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New Beginnings episode 4 – Tv3

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We started the episode with Cai running inside after being rejected by Ely. Tisay gets away after getting some information from the Veradonas.He meets Angge and Dodong which Dodong teases Tisay of being ugly but got saved by Angge after a pouch in the stomach. There they see Ely on the other side of the road infront of the premises of where Cai’a birthday is being held.

Ely drops his wallet in the process of getting into car which Dodong picks and shouts after his car but unfortunately he wasn’t able to get to Ely. Angge looks through the wallet and she was able to get his number and his address. Tisay calls the number which Ely picks and as if knowing that the person was going to talk about his wallet, ask about it which Tisay answers correctly but asked exactly what shows that the wallet is his. They agree to meet him after he proves that the wallet is his. They go out to meet him at the agreed place and Ely meets Tisay and after Angge and Dodong went hiding immediately they saw him coming. Tisay brings out the wallet giving it to Ely with the intention that he will give him a reward for it but he didn’t. Afterwards the three of them gets to a bakery to buy a package after which they move straight home since their parents where waiting.

Cai continues to cry in her bedroom after being rejected tEly and her father comes to tell her to fix herself and come down to join them have food.
Tisay,Dodong and Angge gets home and they receive a big shout of happy birthday by their parents but in the cause of the hug Ely comes in unannounced and he is immediately rushed outside by Tisay which he says to her that there’s still something missing in the wallet. He forces himself inside and is introduced to the rest of the family by Jose. He’s welcomed and he joins them but sees what happened to Angge’s grandma’s hands and offers to help after Jose Tells him that she was part of those who got kicked out .
He’s being rushed out again by Tisay but she is stopped again.

Cai celebrates her birthday with her family and at the same moment Tisay,Dodong and Angge celebrates their birthday. Jose realizes that Tisay is feeling uneasy about Ely’s presence in the house and denies it. Maggie speaks with her husband to speak with Cai to be polite to their guest but instead turns deaf ears as he concentrates on his phone. Just then Matthew joins them and makes them aware that he needs transparency in his investment so they need to be sincere with him.Matthew gets home drunk after finding out from Maggie and her husband that Ely left Cai on her special day and attacks her wife for being a worthless mother. He abuses her and just then Ely rushes in to save his mother from his drunked father. He threatens his father that its the last time he going to hurt his mother and him and they leave him.

Maggie and her husband talk about Mathews behaviour a while a go which they plan to see him just as an invester . Matthew storms the Veradonas hospital asking for his wife but is stopped by the security. just then Ian arrived to stop him. Ely and his brother convince their mom at the hospital to report their father but their mom does not listen.Ian interrupt them agreeing with Ely for their mom to report Matthew. Ian tells Ely to meet him his office. Maggie tells Cai not to waste her tears on Ely and should be the other way round. In Ian’s office he offers to help Ely report his father to the authorities and advice him to protect his mother and brother because even if Mathew happens to be his partner,he is not going to condone such attitude from him.
In Ian’s office ,he recalls his encounter with Tisay after Ely tells him whether they had given free accommodations to the people they kicked out and he gets worried. Tisay gets promoted to News after showing the piece of information she gathered at the Veradonas to the editor. Angge gets fired from work and seeks help from Tisay and they all wonder what happened.
The next day Matthew storms the Veradonas hospital again and is shocked to find out that his Family is no where near him and he gets furious. He is adviced to fix himself before he can approach them.

Ian find out that Tisay is the reporter who has been investigating them and gets furious. Cai and Ely meets whiles he packs his stuff and there Cai can’t help but cry over the matter of her kissing him and Ely makes it clear enough that he’s not interested. Jose meets with Hilda to talk about his offer about compensating the damages his son caused those he kicked out. Ely and his brother stops their mother from calling his father to know their where about. Tisay tries to interrogate a lady from the Veradonas to know more information about the incident and she doesn’t get anything. There she finds out that they only take care of people who can afford to pay for medical expenses. Maggie meets Tisay and gets the security to drive her out and meets Cai outside which she looks confused. Ian reports Tisay to the editor but the case turns deaf ear as she opens the door for him to leave her office after showing him a video of Tisay being assaulted while trying to get information.