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New beginnings episode 32

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TV series

In today’s episode, with Dodong getting home and stands outside thinking about what Monica said about being disrespectful. Ely thinks about what he said to Ian outside and just when he was about to get inside his house. .he meets Dodong and he agrees to have the paternity test and Ely is very happy. He agreed to arrange everything.

Ian gives his opinion once again to the public on what Diana said and they asked if Cai will be going through the same procedure and he says theres no need for that. Maggie tells Cai that Ian and her have agreed to be more opened with her so that she doesn’t get hurt in the end .

Someone leaks the identities of the swapped babies and both Tisay and Ely get notified . They looked worried since Ian never mentioned the identities of the babies to the media and they all wonder who could have been responsible.

Jose and Dodong have a talk after he agreed to go with Ely to a diffrent hospital to have a DNA test and Jose asks if he wants him to go with him and he says it okay and suddenly Tisay and Angge comes in with goodnews that they will still be working at the New Beginnings foundation since Diana is no longer there. They rejoice over this victory and Angge goes to see grandma pet to tell her but it seems she wasn’t moved at all and disclosed to her that she made them get hired again and that she will help find her parents if the need comes. Grandma pet tells her not to forget that there is a family that always loves her no matter what and she huggs grandma

At the hospital tisay still wonders who could have leaked the identities and Monica wonders too and they are all wondering. Tisay says that maybe Ian is doing that just to save his image and Monica tells her not to trust him fully .

Tisay leaves to get some water and she over hears some nursese talking about how good Ian is. Matthew questions Ian about his money and he says that at least he won’t loss his self respect and threatens him before he leaves . Tisay who happens to hear everything and Ian tells her that he is sorry for the fact that she had to see this.
Tisay asks why is helping them and he says that he knows that she won’t accept any help that’s why she is doing that and Tisay says that in an exchange she will recognise him and Ian says that he can’t force that in her. Tisay asks why and he says he do that for himself because in as much as he can’t be a good father he wants to be a better person.

Hilda and jiji manage to take a picture of the suspect from the police station and they leave immediately. Tisay cries and tells Jose that she doesn’t understand the mode of change of attitude when it comes to Ian and Jose tells her that he is also his father so it’s natural. Tisay says she doesn’t want a father like Ian and Jose tells her to just be careful around him that’s all and he assures her that everything will be fine.

Dodong is being attacked by the press’s and he insults them. Jose and Tisay comes to his rescue.

Grandma pet asks Monica whether she is a bad person to think that Ian can change because he has hurt some people and grandma pet says its natural for a mother to be worried about his kids and she feels assured.

Matthew shows up again and he tells Ian that they can’t conduct a test without him and Ian says that don’t worry because they don’t need him and Matthew says that if he finds that his son was replaced he wouldn’t hesitate to take him to court and so In other not for that to happen he can pay for his silenece and he leaves Ian standing by himself.
Matthew tells Irene that Dodong doesn’t want them to be his parents and tells him that she is fed up with him and now things are going to change.
Dodong and with Tisay and Jose and Matthew tries to introduce himself but they ignore him .

Ian apologizes to Jose about what happens and Dodong says that there is no need because just like Tisay he is also not leaving his parents and he sees Irene and gets sad

Tisay apologize to Ely for not being by his side and he shakes it off and they say to themselves that nothing will come between them since they will be forever together a nd Ian’s calls them inside for the test and that’s where we end guys. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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