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Sister Wives On ZeeWorld, Sunday 9th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Sister Wives On ZeeWorld Sunday 9th June 2024 Update, Gazal is at the cliff. She says Haider please come fast. haider comes there and says Gazal what are you doing? Stop. She jumps. Haider holds her hand. Gazal says let me die. Haider says no. Don’t leave my hand. She in worried. She says Haider will die with me if I’ve to die. She pulls him. Haider says keep holding my hand. She says you can’t save me, let me die. I’ve a secret that I want to tell you before I die. Please forgive me. She faints. Haider pulls her up. She says I want to die. Haider says are you out of your mind? Suicide isn’t the answer. she says I want to die. My pain will end that way. I’ve no reason to live. The society will shame me to death. I want to die. Haider says no one can stop you from living. She says no many things have been hidden from me. The saviors are my culrpits. Haider asks who? She says your entire family. She says they are not what they pretend. they took everything from me. Haider says what are you saying? Gazal says that’s true.

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Hina and Rahat see the video. Dua says this video is fake. Haier was making her wear the dupatta not taking it off. Dua says the person who made this video is.. Hinaa says it’s you who made this video. You did all this. Don’t do this drama. We know you’re a liar. You’ve ashamed us in front of everyone. Ruhan has left the house because of you. You have no right to complain. She says Haider has lost his respect in front of everyone. Qainaat says mom please. Hna says you want to take my daughter from me as well? She faints. She says I want to die. Rahat says Dua please go from here. Dua says please understand me. Rahat says everything is over. Dua leaves.

Gazal says I don’t have anything left. Your family forced me to die. They’re responsible for my destruction. Haider says my family gave you a home. She fixed your marriage with Ruhan. This si what you are saying? She says your mom gave it to me in a beg. Let me die. Haider stops her. He slaps Gazal. He says stop trying to lose your life. It’s God’s gift. I won’t let you do that. Gazal says we are friends, you can’t stop me. He says I can stop you. You are my responsibility. I am with you. everything will be fine. Let’s go home. She says can you bring my childhood back? Can you bring my parents back? Your family is responsible for my parent’s death. Your mom and your wife are behind all this. Haider is shocked. She says this is the truth. Haider says my mom can never do that. I can’t tolerate a word against her. She’s an angel. She gave you so much love and respect. She treated you like a daughter. Gazal says your angel is my mom’s murderer for me. Haider says are you in your senses? Gazal tells him everything. Gazal says my mom was my peace. Everything was taken from me. My mom was beaten to death. They forget that woman has a daughter. She was my mom. That mob killed my mom. They took her to hospital later but she passed way. Gazal sits down and cries. She says my mom will never come back. Your mom is responsible for all of this.

Gazal takes her mother’s name and cries. She says that Hina Akhtar is responsible for her misery. She says that Hina has killed her mother. She says whatever Hina did for her was out of her guilt. She says Hina also killed her father. She says Hina made many promises to her father but didn’t keep any of those promises. She says her father stopped Hina from going to jail but he got cheated by Hina. His father asked for Haider’s hand for her but Hina refused saying Haider’s marriage is already fixed.

Hina made her father feel helpless. She says that Haider got Dua and her life got spoiled. She says that Hina took advantage of Haider’s innocence that’s why she didn’t inform anything to Haider. Gazal says that she is not weak but she can’t forget the grief of her parents’ death. She says when she came to Akhtar house Hina got restless seeing her. She says that Hina also accepted the fact that she is responsible for her mother’s death. Gazal says that she was never at peace.

She says Hina called her daughter and Gazal forgot every crime of Hina. She forgot everything. She says that God gave her Ruhan whose love made her heart warm. She says that Dua has snatched Ruhan from her. She says Dua has snatched her happiness and ruined her life. She says today Dua will be responsible for her death. She asks Haider to go back home and give the good news to everyone. Dua recalls Gazal’s threats and cries. She feels that Haider is in grave danger. Qainat offers her water. Dua says that she doesn’t want water but her Haider only.

She cries and says none is believing her words. Qainat says that she and Ravi will try to convince everyone as none is upset with them. She says everything will be fine. Dua says nothing good gonna happen as she feels scared already. Qainat gets shocked seeing the phone and says that Ruhan has deleted the video. Ravi says that the video is not there in her phone too. Eihchaaz says that he has deleted the video. Ravi gets clueless. Dua cries and wonders what to do.

