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Meet in love zee world, Wednesday 5th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Meet in love on Wednesday 5th June 2024 Update, Manmeet checks who is beneath the ghunghat and shocked to see Shagun. Manmeet removes chappal garland and frees Shagun and makes her seat. Shagun says I was trying to tell you, but no one listened. I went to parlour but SP Bhatti and Meet made me seat on her place whem Manmeet was fixing the car.

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Manmeet says to Meet this means car wasn’t broken you did this to take time. Meet says calm down, when you were playing games I was so supportive but now when its my time you are getting angry. Jashoda says you tricked us. Meet says to her, this is unfair when he was doing tricks it was fine but when I do its wrong. Manmeet days what did you do by doing this, you couldn’t stop me from marrying me and Meet Ahlawat is dead and so is yours and his relationship because now you are Manmeet’s wife that too for a day. Meet starts laughing and says come out of your dreams, no one believes that wedding neither the law nor me, I am very strong and so fought out of your traps and still am Meet Hooda Ahlawat and about your marriage…

Meet gives mangalsutra, dupatta and sindoor to Manmeet. Manmeet drops them. Meet says all this fraud things frame them and tell your kids later you lost by a girl. Meet asks photographer have you recorded everything because I have to telecast this infront of whole village to prove that women can fight when things to her hand and that is very bad. Mahandra try to scare her. Meet ask him to back off and says outside SP is standing with his force, if I don’t go out in 20 minutes he will come and arrest everyone. Sarkar thinks to step back to find out some other way. Mahendra says to Meet go and call police. Sarkar asks Mahendra to step back and let her go. Meet sits on her bike and leaves. Jasodha says to everyone, Meet again has defeated us. Manmeet says to her don’t worry she will come back again.

Meet outside Ahlawat mansion parks her bike and says to herself if Manmeet would have cheated only me I would have forgiven him but he cheated Babita, how will I tell this to her now because this will break her heart.

Inspector Bhati with Raj and Babita. Bhati says when I was about to stop the marriage they pointed gun at me and took me with them. Babita remembers scolding Meet to get married and she breaks down. Babita starts crying and says to Raj I forced Meet to marry Manmeet, she won’t forgive me, I ruined her life. Meet rushes to Babita. Babita joins her hand infront of Meet. Meet hugs her tightly. Babita says please punish me Meet. Meet says it’s not your fault. Babita says I failed to be a mother, I use to see my son in Manmeet, she slaps herself and says please forgive me. Meet says to Babita you are my mother in law but still you thought about my future and took decision of marrying me again, every daughter in law would be proud to have a mother in law like you, my relation with Manmeet started with lie then how could I be with him, my true relationship is with you all, nothing have changed among us, we will fulfill our Meet Ahlawat’s dream together with double efforts and finish that factory in 2 months to prove Sarkar and Manmeet we are strong. Raj says I did a big mistake and shows her documents of Partnership.

Sarkar, Jasodha and Manmeet together. Sarkar standing with documents in his hands. Manmeet says these documents are of partnership deed and I’m 50% partner in the factory. Sarkar says this means we can still win. Manmeet says to Sarkar as much I know her she can go to any extent to fulfill her late husband’s dream and these papers will bring her back.

Babita apologies to Meet for there actions. Raj says I considered his lie as truth and made him 50% partner in our factory. Meet in shock. Bhati says this means until Manmeet agrees we cannot construct this factory. Meet says he won’t agree.

Manmeet says to Sarkar, Meet dosent know that she cannot construct factory without my permission. Jasodha get’s happy and praises Manmeet.

Meet says Manmeet will never succeed, I will fulfill Meet Ahlawat’s dream and live it too. Raj says factory won’t be built now because by now we know Sarkar and his family is so dangerous.

Manmeet says Meet went with lot of attitude and confidence but now she has only two ways left, either forget her husband’s dream and leave this place for every.
Raj says to Meet, enough now to take revenge they will cross any limits and what was Meet Ahlawat’s dream, it was to construct a factory to encourage women empowerment and that can be built on any land and fulfill his dream. Meet says to Raj, Meet Ahlawat had promised Chanda that the factory will be constructed in her village and I won’t let his promise break, I won’t step back. Raj looses his calm and yells at Meet, why don’t you understand.

