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Sirf Tum On Joyprime, Tuesday 11th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Sirf Tum On Joyprime Tuesday 11th June 2024 Update, Sudha asking Suhani to have food. Suhani says she will have food after returning home, she has just 2 classes. Sudha asks her to go with Ishaan and says if you go alone then we get worried. Suhani says let him sleep. Sudha says I will wake him up and says he sleeps late night and sleeps till late. Suhani recalls taking promise from him. Sudha says I will wake him up. Suhani says let him sleep for now, I will fix his timetable and routine after coming back. She goes and calls the cab driver, tells that she is waiting for him since 20 mins. The cab driver tells that he can’t come as he is taking some persons to hospital as they were poisoned with the wine. Suhani watches the news and runs inside the house. She sees Rakesh slapping Ishaan. She goes to the kitchen. Dadi scolds Ishaan for having bad habits.

Suhani asks Ishaan to sit and asks if he knows that four people have died drinking wine and many people are in hospital. She asks him to sit and let her check him. She checks him. Aditya comes there and asks what happened? Suhani continues to check him and asks everyone not to worry, says Ishaan is fine. She takes Ishaan to the inhouse temple and asks him to say sorry to Mata Rani, and thank her as his bottle was not poisonous. Ishaan says sorry Mata Rani, I am saved, and says it would have been good if I had died. Rakesh scolds him and asks him to see his mother. Ishaan asks Suhani if she is happy by making him slapped by Papa, and asks why did she promise him. He says now a doctor and her drunkard brother will stay here. Rakesh asks him to be thankful that Suhani is his sister. Sudha asks Ishaan when did he start drinking? Ishaan says due to this family, and due to Suhani.

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Dadi scolds him. Ishaan says you all was behind Suhani, as she wanted to become a doctor, but didn’t see him. He says then Ranveer and Suhani’s drama started and asks if they realized that he exist in the house.

Rakesh gets angry. Ishaan says Suhani changed her college and city, and changed hi college and city too, and says nobody asked me if I want to change city. He says he has become lonely here, and drank wine. He says he didn’t do any mistake and will drink wine whenever he feels lonely. He goes. Rakesh asks Sudha if she saw how he is talking to them. He asks him to leave the house and live life the way he thinks right. He coughs. Suhani brings water for him and asks him to calm down. She says I will talk to Ishaan and asks Sudha and Dadi to take care of him.

Ishaan goes to room and locks the door. He says Suhani di, you haven’t done right. Suhani asks him to open the door. Ishaan says you are bad, and broken the promise and told everyone. Suhani asks him to open the door and says I will sort out everything. Aditya says leave him alone for sometime. Suhani says he is my brother. He asks if you have any other option and asks her to give him some space. Suhani goes to Rakesh. She asks Rakesh how did he come to know? Dadi gets up and says I told him, I heard you both talking in the night. She says you want to hide this big thing from us. I will not let you repeat the same mistake with Ishaan, which you have done with Ranveer. She says Ranveer used to drink and you didn’t stop him. He says he lost his anger and was scolding everyone. She says when your Papa was hurt, and the door was closed. She says I will not let you do the same mistake. Suhani says I didn’t tell you anything as you all will be stressed. She says we can’t be strict with him, he has to understand himself. Dadi gets upset and asks her to handle her brother.

Aditya comes to Suhani and asks if she is confused to make Ishaan realize his mistake. He says I have a solution and gives her a bag, full of wine bottles. He asks her to keep them in Ishaan’s room. Suhani says it is matter of my brother. He says I am not kidding and asks her to ask him to drink infront of everyone. She says reverse psychology. She takes the bottles and knocks on door calling Ishaan, but he is not replying. Aditya says we have to break the door. He breaks the door and they get inside. They find a letter there. Suhani reads it that he is going to Ranveer. She thinks she won’t let Ranveer return to their lives.

