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Mea Culpa On MaxTv Episode 2

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TV series

Mea culpa episode two started with the six friends and the kid arriving at home. Drei bought food for the child and Gaylord wondered when juris started taking care of babies. Juris told him to ask her if he had any questions and stop guessing.

But they noticed Bosch wasn’t with them so they called him to come in. They started having a conversation of the person who will take care of the child, Gaylord rejected the child . Lolita said she also has a child so she can’t take care of the child . Greco also said the same, Bosch thought of keeping the child so Gaylord asked if he knows more about children.

Adopting the child popped into Drei’s mind . Juris took the responsibility to take care of the child. They went back to their city, Juris father called her so she moved from where her car was to other places. The same time the child’s Mom was moving around showing the woman’s picture to anyone who passed by.

When they arrive at Juris house everyone moved back to their houses. Gaylord and Lolita bored the same car and they discussed on how they can come together, Lolita seems to be afraid of his husband so she told Gaylord to let them be friends.

The child cried all night, juris called Drei to accompany her to the hospital . Drei asked juris again if she was willing to keep the child and Drei suggested of sending the child to the orphanage, they sent the child to orphanage. This remembered juris of how her parents Left her and never came back so she will also not to let the child suffer as she suffered, with that she collected the child. The child was ok now so juris took her back home.

Keeping this child made her remember how she used to play with her father when she was a child. she started crying remembering what she has been through. Drei’s mom called juris father and told him to tell juris to let her son come home because they have cancelled many meetings cause juris told Drei to come and it’s emergency. Juris father visited her and saw the baby,he asked of who the child’s parents are but they lied to him and suggested to keep the child. Juris father told them to first report it to the police before keeping the child. Drei’s mom noticed that Drei had an affection for juris and told him she will not accept juris in their family so he shouldn’t think of marrying her.

Laila was the name Juris gave to the child , her father told her the meaning of that name. Laila means truth . The five friends sworn to fulfill all their promise to the state and everyone moved to their department. The incident kept hurting Bosch and made him cry alot

The woman who’s child is with juris told her mom that if her husband was still alive, this wouldn’t have happened and remembered how her husband traveled,her mother’s release and how her mother in-law blamed her for the dead of her husband. She said to herself that she will never give up.

Juris had a call that Laila is sick and left her meeting to see her, when they came home juris father heard the conversation between juris and Drei saying they should tell the secret to her dad. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.