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Razia Sultan ZeeWorld, Sunday 19th February 2023 update

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TV series

Razia Sultan on zee world, Sunday 19th February 2023 update, Razia touching old man Yaldos’s veil and says she agrees to marry him. Yaldos says at least she agreed and says she will be ghazni’s mallika tomorrow. Yalos’s soldiers then capture mirza and tie him upside down on boiling acid. Yaldos tries to frighten him. Mirza says he is a lover and died when he started loving Razia. He cuts his rope and tries to fall into acid, but yaldos orders soldiers to catch him and they place net and save him from falling into acid.

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Razia walks in corridor reminiscing Shamshad’s words that she is a curse for qutub shahi dynasty and her family. Fathima stops her and asks if she is marrying Yaldos. She says yes and says Shamshad thinks she is a curse and kingdom people think she is dreaming of delhi throne and is very selfish. She thinks she has to inform about his decision to mirza and starts searching him. Shamshad stops her and says she took a right decision and asks servants to take her for her haldi function. Razia thinks again she has to inform Mirza about her decision.

Yaldos tells Mirza that he will be punished daily seeing Razia in his arms as he is marrying her tomorrow. Mirza is shocked.

Razia’s haldi ceremony starts and she is applied mehandi. Mirza comes and says he will apply her mehandi. Shazia gives him mehandi thali and leaves. Mirza starts taunting Razia that she is marrying yaldos and his weird qualities. Their nok jhok starts.

Shamshad informs comatosed altamash that Razia is marrying yaldos tomorrow and says she knows even he wished same. She leaves saying she to do arrangements for marriage. Altamash shakes his hands and rolls his eyes.

Mirza applying mehandi on Razia’s hand. She asks him to write old mangoose Yaldos’ name also. He hesitates. she says she herself will write it then. Mirza helplessly writes Yaldos’ name on her hand.

Shamshad sees Yaldos looking at Razia and Mirza and apologizes him for Razia’s intimacy with mirza. Yaldos says they are friends and he does not mind them sitting closer. Shamshad thanks him and says Razia is lucky to have a husband like him.

Mirza holds Razia’s hand and writes his name instead. Razia is shocked to see his name and asks why did he write his name. He says he just hold her hand and she wrote it. she gets nervous and denies. He corrects and writes yaldos’ name. Shazia comes with fathima, checks design and praises mirza’s skills.

Mirza stops Fathima and she says she is busy. He says he asks where is Razia now. She says he has gone to change her clothes. He says he will dress her up as she is multi-talented. She says he is very shameless. He says it is his family talent.

Shazia sees Shamshad grounding paste for razia’s haldi. She says she was fuming some time ago and now is smiling, what is the reason. She says it is her granddaughter’s wedding. shazia starts praising mirza that he is multi-talented and helped them in each step even being a stranger. Shamshad says he was sitting very close to Razia, but yaldos being very generous forgave him. Shazia says mirza is very innocent. shamshad says mirza is a hippie and does not have anything to lose and can do anything and she is afraid of him now.

Fathima comes to Razia’s room to get her ready. She sees her sad and thinks she is just like Mirza and she should not come in between them.

She walks out and lets Mirza in. Razia thinks Fathima is back and asks to get her ready. Mirza comes very closer to her. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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