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Naagin 6 eExtra, Monday 23rd October 2023 update

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TV series

Naagin 6 on eExtra Monday 23rd October 2023 update, Mahek running and wearing the anklet. Her innerself says you will grow old and will fall down from everyone’s sight. Mahek has become old and says she has to search Maha Shesh Naagin. She wears the anklet and becomes young. She takes the snake skin and goes out to take someone’s help. Raghuveer lifts Prarthana and takes her to their house. The kids thank him and tell that Di got drenched in rain as she had given her yellow umbrella to someone.

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Raghuveer thinks so Preeti had given me the umbrella. Mahek comes somewhere and says I need your help, come here. She thinks it is greedy, she always need something. She sees a guy coming there, becomes snake and bites him. The guy dies, Mahek calls someone and says I have brought a gift for you, now come. A snake comes there and swallows the man. Mahek calls her Dhanshikha. Dhanshikha gets happy. Mahek says I need you to use your smelling powers and find the naagin by smelling its skin.

Dhanshikha smells it and says you will get her. She searches Prarthana and thinks she is not inside the ground. Prarthana wakes up in her house and asks the kids how did she come here? The kids tell that Raghuveer dropped her here. Gautam asks did you meet Ahlawat. Prarthana thinks why she got restless in Ahlawat’s house. Dhanshikha is searching Prarthana. Prarthana calls Ahlawat jewellery store and asks the employee to make her talk to their employee who works there, but she doesn’t know their name. The employee says he can’t make her talk to him. Gautam tells Preeti that he will make some arrangements for them. Just then they see the kids having food brought by Raghuveer. Prarthana says why did he bring the food? He says he thought they are hungry. Prarthana asks how much he has spent. He says 1000, but he got it from free vouchers. He asks her to have food. Prarthana refuses. The kids ask Raghuveer to have the food. Raghuveer sits to have it. Prarthana and Gautam also sit to have it. She asks if it is really bought from voucher. He says yes. He looks at her as she eats the food. He asks her to close the window. Dhanshikha reaches there following the smell. Prarthana comes to the window and closes it. Dhanshikha comes near the window. Raghuveer tells that it is too late, he will go from here. Dhanshikha feels thirsty and thinks don’t know where did that naagin go? A girl comes out and asks Raghuveer if he has sweets? He gives her chocolate. He sits on the cycle and removes his cap and jacket which he wore to hide his identity. Dhanshikha looks at Prarthana and the girl, and thinks the naagin was near her, but she couldn’t smell her. Raghu comes to the hotel and gives diamonds to the clients. They offer cash , but he asks them to transfer it on his brother’s name. He sees hungry kids and feeds him food. He asks the manager of the hotel to give him 1000 Rs. Voucher to make her believe. Dhanshikha sees Prarthana and thinks to tell Mahek. She imagines telling Mahek, and the latter getting angry why she didn’t bring her. She comes infront of Prarthana as the old lady and asks Prarthana to give her some food. Prarthana brings food. The old lady touches her hands and says I found her, she transforms herself into Dhanshikha and makes Prarthana faint. Namashivay plays…Prarthana gets up and takes Maha Shesh Naagin avatar with 9 Manis. She says I am Maha Shesh Naagin, she doesn’t remember her memory now in humanly avatar, but whenever she is attacked, her naagin avatar will remember everything. She asks her not to forget that she didn’t forget to kill her enemies. She suffocates Dhanshikha and leaves her. A guy watches it and runs away. Prarthana takes humanly form and wonders if it was dream that she saw. She faints.

The girl wakes up to drink water and sees 9 lights sparking in her stomach and her skin getting scaly. She calls Gautam and others. They rush out and see her unconscious. Gautam says we shall take her inside.

Vinay and Mahak come to Raghu while he is making Prarthana’s sketch. Vinay asks him to sign on the papers to get the house vacated. Raghuveer says he will sign and asks him to share the exact location. Mahek sees the sketch and asks him. He says he didn’t meet her yet, she is in his thoughts. Seema comes there and takes her to Dhanshikha’s dead body. Mahek gets shocked and says only powerful naagin can kill her. An old guy comes there and tells that she saw two naagins fighting and the other one was very powerful.

The girl asks Prarthana to give her 9 colors disco lights. Prarthana thinks what is she missing out. She asks the girl to give her when she finds it.

Mahek kills the old guy and tells Seema that Maha Shesh Naagin is playing games with them. Seema asks why did she kill him? She says if Prarthana had really killed her. Mahek says yes and says I know she is alive and is hiding in the hole. She says all naag and naagins will bring her. Mahek is walking on the road. The guy offers to drop her home. She asks if he has a family. He says yes, a wife and two lovely children. Mahek says how much they will cry when you die. She bites and kills the man. She calls all the snakes. Three snakes come there. Mahek asks them to kill people. Prarthana watches news about the dangerous snakes are killing people so the city is about to witness curfew.

Raghu comes there and tells Prarthana that he has brought the food with the voucher again. He shows the voucher and tells that he had sold 2 lakhs Rs necklace and got it. Prarthana says she couldn’t find any job. He tells that he has a job for her, and says she has to wear diamond jewellery and shall sit for the photo shoot. She says she doesn’t know it. He says you will get 5000. The kids asks him to give more.

She says she can do for 4000 Rs. The kids ask if they will get the food. Raghu says yes. The kids tell that they will come with them. Raghu says we will go on cycle and they can come in car. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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