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Sirf Tum On Joyprime, Thursday 6th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Sirf Tum On Joyprime Thursday 6th June 2024 Update, Mamta telling dada ji that Suhani’s dadi had called and seems to be stressed, as if they are in some problem. Dada ji tells her that Samaira is trying to locate them, through Suhani’s friend who are in our office. Samaira comes there and tells that the number is not active and that’s why she couldn’t trace it. Ranveer calls Mamta and says he saw so many missed calls. Mamta informs him about Dadi’s call and asks him to trace the number. Ranveer says I have nothing to do with her.

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Mamta says bring my bahu back. Ranveer says your bahu wanted to kill me. Dada ji says Suhani can’t think like this. Mamta says I am sure that Suhani has kept Teej fast for you. Suhani looks at the moon and at Ranveer’s pic in her mobile. She says this moon is witnessed that I have kept fast for that ranveer whom I loved and breaking the fast witnessing the same moon. She breaks her fast. Magistrate comes and asks lady constable to call suhani. Suhani prays to God that Ranveer’s thought shall not come in her mind and heart.

Lady constable asks her to come, as Magistrate is calling. Suhani goes to him. Magistrate says it is good that you have forwarded your statement, now we can fast track this case. Suhani says I took permission for outside food, so why will I poison his food. Magistrate asks who has brought the food. Inspector says driver Ashok. Magistrate asks if driver gave you the food directly. Suhani says no, head nurse. Magistrate asks if she is the one who refused to attend him. Suhani says yes. She asks why the doctors are in the witness box who saves lives and says they need justice.

Magistrate asks Inspector to arrest Ashok soon and gives him warrant. He asks him to enquiry of head nurse and gives him report immediately. Suhani thanks him and comes to the window. She recalls Ranveer’s words and says you are wrong, I will get justice without you, I don’t need you. She sees Aditya standing outside Magistrate house, and thanks God for sending this friend in their lives. She hopes everything is fine at home.

Rakesh gives water to Sudha to break her fast. He says I left my daughter alone because of you all. Sudha says I was helpless. Dadi requests Constable to enquire with Suhani, if she has broken the fast or not. The constable says your daughter is with truthful and good officer. Rakesh says if he was so truthful then why would he arrest her. Inspector shows CCTV footage to Head Nurse and asks if she poisoned Ranvijay’s food. The head Nurse makes a tensed face. Suhani says why will she do this and tries to defend her. Inspector asks her to be quiet. The constables bring Ashok there, who tells that he will get the magistrate transferred. The Inspector tells him that whoever asked him to poisoned the food, asked him to kill him. He says he will do his encounter. Ashok says he can’t take the name, as that person will kill him and his family. He says he can give the statement that Suhani is innocent.

Ranvijay tells Ashok that he will kill him. Jai vijay says I will see him. He tells Inspector that this thing shall not go to media, as Ashok knows much about them and their business, their reputation can go down. Inspector asks him to take back the case. Aditya tells that he wants them to write this on stamp paper. Jai vijay says ok. Suhani says she has a condition and says Ranvijay shall apologize to head nurse.

Ranvijay refuses. Jaivijay says Ranvijay will apologize, but this case shall be handled fast. Head nurse comes there. Ranvijay says sorry. Suhani asks him to bend down on his knees and apologize to head nurse, else this case will go on in court. Ranvijay bends down and says sorry to Nurse. Suhani thinks to make Ranveer apologize to her family, the same way and says that day will surely come. Rakesh thanks Inspector and says I was doubting you. Inspector says I was doing my duty, but Suhani was the mastermind. Suhani says I had understood that this case needs intelligence and that’s why I went and talked to Inspector.

A fb is shown, Inspector talks to his superior and says he wants to send Suhani to her house. Suhani comes there and asks him to arrest her in night. He says I can’t arrest you. Suhani asks him to take her to magistrate so that the warrant is issued against the person who brought the warrant. Fb ends. Head nurse thanks Suhani and goes. Rakesh feels proud of Suhani’s intelligence. She tells that whoever shows their power, shall be taught with peace. Dadi says forgive me, I didn’t trust you and tried to call Ranveer here.

She says now I am sure that you can take care of yours and everyone. Suhani tells Aditya that thank you is a small word for whatever he has done, but thanks. Aditya says he believes in thank you party and says he is feeling proud of her. He says he got tears in his eyes. Suhani laughs. Sudha tells Dadi that Suhani got smile on her face after a long time. Dadi says yes.

Next day, Suhani and Aditya are going on the bike. Someone is following them on the bike. Suhani asks Aditya to stop the bike and tries to take the pic of the bike number, but the biker rides away. Suhani asks if Ranvijay’s men wants to harm us. Aditya says Inspector said that he has taken sign of them not to harm you or your family. Suhani thinks if Ranveer tracked us.

Ranvijay’s goons pushes Suhani and beat up Aditya. They hit Aditya with her feet. Aditya screams in pain. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.