your mom is with you. I wish I got Gazla married to you before Dua married you. Haider says stop it ammi. Dua is in a really bad condition. Have mercy on her. Don’t hate her in this condition. Have you lost your humanity? Did you forget how it feels to share your husband with another woman? Haider says you called her your daughter, how did you forget your motherhood? You should punish me and slap me. Hina says she’s not my daughter or DIL. I’ve kicked her out of my heart. She deserves that. Haider says you can’t be my mom. My mom never said such thing. You taught me humanity now you are forgetting that yourself? He leaves. Gazal says ammi what has dua done. She’s turned your son against you. She hugs Hina. She says I am with you mom. I won’t let Haider go away from you. Hina says he’s gone away from me. Dua has hurt a mother. She will suffer.

The nurses talk about Dua while she is unconscious, a nurse tells another one that her husband married another girl, maybe she is prettier than her, I feel pity on her. Dua hears that and recalls everything.. she start shaking in her sleep and wakes up with scream. She panics and tries to run. The nurses run behind her. Dua comes out of her ward and looks at the family, she looks at Haider and recalls everything. She runs away from him but Haider grabs her and tries to calm her down and says everything is okay. The doctor tells Rahat that she couldn’t bear the trauma. Rahat rushes to Dua and consoles her, Dua cries and says I want to run away. Rahat says everything will be okay. Dua calms down. Gazal smirks and thinks I have to keep probing her wounds. She goes to Dua and says I can’t see you like this Dua, you are my friend so please calm down. Dua recalls Gazal challenging to take away Haider from her. Dua panics and starts screaming, she runs from there. Dua comes out of the hospital and is running when a car comes in front of her. She is about to get hit but Haider pulls her away and hugs her tightly. Gazal is angry seeing that. Dua hugs Haider tightly but recalls him bringing Gazal home as his bride. Haider tells her that thank God you are okay, I will make everything fine. Dua pushes him away and shouts to stay away don’t touch me. Dadi cries and hugs her, she says I don’t want to live anymore. Dadi says don’t hurt yourself because of others’ mistakes, it was not your fault. Gulnaz prays for Gazal to burn in hell. Dua starts hellucinating and shouts to not look at her. She acts like a crazy person and says I want to go home. Gulnaz tries to calm her down. Hina says this is just a start, she has hurt her a mother and she is paying for that, she wanted to snatch my son from me so God took away her peace, this is karma for her.

Scene 2
The family brings Dua back home, she tries to run away and tells Dadi that I have to leave, my honor is shattered. Haider tries to calm her but she pushes him away and goes to her room. Dadi shouts at Haider to stay away from Dua, you have completely broken her, get lost, my Dua doesn’t need you anymore, we are all here to take care of her.

Dua comes to her room and recalls her moments with Haider. Otherside Haider is also missing Dua. They both cry for each other. Dua looks at the gifts that Haider gave her. Naina plays as she cries for him. She screams in pain, Dadi comes outside her room and says trust God to heal your wounds. I am with you. Dadi thinks to let her be for sometime, she goes from there. Dua says I am destroyed, I have lost my identity.

Haider apologizes to God and says Dua is crying today because of me. He tells Rahat that he wants to talk to Dua, Rahat stops him and says you want to kill her? Dadi says you should go to hell. Rahat says you have broken this house but not anymore, you can leave with your girl, go with Gazal. You have no place in this house anymore. He tells Dadi that I did a mistake but you didn’t throw me out out of the house which was a mistake but I won’t repeat. He says Haider is not my son anymore, he has no right to stay here, Dua is their daughter so she will stay here with respect. Haider can leave with his cheap wife. Haider is shocked. Gazal thinks I want Haider and this house both, I won’t go anywhere till I take revenge from Hina for killing my mother.

