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Lost in love on starlife, Monday 3rd June 2024 update

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TV series

Lost in love on starlife Monday 3rd June 2024 Ishan tells Surekha that he knows she must have not had anything since last evening waiting for him and offers her biscuits and medicine. She notices his bruised hand and gets concerned. He asks her not to bother about it and feeds her biscuit. Surekha says if he knows her well, then he must be knowing that she will not eat anything without him and even he must be hungry.

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They both feed biscuit to each other. He says whatever the world says, she should trust her upbringing and though she didn’t give him birth, she is his mother just like Yashoda maiya for Krishna bhagwan. Surekha emotionally hugs him saying he is her son. He then addresses that they must have got answers to their childish questions now; they must have come here after watching yesterday’s play; he wants to say that Bhosale institute believes in women empowerment and they can’t accuse them just on some random girl’s baseless allegations; media should investigate the issue and then raise questions; he hopes they got their answer and can go from there.

Surekha tells Ishan that she thought he is angry on her. Ishan says why would he and asks Yashwant to take good care of her. He says he is going to college for some important work. Yashwant praises Ishan for protecting family’s dignity and calls him his pride. Ishan leaves. Nishi asks Yashwant what important work Ishan has in college. Ishan reaches college. Reeva tries to speak to him. Ishan warns him to stay away from him. Reeva says she will not apologize for whatever happened yesterday as she knows he will not forgive her, she just wants to say that she didn’t know the play was regarding him or else she wouldn’t have done that. She notices his bruised hand and says he is in so much pain and she can’t see him like this, so she has decided to go from here.

Ishan walks into his cabin and asks Shukla to get him coffee. Savi offers him office and calls him. Ishan gets angry seeing her, throws coffee away, and warns her to get out. He drags her towards the door, calls security, and orders to not let Savi near his cabin and to prosecute her if she does so again. Savi notices his bruised hand, bandages it, and says whether bruises of hands or heart, they would trouble them if they are not treated in a timely manner. She walks towards home recalling Ishan’s hatred for her. She reaches home and seeing Bhavani at the door emotionally hugs her. Bhavani says she made a mistake of forgiving her instead of seeking forgiveness from her.

Vinayak says Bhavani read a recent article and is feeling guilty after that. Savi asks which article. Bhavani shows an article which reads how Savi ran away from her marriage saved her life from Samrudh and after a few months saved another girl’s life from Samrudh. She praises Savi, apologizes her by trying to touch her feet, and says Savi has to fight for other girls and save them, she will felicitate her in front of Ramtek Maratha samaj after that. Mandar and Samrudh get out of jail. Their supporters welcome them. Mandar asks Samrudh should they return to Ramtek. Samrudh says wherever Savi is.

Savi notices Bhavani in her college and asks what is she doing here. Bhavani says Savi is being honored. Ishan asks what kind of honor. Bhavani says she is honoring Savi in front of whole samaj and wants to honor even Ishan. Ishan refuses to attend. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.