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Mea Culpa On MaxTv Episode 1

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TV series

“Mea Culpa Shows on MaxTv Ghana 7pm on weekdays”

started with a group of pupil checking their results of their test and happy because they have passed the test.

There were six friend in the pupil checking their results namely Juris, Greco, Gaylord,Drei, Lolita and Bosch who didn’t pass. Juris shared the news with his father and they both were happily jumping. Drei also wanted to share the good news with his mom so he waited for her even though she kept longer talking with the media.

His mom congratulated him saying his father too would be proud of him . Bosch was talking to his brother on how he learned but failed the test. They decided to celebrate their success out side the town. They took group pictures, bought ice cream for themselves and just having fun.

At the evening,they went to a club to cheer up which ended up causing a fight. They Left from there to a cool place talking of what to be in the nearby future. As they were going home, their car accidentally knocked a woman. They all were afraid, Juris told them to calm down and check if the woman is still alive but they weren’t agreeing to juris suggestion.

Later they all went out of the car to check, but the woman was already dead, one of them though of burying the woman because their lives are going to be ruined when they are arrested. They went for shovel and started digging and buried the dead body. They also made a promise to themselves not to tell anyone, they just heard a crying. Juris took the baby and begged them to let her keep the baby.

A woman suddenly woke up at a hospital and started crying because her baby is missing. She reported the case to the police, a woman nearby saw an old woman dressed as a nurse and took the woman’s baby. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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