Manmeet says or else Meet has to fall in my mothers feet and she will loose both ways.

Raj says Meet, I won’t listen to anything, we will look for some other place and give everything a fresh start, I can’t risk your life anymore, you have to do this for your fathers love. Meet thinks I can give my life for you, and you asked me this…

Meet, Raj, Babita and Broker together in Ahlawat mansion. Broker tells Raj about the property, how safe it is from Sarkarpur and suggests him to buy it. Raj says good. Meet remembers Meet Ahlawat’s dream and apologies to Meet Ahlawat.
Manmeet and Jasodha walk in with Dhol. Manmeet start playing Dhol and Jasodha joins him.
Manmeet make fun of Meet and walks towards her. Raj comes in between and says don’t try to come forward. Manmeet says I can’t do anything to you but you forget we are husband and wife. Babita says you played with us and I won’t let you get any close to my daughter. Jasodha says to Babita let them talk they are husband and wife, they will sort it out. Manmeet asks broker to leave. Manmeet says to Meet I thought you were strong and makes fun of her. Jasodha asks few people to walk in. Few ladies walk in Ahlawat mansion. Manmeet says these were your workers and you left them alone, you know because of your dream there life became hell, look at your friend Chanda, her husband left her with his son now she is all alone and you know what will happen to them in future, they will be dead and you will die too. Jasodha says if you four want to live in Sarkarpur then repeat after me ‘Hail Sarkar’ (sarkar ke jai ho!). Meet with tears in her eyes. Jasodha gives money to Meet and says consider this as donation and don’t come back to Sarkarpur again. Jasodha ask everyone to leave. Manmeet says you thought we will be scared of you and says to her your husband must be thinking I died to save her and she is unable to fulfill my dream. Manmeet shouts it’s not your fault women are weak, he mocks her and leaves. Meet runs outside.

Meet walking towards the temple barefoot. She stumbles and falls infront of God’s idol.

Manmeet in his room thinks about Meet he says I know she will come back to take papers. Shagun walks to him says I got hurt because of her but still I was quiet, we are going to get married tomorrow and still you are thinking about her, are you in love with Meet. Manmeet looks at her.

Meet crying says to god I have a question for you, tell me when you wanted me to lose then why did you make me so strong, I’m tiered I won’t be able to fight anymore, tell me why aren’t you supporting me, show me your power. Meet says if you are unable to answer me then forget I’ll ever come back to you. Meet hear someone laughing. A mysterious lady clapping and laughing at her walks towards her.

Manmeet says to Shagun listen to me carefully you know very well I love you. Shagun says if you hate her so much then why do you want to bring her home. Manmeet says you know how important it is to fulfill Jasodha’s oath, Meet has to apologies to her and when it’s done we both will get married. Sarkar knocks on door and ask Shagun to leave.
Sarkar says to Manmeet we cannot trust Meet, what if she plans to leave this village then how will we take revenge from her?

Lady says to Meet this is first time I’m seeing someone threatening God, you are questioning God’s existence, she explains that the problem is with humans not with God, God just guides us but it’s our decision, on which path to choose, you are wrongly accusing God, you should fight back with the person who made you cry. It gets stormy and the woman disappear, because of wind sindoor falls on Meet’s head. Meet in shock.

Everyone in Sarkar’s palace enjoying. Mahendra asks Manmeet to fire gun. Jasodha says to Sarkar don’t worry Meet will come back to Sarkar’s Palace. Manmeet says to Jasodha don’t worry when she will ask for document we will ask her to beg.

Meet says to herself now I’ll teach Manmeet a lesson and prays to God.

Sarkar says to everyone today we will be celebrating Meet’s defeat and Manmeet’s marriage with Shagun. Everyone applauds. Few men walk inside Sarkar’s palace with doli in their hands. Jasodha asks who’s doli is this? Manmeet asks them why are you coming inside. Men keep doli on the ground. Everyone tries to figure out who is sitting inside doli. Meet shows her face. Everyone in shock after seeing her. Meet says won’t you all welcome me, I’m the new daughter in law of this family.