Rahat tells Haider to leave his house with his cheap wife. Hina says Haider won’t go anywhere, he is innocent. Rahat says he did a sin. Hina says loving someone is not a sin, he married Gazal and didn’t do any sin, in fact he has given shelter to this orphan girl. He has done a pious deed. Rahat says you are blinded by hating Dua. Hina says no, he has given life to Gazal. Rahat says he has destroyed Dua’s life too, can’t you see her condition? how can you be this cruel? remember I did the same sin with you and you still have no pity for Dua? Hina says I was there in the past but I was innocent but Dua is bearing the punishment of insulting our family, for trying to snatch my son from me. Dua is not a pious woman. Gulnaz says enough, its not Dua’s fault. Hina asks her to shut up as she has no morals. Gulnaz says even your morals are shady as you can’t see real Dua. Hina says you and Dua are the same now. When you wanted bad for Gazal then Rahat left you and then Dua wanted to destroy her but Dua lost her husband, you both are bearing punishment for being cruel to this poor Gazal. Gazal smirks. She has hurt a mother and made Ruhaan run away from the house, my curse will always follow her. Haider says don’t curse her. Hina shouts that she has sent Ruhaan away, she has made fun of us in front of everyone. I pray that Dua burns in hell, I pray that she dies a cruel death. Rahat shouts at her to stop it and raises his hand. Hina says slap me for Dua now? Rahat says you are saying all this for a woman? I have already taken a decision and there is nothing you can do, he asks Haider to get lost. Hina says I won’t let Haider go anywhere. Rahat says I won’t let him stay here. Hina says how can you be this cruel as a father? Rahat says a mother can’t be this cruel, I will do justice. Haider can’t stay here. Hina says fine then give everything back that he has built, give him the money and efforts that he did to build this house. She says you were busy in poetry and having an affair with Gulnaz but it was Haider who took over the responsibility of this house. You just gave birth to kids but it was Haider who raised them, you want to throw Haider out of the house for this Dua then pay back everything to Haider. Rahat is hurt hearing all that and tells Hina that I can’t believe you had all this in you, I couldn’t be a good human but you are all like me. You are laughing on Dua’s pain? Haider killed Dua’s happiness and Gulnaz was never loyal to this family. You all are like me and that Ruhaan didn’t even care about this family. You all are cowards but I accept that I am responsible for this family’s destruction. She tells Hina that he will leave the house tomorrow as its not his house. He says I already left Gulnaz and I will leave you now. Hina cries and says I didn’t want to hurt you, I will go with you anywhere. Rahat says no, I am a sinner so I will leave alone. He asks Noor and Kaynaat to pack his bags, he will leave tomorrow. He goes from there. Hina cries hearing that.

Rahat comes to Dua’s room and says I am responsible for what my son did with you, I am your criminal so I am going to pray for you. Please take care, he leaves.

Haider comes outside Dua’s room while she is crying. Haider says there was a time when you used to feel peace near me but today you feel pained when I am near, I won’t come near you if it pains you. He sits near the door while Dua sits on the otherside. They both cry for each other.

Haider is crying for Dua, Gazal sees him and tells Ijaz that he can cry for Dua but from tomorrow, I will own this room and own Haider too. He will be mine. Ijaz says I will leave now. Gazal says come back tomorrow for my face reveal ceremony. Ijaz says who will do it? Gazal says I am his wife so they have to do all the rituals.

Hina is sitting alone and recalls Rahat telling her that he will leave. Gazal comes there and hugs her, she cries and says I can’t believe Rahat did that with you because of Dua, I should have died before seeing all this. Dua destroyed my life and now she wants to take away Haider from me. I can’t even celebrate my marriage with Haider. I can’t even spend my night with my husband. Hina says just wait till tonight but from tomorrow, I will make sure you spend nights with your husband. Gazal says Dua won’t let it happen. Hina says Dua has snatched my sons and now my husband, he hates me now because of her. Dua has to be punished for her deeds and you will get rights as Haider’s wife. Gazal says I didn’t even have any ritual in the house, who will accept me as his wife? Hina says they will, I will put Dua down so much that she will remain silent. Everyone will accept you as Haider’s wife. She messages everyone that tomorrow will Haider’s new wife’s face reveal ceremony so everyone is invited. The family are shocked to get the message. Hina tells Gazal that you shouldn’t sacrifice your happiness because of Dua. Gazal hugs her and thinks soon I will own Haider and Dua’s room.

Dua is lying on the floor and staring blankly.

A woman enters the house with a band and a man. All family members come there and are shocked to see them. Gazal and Ijaz look on. The woman glares at Haider. He says you both here? The woman says you should welcome instead of asking questions, why do you look so shocked? you should ask why I am here? you forgot to tell me but I thought to congratulate you on your second marriage Haider. You are making men proud, I pray for your happiness. She slaps him hard and says this is my gift for you. All are shocked. Gazal thinks who is this woman? The woman says I wish I could slap your honor like this, you promised to be like my son but you couldn’t even be a good son in law. You promised me to always keep Dua happy but you brought her sautan? do you still have shame? you should have died before doing this with Dua. Haider looks away. The woman asks him to look at her and tell her why did he cheat Dua like this?

Hina says enough Hamida, stay in limits and don’t talk to him like this. Hamida says you can’t even honor our favor on you. All people in community were shaming your family as Rahat did another marriage then I did a favor on you people, you begged me to get my Dua married to Haider and I trusted you. You promised me that Haider isn’t like his father but your son is worst than Rahat. At least Rahat brought an unknown woman in the house but Haider had an affair with his brother’s fiance? shame on him. I thought you would be a good mother in law but you are cruel and shameless. Hina asks her to shut up and stay in limits.

Hamida says what limit, that Haider has crossed already? you have no shame even after what your son did? I would have thrown him out if I was you. Gazal thinks Dua will leave the house soon. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.