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Razia Sultan ZeeWorld, Monday 20th February 2023 update

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TV series

Razia Sultan on zee world Monday 20th February 2023 update, Mirza getting Razia ready with ornaments and makeup for her wedding. Razia thinks it is fathima and says she will not forget Mirza at all. she turns and is surprised to see Mirza. Mirza shuts her mouth to stop her from speaking.

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Mirza continues decorating her with jewelry and says she is looking very beautiful with just 1 thing missing. He removes Razia’s red scarf from his pocket and hands it over to her. Razia reminisces the moment she gave it to the warrior and realizes it is him. He wipes her tears and asks her to close her eyes. He then walks out silently from there.

Fathima stops Mirza and asks if he finished his work. He thanks her and says he will write his sultanat for her help and leaves. Fathima prays god for a miracle to unite 2 lovers.

Shazia enters Razia’s room and praises that she is looking very beautiful today. Once she leaves, Mirza comes back and applies surma/kajal like substance on her eyebrows. Shamshad calls Razia to come now. Razia says she will meet abbu an come. Mirza thinks he applies surma in her eyes and evil spirits cannot harm her now.

Razia reaches Altamash’s room and tells she is marrying Yaldos to save his kingdom. She continues crying and gets up to leave and sees Altamash holding her dupatta.

Razia telling her comatomosed father Altamash about her marriage with Yaldos to have Delhi sultanate. She gets up to leave crying and senses her dupatta stuck, thinks dad is holding her dupatta, but turns back and sees dupatta stuck on bedsheet. She says she thought abbu held her dupatta, but sh ewas wrong. She walks out crying. Altamash shakes his hands one by one and then shakes his eyes and face.

Prostitute turkan gives coins to servants to distribute in people and orders them to tell people to attend Razia’s marriage feast and not cook food until marraige finishes. Joker Ruknuddin sees that and asks why is she destroying wealth on Razia, he doubts she is adopting Razia. turkan says she is helping him instead and sending a nagin/Razia with sapola/snake charmer/Yaldos to Ghazni permanently, and if he interrupts, both of them will be his enemies. She asks him to go and give measurement for his new sherwani for his step sister’s marriage.

Ruknuddin sees Fathima in lawn and starts flirting with her. She asks him to leave her way. He holds her hand and asks till when she will mourn for the death people/Nasir. A servant comes and informs that Razia is seeking her. She walks with servant while Ruknuddin comments that after razia goes to Ghazni, he will get her anyways.

Fathima joins Razia in the marriage hall. Razia asks why is she tensed. She says she is fine. Old mangoose Yaldos boasts that his wife Razia has come. He walks near her and asks why is she sweating, if it is her body temperature or she wants to fight with him. She stands silently. He orders juice and insults mirza seeing him holding juice glasses. Razia says they don’t insult servants in their palace. He says he thought she would get happy seeing her friend serving juice. He then orders Mirza to clean his shoes. Mirza cleans shoes from his sherwani. Razia asks yaldos what will he get insulting Mirza. He says when she reacts seeing mirza insulted, he feels he is marrying an woman and not a doll. Shazia comes there and he diverts his attention towards her.

Razia asks Mirza why he gets insulted often like this. He tells a witty shayari in reply. Turkan interferes and addresses people that Yaldos has brought his family necklace here. Yaldos says it is Ghazni’s mallika’s special necklace and it is time for Razia to increase its beauty by wearing it. He walks towards Razia and clashes with Mirza and necklace is about to fall, but Mirza holds it on time. Mirza reminisces dorning necklace in Razia’s neck. Yaldos dorns necklace, but thread breaks. Mirza taunts him and says he can fix it. Yaldos says it is inauspicious for him and asks Mirza to dorn it. Mirza ties necklace in razia’s neck and says he already told her he will not let Yaldos come near her. Turkan loudly announces that Razia is officially Ghazni’s queen now.

A man meets yaldos and tells he knows he killed Altamash’s family. Yaldos asks what does he needs. Man says wealth and his crown. Yaldos starts sweating.

Mirza taunts him to have juice now. Yaldos walks out angrily and asks his men to find the killer who helped him kill Altamash’s family and kill him. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.