Meet steps out of her doli and dances infront of everyone to mock them. Meet thinks you gained my trust and then cheated me, I’ll also do the same with you all. Manmeet holds Meets hand and says stop your nonsense. Meet react very calmly infront of him and asks him to leave her hand. Manmeet says to everyone she is trying to trick us. Meet says to him we got married to eachother, did you forget. Meet says I understood now why you are not leaving my hand you want us to take blessings from Sarkar, she drags him towards Jasodha and asks her to keep her hand on their head to give blessings. Jasodha doesn’t react. Meet tries to lift Jasodha’s hand. Manmeet says to Meet leave her hand and tell me what games are you playing. Raj shouts this is not a game.
Raj and Babita standing on door with gifts. Raj and Babita greets them. Raj says this is not a game this is ritual, you didn’t call us so we thought of self inviting ourselves. Gunwanti says to Jasodha I think they are planning something. Raj walks to Manmeet and says you are married and now she is your responsibility forever, now our Meet will live with her husband. Jasodha says WHAT! Meet says yes you heard right, you all wanted me to come here, so have sweets as your dream has come true, I came to my husband’s house. Jasodha says Sarkar’s palace will not be your in law’s house and Manmeet won’t be your husband and don’t forget you are bride for one day. Meet says what are you, what is one day bride I won’t be leaving my husband’s house, I’ll live here and support my husband. Jasodha says my son didn’t marry you because of love, he married so that he can fulfill my oath. Meet falls in her feet and says mother in law is just like mother and she always give blessings and she irritates Jasodha. Jashoda asks her to leave her legs. Meet get’s excited says to everyone she has forgiven me and hugs her tightly. Manmeet asks her to step away. Gunwanti says to Meet what has happened to you, yesterday you left this house in anger and today suddenly your thoughts are different. Meet says I was mad and even Raj and Babita told me Ahlawat mansion is not my home anymore so from now on this is my home.

Meet walks toward Sarkar says it’s a privilege to be daughter in law of Sarkar and calls him father in law, she touch his feet and says please give me blessings. Manmeet shouts at Meet and says back off. Meet mocks him and says we are made for eachother so let’s have Kesar Lassi your favourite. Manmeet twists her hand. Meet says to Manmeet show your power in wrestling field, people there will appreciate that and frees her hand. Meet says to Jasodha I don’t understand why everyone is angry on me, you all wanted me to be here and you all said I cannot run away from this marriage, so now I’m here. Meet says to Manmeet you are my husband so from now on your family is my family and says to Jasodha please accept me, once you will accept me then everyone will do and I know you are the real leader of this house. Babita says she won’t accept you until you do the Khichadi ritual, once you will give her sweet khichdi she will accept you and I mean it. Babita get khichdi for her and says be careful just make sure you don’t spill it. Babita says to Jasodha you know we also did the ritual and now we both are more then in-law’s, soon you two will be mother and daughter. Babita gives bowl to Jasodha. Meet says to Jasodha have some. Jasodha runs away and says I don’t want to eat nor want to be your mother in law, she ask Manmeet to help her. Babita stops Manmeet and says it’s a ritual let them do it. Jasodha running away from Meet.

Manmeet comes in between and says she won’t eat. Meet says she will eat and ask him to step back. Manmeet throws the bowl in air and asks Meet to leave. Meet rushes and catches bowl. Raj and Babita cheer for her and say what a catch. Everyone in shock after seeing her. Meet says I brought this Khichdi for my mother in law, how can I let it fall and she starts chasing Jasodha again. Jasodha stumbles and falls down, she closes her mouth with her hand. Imarti says to Gunwanti I can bet she will feed khichdi to Maaji. Gunwanti says our Maaji is strong she won’t eat it. Meet says I think mother in law wants me to sit on her lap and feed her. Meet sits on her lap but Jashoda doesn’t let her feed. Meet purposely stamps her feet and Jasodha opens her mouth in pain and Meet feeds her khichdi. Meet helps her to gulp it down. Meet get’s excited says I don’t believe she accepted me. Raj says our daughter got married to your house so we have to follow the rituals and if we did nothing then everyone will say we did nothing. Meet thinks from today I’ll act as a good daughter in law and slowly you all will start believing in me then I’ll take the factory documents.

Raj and Babita says to Sarkar we would like to leave now. Meet says to Manmeet I’ll go and drop Raj and Babita outside, don’t worry I’ll be back soon. Gunwanti says to Imarti, Meets nature drastically changed in one night, is she acting or really she changed her nature. Imariti says to Gunwanti I don’t know about Meet but Jasodha has changed, she had khichadi from her hands. Jasodha says to Imarti she was sitting on me, what could I have done. Manmeet says to everyone I know she is here to take documents but I won’t let her do it.