Sudha crying that Ishaan left home. Dadi says he never did this before. Aditya calls him. Rakesh says I scolded him for his betterment and didn’t know that he will leave home. Aditya calls someone and tries to find out about Ishaan. Suhani asks Rakesh, Sudha and Dadi not to worry and says he will return. Sudha asks her not to give false hopes to them. Aditya asks her to give him the note left by Ishaan and says we can get the clue. Suhani says I have kept it somewhere. Rakesh asks her to search it. Aditya says whatever is written is important and asks her to search it. Dadi asks her to search it. Suhani says ok. She asks Aditya to go out and enquire with the neighbors. Aditya goes out. Rakesh asks Suhani to search the note. Suhani shows the note to them in her mobile and says she didn’t show the note to Aditya. She says Aditya will identify my hand writing and asks Sudha to write a note so that she can show to Aditya. Dadi says Ranveer has ruined him, Ishaan went to his house. Sudha cries. Suhani says Ishaan will return, just as he calm down. Then we will make him understand. She says I am worried, where is he? Ishaan is walking on the road. Aditya comes back and sees the note, written by Sudha. He says there is no clue in this note. He says don’t know what is going on in his mind. He says I enquired with everyone, nobody talked to him or see him. He says Police writes the missing report after 24 hours. Suhani asks from where he got money and asks if something got missing from home. Dadi says we checked in house, and nothing is missing. Suhani says it means that he has taken some precious thing. She asks them to check their jewellery.

Sudha comes back and tells that her earrings are missing. Dadi is shocked and says now he got habitual to stealing, we lost our son. Suhani says no, he didn’t take all the set, his intention was not bad, and just took earrings for the travelling expenses. She says it is a hope for us. She asks since we came, did you sell or buy anything. Dadi says I got my earrings changed and had gone to Shri Krishna Jewellers. Suhani calls the jewellers and tells the guy that her brother went to sell the jewellery, and asks her to inform him when he comes there, as he has forgotten some jewellery here. She asks Aditya to go and enquire with other jewellers. She thinks Ranveer telling her that she can’t find Ishaan. She says I will not let him reach you. Suhani is on the way, when she gets Shri Krishna jewellers call, who informs that her brother had come, when he told him about her call, he left in a hurry. Suhani gets down from the auto and runs. Aditya sees her. Suhani asks him to check at the other way. Ishaan sees her and runs. Suhani runs behind him and holds his hand, saying I will not let you go to Ranveer.

Sudha prays to God for Ishaan. Ishaan and Suhani are in the auto. Ishaan says I don’t want to stay with you all, and says I will run away. Suhani says I didn’t tell anyone that you had elope and had torn your note. She says we love you a lot and will understand your problems and find solutions. Rakesh says Suhani has found Ishaan and is bringing him home. He says Suhani told that we shall not tell that we was aware that he had elope. Dadi says she will slap him. Rakesh says if Suhani had told then would have thought.

Suhani and Ishaan come home. Suhani says we have brought something for you all and I will serve it on the table. She signs them to smile and asks Rakesh to come. They come to the dining table and sits there. Suhani serves food to Ishaan. Rakesh says sorry to Ishaan for raising hand on him in the morning. He says I had forgotten in anger, that you are grown up now and can take decisions of your life. He says nobody will stop you, do whatever you want. Aditya comes there and asks Ishaan, what’s up. He says you are having kachori without me. Suhani asks him to sit. Aditya sits and asks Ishaan to serve it. He also eats kachori. Ishaan gets up and goes to his room. He finds a bag there and finds wine bottles in it. Suhani comes there and says you can drink it whenever you want. He hugs her and thanks her for not telling anyone. He says sorry and promises that he will not drink it. Suhani says I am also sorry, we will take out solution for your problems. She says she will become good doctor than Ranveer. He says you are best sister. Suhani hugs him.

Ranveer thinks he will break Suhani’s family so that she returns to him. Dadi asks Acharya to tell Suhani’s future. He says you have to go back from where you have come here. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.