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Meet in love zee world, Saturday 1st June 2024 Update

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TV series

Meet in love on zee world Saturday 1st June 2024 Update, Meet in Sahara house. Manmeet looks at her hide his other hand. Meet looks at him thinks what is he doing here. Manmeet hid behind clothes and think did she saw my other hand he start covering it. Meet walk towards him and remove dupatta hanging to get dry. Dupatta fly and land on them. Meet remember her time with Meet Ahlawat. Manmeet stunned. Meet looses her balance but he save handle her and remove dupatta from them.

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Manmeet ask her what are you doing here. Meet ask what are you doing here. Manmeet ask what do you think. Meet says I think you are also here to find out something. He says yes I think Sarkar is planning something big. Meet says yes why Shagun is getting married without anyone knowing, he is cooking something. Manmeet say it’s difficult to understand Sarkar and his family, we should leave quickly. Meet say coming here is not good we should leave soon. Manmeet says but sometime we have do something for people we know like you did for me. Meet say we have to keep an eye on him. Manmeet say forget him today is our time to be together come let’s go home.

Manmeet in his room say Sarkar us right she is clever then a fox, I have to tell him and he call Sarkar tell him about the situation and ask him to be careful. Sarkar the game is getting interesting, she is good player now Mary her and bring her fast to our house and don’t worry come fast everybody is waiting for you. Manmeet hungs up phone.

Raj looking after the agreements and decoration. Babita ask Ishani about Meet. She say she will be ready in 5 minutes.
Ishani helping her to get ready. Meet thinks about Meet Ahlawat. Ishani ask her not to cry or else you will spoil your Mahto and everyone will scold me. Ishani walk down with Meet and say bride is ready. Everyone looks at Meet and gets emotional. Raj and Ram give her blessings. Babita hugs her. Meet look at Babita say I thought you will praise me for wearing your dress, did I do something wrong. Babita say you are wearing correct and this is how I want you to look, she apply black teeka and say God save you from bas omen. Manmeet walk in with his friends say nobody can save her now because I’m having eye on her, he freet everyone and take blessings.
Manmeet ask them to keep Shagun Thali. Raj see two thali ask why did you brought two with you. Manmeet says my Nanis wish was to see my wife so she already kept a thali but now she is no more so other thali I made and ask Meet to choose one from both. Bow remove clothe from thali and find it very interesting. Everyone laugh after seeing hardware parts in thali. Meet choose thali with hardware parts. Manmeet says I know you will choose this one, he thinks and says I know you will go for this because other thali is for Shagun. Manmeet ask guy to take otger thali but Meet stop him. Manmeet ask her what happen you choose other one. Babita walk forward ask is there anyone else who have authority over you. Manmeet say no.

Jasodha ask Sundari about arrengements and Shagun. Sundari walk towards her say arrengements are done Shagun will be ready soon. Jasodha say you know Manmeet has gone to Meet’s house for pooja amd when Meet will come here then I’ll take revenge from her, it’s time to celebrate go bring sweet.

Sundari walk away. Her daughter tell her Sarkar, Manmeet and everyone is planning against Meet to torture her this is not good at all. Sundari ask her to be quite. Gunwanti bring Shagun with her. Jasodha looks at Shagun say you look beautiful and apply black teeka on her. Jasodha take Gunwanti with her

Imarti say to Shagun you can be happy how much you want but don’t forget yoyr Manmeet is at Meet’s home doing ritual with haldi. Shagun says haldi over there is fake one and real one is here. Imarti say okay but the colour will be same and she will apply first colour on him. Shagun say I won’t let this happen only I’ll apply first haldi on him.

Meet and Manmeet sitting for haldi ceremony. Everyone happy and excited, baby girl start crying. Babita ask let’s begin with the ceremony. Manmeet say wait I can’t see baby crying or a women in danger, he walk to baby and hold her in his hands to make her happy. Manmeet start playing with her and she stop crying. Meet looks at them say she use to stick with Meet Ahlawat same way.