Meet, Raj and Babita outside Sarkar’s palace. Meet says to them Manmeet betrayed us and now I’ll take revenge from him and she ask them not to worry about her. Raj says after seeing you inside I believe you can stand for yourself in-front of Sarkar. Babita says I know it’s difficult to win from our enemy but I believe in you. Meet says I promise you not to step back. My husbands dream will come true and all the women in this village will get freedom from Sarkar. Babita says take care of yourself and hugs her tightly. Raj and Babita leave.

Meet walks inside palace. Meet says to Jasodha let’s do the further rituals. Manmeet says why not we play some difficult game. Meet says I’m ready tell me what’s the game. Sarkar says you can live in this house but need to follow few strict rules. First rule is you have obey your husband whatever he ask you to do, if you accept it then we welcome you to Sarkar’s palace. Meet says I’m ready. Sarkar asks Manmeet to tell his wish. Manmeet says I want her to help Shagun to get ready and bring her to Mandap and ask Meet tell me will you be able to do it? Meet says second marriage! Manmeet says it’s common in Sarkarpur, even Narandra Bhai got married two times, one time with Sapna and other time when he was marrying to Imarti, Sapna bhabhi helped her to get ready. Sapna hesitate and say’s yes. Manmeet says to Meet now tell me will you do it or not? Meet thinking a lot. Manmeet says what are you thinking if you want to live here say yes or you can leave the house. Jasodha thinks now she is trapped, if she says yes I’ll marry Shagun and register it and if she says no then I’ll throw her out of house. Jasodha and everyone smiling. Meet start dancing, she looks at bride’s dress and jewelry and says this looks so beautiful and ask Manmeet to touch it. Manmeet says what do you mean. Meet says you are so dumb, first you said you have to do second marriage and when I’m supporting you happily and mocks him. Meet says I’ll get you married and follow the ritual of this house, I’m ready for marriage I have no problem. Meet thinks I know very well you will play dirty game, that’s why I said yes for marriage with Shagun but I won’t let you marry her. Jasodha says to Meet listen to me carefully my son would never take you as his wife because he love Shagun. Meet says okay but he carries my name in his name, MAN-MEET. Meet says to Shagun come I’ll help you to get ready and walk away with her.

Meet and Shagun in room. Shagun asks Meet don’t you feel angry on Manmeet for what he did with you or you started loving him. Meet says to Shagun no I’m not sad and I have to take care of his happiness because he is my husband. Shagun says if you are waiting for the time that Manmeet will love you so forget it because I love him a lot and he won’t get close to you. Meet put dupatta on her head. Meet thinks Shagun this jealousy will be reason your marriage will break with Manmeet.

Sarkar and Jasodha in room. Sarkar says I don’t understand what she is planning. Jasodha says I thought I’ll take revenge from Meet and throw her out be she is stuck like leech. Jasodha get up and says I’ll take an oath. Sarkar says shutup you won’t take any oath, we are still paying for earlier one. Manmeet walks to her, hugs her and says you don’t look good while crying, don’t worry we will take revenge from Meet, you should celebrate that I’m bringing my lovely wife Shagun.

Meet says to Shagun I have personally made this face pack for you, yesterday everyone ruined your face with black paint. Manmeet come in between and hold Meet’s hand, he ask her what are you doing, first apply face pack on your face so that I get to know if you have mixed anything. Meet says I mixed nothing in this. Manmeet get close to her and says apply it on your face. Manmeet take face pack in his hand and applies it on Meet’s face. Meet says now you will believe that I mixed nothing in this. Manmeet says go and wipe your face then we will get to know reality about face pack.

Meet wipes her face and ask him tell me am I looking beautiful. Manmeet walk away. Meet teases Shagun by telling her about the bet, Manmeet had with his brothers, whatever people might say but I’m his first wife that’s why he applied face pack on my face and you should get use to of being his second wife and she offer her face pack. Shagun throws it. Imarti working nearby.

Meet says you can ask Imarti too, she was brought to this house with all the celebrations but she is still second who don’t have love and right. Shagun says stop talking nonsense and walk away. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.