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Meet in love zee world, Tuesday 4th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Meet in love on zee world Tuesday 4th June 2024 Update, Meet throw water on dupatta and on Manmeet to control fire. Panditji ask to apply sindoor and make her wear mangalsutra. Manmeet take sindoor in his fingers and apply on Meet. Bhati come inside Ahlawat mansion but Badri grabs him from behind and take him away. Manmeet tie mangalsutra to Meet. Pandit says now you are married. Everyone applauds. Manmeet thinks your marriage is waste. Babita ask Manmeet are you alright. He says yes and receive from Badri saying situation under control. Meet ask why were you in rush so much what if something could have gone wrong. Manmeet saya everything is alright. Babita says to Meet my heart is saying your life will be happy now.

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Jasodha says make arrengement everyone my son is coming with his one day bride, there should be no shortage in welcoming the new daughter-in-law, according to ritual mother in law have to make thali for welcoming her but I’ll hand her handkerchief to wipe tears. Sarkar laughing.

Meet ask Manmeet to change kurta and check for nay wound. Raj says yes go and change your clothes and ask Meet to help him. Manmeet says no itfeel shy little bit tell me I’ll do it and ask him way to change.
A man walk to Ram and give him Phone which he give to repair it. Meet walks to him and ask is this Shagun’s phone I asked you to repair. Ram give him phone and says yes. Raj ask Ram to help him for bidea ceremony.
Meet unlock phone and see video of Manmeet playing with Shagun, she check phone gallery and find Sarkar addressing him as his youngest son to everyone. Meet in shock after seeing everything. Meet remember her time spend with Manmeet. Meet hear Manmeet’s voice saying I’ll take revenge from Meet again and again.

Manmeet in Meet’s room. Meet in anger walking towards him.
Manmeet says to himself how did Meeet fall for me so easily. Meet at door looks at him laughing with both of his hand. Meet remember Shagun scolding her for making him handicap. Meet walks to him and give him tight slap. Manmeet shouts at him.
Babita and everyone walka inside room. Meet says go and tell your family this slap is for your family too. Babita ask Meet what are you saying. Meet says to everyone you thought after seeing him Meet Ahlawat is back but he is fake, trye fact is he is son of Sarkar and Jasodha and show everyone his other hand. Meet says he did everything so that he can take revenge. Babita in shock says to Meet tgis could be lie and talk to Manmeet. Manmeet says everything is true and laughs at everyone face. Manmeet says I’m the youngest son of Sarkar. He looks at Meet says now we are married, do whatever you can do. Meet says this marriage is a cheat and even goverment won’t agree on this marriage. Manmeet says but we believe in this marriage and I don’t care at all now I’m married to you now your life will be ruined. Babita in shock falls down on floor. Meet realises it was just an imagination and see Manmeet taking blessings feom Raj and Babita.

Gunwanti says to Jasodha after so long you will tie your hairs and eat food to fulfill your oath so I ask to prepare 56 Bhog for you. Other ladies working for the preparation of food. Imarti pass thali but she drops it. Jasodha looks at them. Everyone gets scared.

Raj ask Babita to handle her emotions. Babita says these are happy tears I’m feeling so good that we have Meet as our daughter and gos send Manmeet as our son. Babita looks at Meet standing in corridor says come down it’s time for the ritual. Manmeet ask Meet what happen to you come let’s go down.

Jasodha get up walk towards them and ask who dropped thali and punish Narandra’s wife, she says you know it’s time for Sarkar nap and you are make loud noises, she accuse her. Imarti laughing. Jasodha beat her too badly and curse them for not giving birth to baby boy and ask them to get back to work.

Manmeet and Meet walking downstairs.

Jasodha call Mahandra and ask him to call videographer to record video of Meet when she come in Sarkar’s palace so that every lady have an example to see what will happen to them if they try to act smart, today every lady will see how painful are punishments here.

Manmeet’s sisters discuss that no one has ever stood before Sarkar but Meet Hood is different she won’t fall easily in front of them.

Meet thinks, she has been cheated big time and how could she not see all this, and from now on no mother will take a stranger as her son, for the sake of your mother’s revenge you fooled and played with feelings of Babita and took advantage of being a look a alike like Manmeet, you cheated the whole family. Babita sees Meet Ahlawat in Manmeet and if she finds the truth she won’t be able to take this pain and I have to take time and slowly tell her this, God may forgive Manmeet but I won’t and now I will end this game.

