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Lost in love on starlife, Monday 23rd October 2023 update

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TV series

Lost in love on starlife Monday 23rd October 2023 update, Satya gets a call while he is on a dinner date with Sai and goes aside to speak due to network issue. Heavily intoxicated Virat walks to Sai and asks if he she is here for real or is he imagining her, why don’t he go away from his life completely. Sai asks what is he doing here. Virat says he comes here every year on vatsavitri pooja hiding from family as he had promised to her. He asks other customers around to pay attention to his ex-wife. Sai asks him to stop as people are watching.

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Virat asks why did she come with Satya to the same restaurant to make him jealous and continues to share his grief with her. He forcefully feeds her food and asks everyone to slap for Mrs Adhikari. Satya returns and angrily holds Virat’s collar for breaking Sai’s fast. Sai asks him to leave Virat. Virat collapses. Satya asks what shall we do of him now. Sai calls Mohit to come and pick up Virat, but he doesn’t pick call. Sai says they should drop Virat home then. Satya says that is the only work left for him now.

They get Virat in their car’s backseat. Sai says Satya is angry at this time. Satya says he doesn’t want to talk now as Virat is habituated to listen to their conversation with closed eyes, so they should drop Virat home first. Virat murmurs he hates Sai and Satya who snatched Sai from him. Satya gets more angry and drives fast. Sai asks him to stop and says she will drop Virat in a cab as he has lost his mind in anger. Satya apologizes and drives Virat home. Ninad notices them and asks what happened to Virat. Sai says he was found heavily intoxicated Virat in a restaurant they were in. Bhavani asks what happened to her nephew and blames Sai and Satya for Virat’s condition.

She continues accuse and curse them. Satya stops her and says his alcoholic nephew created drama at a restaurant they were in and disturbed everyone, she should ask her family members to solve their problems instead of troubling others, they tried to call her other nephew who didn’t pick their calls at all, and instead of thanking them for bringing his alcoholic grandson here, she is blaming them, etc. He holds Sai’s hand and walks out of Chavan nivas, leaving Bhavani speechless.

They reach home. Satya says Virat spoilt Sai’s vatsavitri vrat. Sai says they are husband and wife just for the world and in real they are not, why is he bothered about her vatsavitri vrat, has he fallen in her love and is expecting her to act as his real wife. Satya says he loves her as a friend, can’t they have any other relationship than husband and wife, he is concerned for her and can’t anyone troubling her. Sai calms down and says let us go and have dinner somewhere. Satya says he doesn’t want to. Sai prepares dinner and asks Satya to join him. Satya says he is not hungry. She jokes and calms him down. They both then enjoy dinner. Sai show him pic and says she followed friendship and wore his gifted sari. Satya smiles.

Sonali provokes Bhavani against Satya and says earlier Sai and now even Sai’s husband humiliated her, Sai turned out to be her fake coin, Virat shouldn’t have helped her complete her studies. Bhavani says a woman shouldn’t forget her and man’s status is different. Satya’s family enjoys breakfast in the morning. Amba reminds Sai to take leave from work for her and Satya’s honeymoon trip. Savi asks what is honeymoon. Maddy explains her a cooked up story.

Savi informs Virat that Satya is taking Sai on a honeymoon. Virat calls and tongue lashes Sai. Sai says she is going for a conference instead and Satya doesn’t know about it. Satya gets angry overhearing their conversation. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.