Dua calls Haider. Gazal thinks that she will not let Haider pick up the call. Gazal asks Haider to pick up the call as he must be annoyed with her dad story. She says that she has none now. She says that only God can do justice with her. Haider says that Hina and Dua can’t do all these as Gazal can be mistaken. He asks Gazal to forgive both Hina and Dua. Gazal says that whatever Hina and Dua did with her was delibarate. Gazal says that Haider is just like Hind and Dua. She wishes to curse them both. Haider says that he will fix everything. Gazal says Haider can’t do it. Haider says that he will keep his words.

Haider says I will fill your life with happiness. And this time I will pay for their mistakes. Gazal says it’s a sin. That’s what they did to me. Haider says yes I accept their sins. I will pay for their sins. Dua calls Haider. Qainat gives her water. She cries and says Gazal will take my Haider from me. I have to stop all this. She runs out an falls. haider says I promise you I will make your life very happy.. Dua runs out and cries. Rahat asks where is she going? Gulnaaz stops her. dua says no one can stop me from going to Haider. She runs out and falls. Ravi and Qainat pick her up. Dua says no one will stop me. Rahat stops her. He says I can’t let things go much worse. Haider says to Gazal you will never have a tear in your eye and I will cross any limit for that. You are my responsibility from today. Dua says to Rahat please let me go. I can’t let this happen. I have to go to Haider. Rahat says you won’t go anywhere. If you go out, never come back again. Gulnaaz is worried. She stops Dua. Gulnaaz says please don’t go Dua. They hold her. Dua cries and says let me go to Haider please.

Gazal says don’t make promises to stop me. Haider says I will do what I said. Gazal says can you do anything for my happiness? He says yes. Ask for it. She says I can ask for anything. Haider says I will do what you say. Gazal says then show courage and hold my hand forever. Marry me. Haider is shocked. Dua shoves everyone. Her necklace breaks. Dua cries. She reaclls Haider gave it to her. Gazal says the only way you can give a girl support and all the rights is by marrying her. Marry me. Haider says are you in your senses? She says your daughter accused us of an affair anway, I am asking to make it legal. She ruined my life. this is Dua’s punishment. Your family has been very evil to me and it can only be fixed by this. Marry me. Haider says enough. How dare you say such a thing. I can’t even think about it. She says you were making promises about my happiness. Your family always backs out from their promises. Haider says you can ask for my life but this.. She says your mom couldn’t do anything and now you won’t either. My life is ruined. Let me die. Haider stops her and says I am married to Dua already. She says in our religion you can marry another woman. Haider says don’t use religion. It doesn’t force people. I’ve seen my mom how she lived with another woman in that house. She was broken. Her life and happiness fades. She has to share everything. I hated my dad all my life for two marriages. now you want me to do the same? Never. I can’t do this. Gazal says I knew it. Making promises is easy but keeping them is hard. Thank you for your big words. Go back to your cheat family and let me go to God.

Dua says what do you all want me to do? My life is being ruiend. Haider is my everything. I can’t lose him. I can’t let Gazal win. No one will stop me. She leaves. Hina stops her and says you wont’ go anywhere. Stop doing this drama. You never cared about Haider. She asks Qainat to take her to the room. Ejaz says I can take her. He holds her hand. Dua slaps him. She says how dare you to touch me. I know you’re with that Gazal. Hina says now you’re insulting our guests? You will also slap me one day.. You’ve crossed all limits. Stop this drama please. She drags her. Hina says you are after that girl. She is gonna kill herself. You won’t come out of your room till Haider comes back.

Haider stops Gazal. She says I am not a toy. I got defamed with your name. Either you marry me and remove this stain or I will kill myself. He says you can’t do this. Dua says I will die one day or other. You won’t even know. let me die today. Hina locks Dua in her room. Dua cries and says please let me go ammi. Let me save my marriage. Hina says you are responsible for all of this.

Haider thinks about what everyone said about Gazal. Gazal says never do fake promises again Haider. Dua says that Gazal will ruin my life. She cries. Gazal runs towards the cliff. Haider says I am ready to marry you. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.