Meet stumbles, Babita says take care of yourself, what would I do if something would happen to you. Meet says don’t worry I promise, I will take care of myself and you all. Babita blessed Meet. Meet thinks I swear that I will answer Manmeet his way and now he will regret for his actions.

Raj says ti Meet, today is a new start, you have our blessings and take care of your new life and relations. Manmeet thinks she os going to come back here don’t worry.

Babita says Manmeet you two can stay with us, don’t hesitate. Manmeet says I agree I don’t have family but I don’t want to be burden, Nani has left me enough and I earn too, I have Meet and that is enough for me. Meet thinks you will regret marrying me.

Meet perform beedae ceremony and thinks I’m going with you just to show you the real taste of revenge. Everyone crying for Meet. Raj ask where is driver. Manmeet says I’ll take my wife with me don’t you all worry about that and after all she will come back in few days. Babita in shock. Manmeet convince her and ask Meet to sit with him in car and says your new journey is waiting for you.
Meet sit in his car. Meet says goodbye to everyone and they leave.

Meet and Manmeet in car together. Manmeet thinks I’m come home mom so that you can complete your oath. Car stop working. Manmeet says wait you are bride atleast act like one , sit here quietly. Meet says this what you want, I should be sitting quietly and if I deny to do it then you will tie my hands. Manmeet says bride’s work is to obey thete husband and husband work is to give order to there wife and says you think I won’t be able to tie your hand, he tie her hands, bring forward her ghoonghat, apply seatbelt and ask her to sit quietly. Manmeet get out of car to check the engine. He get back and start his car, he looks at Meet says women look beautiful when they are filled with shyness.

Manmeet bring her to Sarkar’s palace. She try to untie her hands. Manmeet says come with me let’s tell Sarkar we are together so that nobody can harm you.
Narandra firing shots. Everyone gets excited after seeing them together. Gunwanti and Imarti catch her says where are you going Meet Hooda finally you are in cage. Manmeet take blessing from Sarkar. Sarkar says you have proved to be my son and praises him for his work. Manmeet says to Jasodha go and take your revenge from her. Jasodha ask everyone to make arrangements to welcome new daughter in law and ask Mahandra to vall videographer. Videographer walks in says I’m here. Jasodha give him instructions how to record everything. He says I’ll make video as you want.

Jasodha do welcome pooja for her, she suffocate her with diya’s smoke. Jasodha says now see how I’ll take revenge from you for all the things you did. Jasodha place a kalash with cactus in it and ask her to kick kalash and do grah pravesh. She try to resist and say no. Gunwanti says you have to di as Jasodha ask and put her feet on cactus and then into thali filled with red chilly. Jasodha ask them to bring her forward. He leg bleeding badly and crying. Jasodha sit beside her says the same way I was in pain when Sarkar was arrested by police but now I’m feeling good after seeing you in pain, I can tolerate anything but can’t see any disrespect against my husband. Jasodha says this is just beginning, I’ll give you more pain and humiliation then this.

Jasodha make her wear garland made from dirty shoes. Jasodha says now ceremony is complet.
Manmeet walk to Meet push her says because of you my mom was unable to eat and my father was disrespected and ask her to rub her nose infront of his mother. Manmeet ask Jasodha now please have something I can’t see you hangry, he ask Gunwanti to bring food for Jasodha. Manmeet ask her to standup. Gunwanti keep thali. Manmeet says your oath is complet, you won she lost now please have food. Jasodha get’s excited and about to eat food.

Meet on her bike standing outside home. Everyone in shock after seeing her. Meet mocks everyone and enter inside palace on her bike. Meet looks at everyone and says this is called as entry. She pour lassi and offer it to Manmeet. He standing numb. Meet drinks it says what family is this, you didn’t see face of your new daughter in law. Manmeet remove dupatta and finds Shagun.

Manmeet make fun of her earlier relation and says now you are Meet Manmeet Sauguad. Meet says I don’t believe in fraud marriage. Manmeet says you believe it or not but from today your bad time will start. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.