Meet say to Babita I promise to forget Meet, I’m sorry. Manmeet walk to Meet say don’t worry we cannot forget the truth, he looks at everyone say why are you sad, let’s proceed with the ceremony or else she will say jo for marriage. Ram say this is just haldi still marriage is left and you have to obey till you are married to her. Manmeet say I’ll do anything for her. Ragini now she is going to your wife and start calling her by her name and ask Meet to call him with love. Manmeet say poem for Meet. Ishani ask Meet to say something for him. Meet say poem for Manmeet. Everyone applauds for them.

Manmeet ask Meet what happen is anything wrong with you. Meet say I’m thinking about Sarkar what is he planning. Manmeet say forget him be happy that we are getting married. Ragini say let’s celebrate and play some song.

Few dancers walk in and begin with celebration. Everyone enjoying. Shagun walk in disguised as dancer dancing with Manmeet. Manmeet in shock after seeing her thinks what is she doing here. Shagun say to Manmeet you are mine and I’ll apply first haldi at you, I’m waiting for you out come and meet me. Shagun start walking away but fall down. Everyone stop. Meet walk toward her ask how are you and help her to get up. Shagun hide her face from vail and say I’m good. Manmeet ask everyone to start celebration so that she can walk away.

Shagun walk away and call Manmeet and say you know how stubborn I’m, uf you didn’t come then I’ll apply haldi infront of everyone. Babita walk to Manmeet say come enjoy. He say I have some important call let talk and come back. Manmeet walk to Shagun say what are you doing here trying to ruin my plan. Shagun say your anger is so lovely. Manmeet say go from here. Shagun say let me apply haldi on your face first. Manmeet get’s angry ask her to leave. Shagun say why are you scared let me do what I want to and then I’ll leave, she get close to him say I’ll apply first haldi on you not Meet.

Meet playing with water in bowl. Meet sitting a boy walk to her to take selfie and mistakenly drops a live wire in a bowl filled water placed beside Meet. Manmeet see wire in bowl, he rush towards Meet. Meet about to out her hand in bowl for ritual. Manmeet push her away to save her from getting shock, they both roll on floor with eachother. Raj ask to stop the connection. Manmeet ask her how are you. Ragini and Ishani say did you see they applied haldi to eachother. Shagun seeing from upstairs get jealous. Manmeet see her walking downstairs, Meet also see her. Shagun think she saw now I have to leave. Manmeet try to walk away but Ram stops him. Shagun in kitchen hiding, she try to walk out.

Meet come in between ask you are dancer so what are you doing here. Shagun say I was feeling bored after dance so thought of helping. Meet stop her from going and about to reveal her face. Shagun push her and run away. Meet chase her stop her in hall, she reveals her face infront of everyone. Meet ask Shagun what are you doing here disguised as dancer. Shagun looks at Manmeet. Meet ask her again tell me what are you doing here. Manmeet say to Meet you were right Sarkar must have send her to spy on us, let her go I’ll look after Sarkar and ask her to leave. She try to leave but Meet stop her from leaving say she is not here to spy on us there is some other reason.

Manmeet say he must have send her here so that we dont get married. Meet say but that day Sarkar was trying us to get married to eachother infront of panchayat, there is something else and ask her what is the matter. Police inspector walks in say I’m sorry for getting late, why is everyone so quiet did I come at wrong time. Meet say no you are here at right time. Bhati looks at Shagun say she is Shagun right. Meet say yes she came to our home disguised as dancer, she is telling us anything so why don’t you take her and interrogate her. Shagun say I’m sorry now let me go my haldi ceremony is also awaiting, everyone must be looking for me. Meet say tell us and you can leave or else Bhati will ask you questions.

Babita say to Bhati she is from Sarkar’s family and they are our enemy, please take her and investigate why she is here. Shagun say I don’t want to go please leave me. Inspector ask his members to arrest her. Meet walk to Bhati and say something in his ears. Bhati ask her constable to take her with them. Manmeet thinks does she have knowledge about relationship of me and Sarkar because that information will ruin my plan.

Mahandra go to police station for Bail of Shagun. Bhati say to Mahandra your dropped ink on your clothes and start wiping it. Bhati call Meet say Mahandra took Shagun with her and I have installed camera in his locket as you asked me to do. Meet say thanks to him and tell this is our only hope to know what’s going inside Sarkar’s palace. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.