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Mea Culpa on MaxTv Episode 16

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TV series

Mea culpa episode 16, Dolores asked Fina if she wanted to do the DNA test again but she said no. Fina thanked Matilda for helping her with the DNA test. Matilda threatening the owner of the hospital by exposing her corrupt ways of earning money that’s why the hospital tempted the DNA test. Juris got really scared when she had a dream of her shooting Fina. A woman just showed up and said that Cristy is Fina’s daughter.

The woman also gave some evidence to prove that she’s saying the truth. Fina did another DNA test with Cristy and it proved that Cristy is Fina’s daughter.

The coming and the DNA of Christy was all Juris plan but Fina was happy thinking Christy is her daughter.

Dolores asked her friend to help her find Iris which is Juris and investigate what happened the time juris was kidnapped. Fina enjoyed spending time with Christy and even took her to the hospital for check up. Fina noticed that there are scars at the back of Christy so she asked and promised her that she will not be harmed again.

The woman who gave Christy to Fina was paid for her work done and threatened her not to tell anyone about it. Bogs case was given back to Leandro and Greco was not the one handling the case again. Armand preferred Leandro more than Greco because there wasn’t any progress when it was handed to him.

A child trafficker from Lucio’s group surrounded himself to the police. Lucio told the rest of the members to get rid of him before he says anything to the police. Greco’s investigator reported to Greco that Lucio is the Boss in the child trafficking syndicate. Matilda organized a party so that people will vote for Drei.

Fina and her children visited Amir’s grave, after there they went to have fun where Noah saw Christy stealing from someone’s pocket. Noah told her mother of what he saw so fina advised her not to do that again.

Fina joined Armand to Christy’s adopted Mom but they weren’t there so they asked the people around and they also said they haven’t seen them for some days.

Christy’s adopted Mom asked for more money from Matilda so Matilda told Tito to get rid of her. Christy stole money from Fina and accused Fina’s friend for stealing it.

Fina begged her friend on the behalf of Christy’s behavior. Greco warn Lolita to leave from Lucio’s house because he is the head of the child trafficking syndicate. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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