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My Desire Starlife, Tuesday 11th June 2024 Update

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TV series

My desire on star life Tuesday 11th June 2024 Update, Arjun asks Kashvi, why did the goons attack you? Kashvi says for my purse. Arjun asks if it had money. Kashvi says I will tell later and tells that they have to take Kajal to the hospital. They go inside and take Kajal from there. Later Kashvi tells that Kajal is safe in hospital with her baby. Arjun says it is good to help others, but why did you risk your life? He asks what was in your purse? Kashvi says Dada ji’s key. Arjun asks what? Kashvi tells him everything about finding it in the box, and says Chacha ji told that it is PO locker keys. She says before I could open it, the goons came there and had stolen it.

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He asks what is in that locker that someone has to send goons. Kashvi says I don’t know. She tells him about Aruna bua’s death. Arjun gets shocked and asks when did this happen and how did you know? Kashvi tells him everything. She says Aruna bua told me during her last time that she didn’t kill Dada ji and my parents. Arjun says she must be lying. Kashvi says she had sworn on her children and says why did she do this. She tells that Papa had met Dada ji, and may be there is some proof against the real killer. Arjun asks do you think that proof was there. Kashvi says before I could reach that murderer, the goon stole it.

Nitya gets keys from someone, and asks why did you come here? She asks him to burn Kashvi’s purse. Kashvi comes there with Arjun. Dadi says she felt good seeing them together. Nitya falls down. Kashvi tries to help her get up. Nitya brushes off her hand and gets up herself. She hides the key in the navratri pot and thinks she will take it out at the right time.

Mahima asks Arjun where did he go, when Kashvi’s called came, you ran like mad and didn’t listen to me. Arjun says goons attacked Kashvi. Nitya asks why? Kashvi says I am sure that Dada ji has kept some proof about his murderer and my Maa and Papa’s murderer. Jagdish says Aruna has done their murder. Arjun says Aruna bua is dead and she had told that she didn’t kill Dada ji and her parents before her death. Nitya tells that she wants to ask Kashvi and tells that Aruna’s doctor told her that Aruna died one week ago, and since then her dead body is lying in hospital. Arjun asks Kashvi why did she hid this from her. Jagdish also asks her. Kashvi says Bua gave me swear not to tell anyone. Nitya says you hid this for your own reasons and started searching for someone else. Jagdish shouts at Kashvi and says why your right is different from us. She says you got me suspended and was letting Arjun jailed, as you thought that you shall not lie. She says you thought murderer is someone else and started searching for real murderer, and has forgotten our emotions. Jagdish says I will take care of my sister’s families and regrets to trust Kashvi and regard her as his sister. Arjun says why did you hid this from me and says I thought Bua ji died yesterday. He asks her to stay away from his family and their matters. Mahima smiles. Kashvi cries.

Later Nitya comes out of her room in night and thinks to take the key from the pot and destroy the proofs. Kashvi hugs Dadi and cries. Nitya sees them sitting infront of temple. Kashvi says she always tries to make things fine, but wrong things happens. She says I am saying truth that Bua ji told me that I shall not do her last rites until I catch the real murderer and shall not tell even her kids about her death. She says even Arjun feels that I am wrong. Dadi says sometimes we are really happy and sometimes we get sad, and says this is life. She asks her to face the storm and move on. Kashvi says she can bear everything, but can’t bear Arjun’s hatred. She says our relation is broken fully. She says today is the last night of Navratri and I will leave after tonight. Dadi says God takes the test of the persons whom he feels that will be successful. He asks her to have courage like Nayan and not to accept defeat. She says we shall pray all night and says she is sure that Devimaa will do everything fine. Nitya thinks now they will be here all night and will ruin my plan. She says Kashvi always splashes my plan and says when they go from here in the morning, she will take out key in the morning from the khetri.

Arjun tells Nitya that they have snatched biogas project and gave it to R N J company. He asks Mahima, you worked there right? Mahima says yes. Kashvi asks the R N J owner about Mahima, but he says that she didn’t work for him. Later Kashvi sees someone and she gets kidnapped by the guards.