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Lost in love on starlife, Friday 27th October 2023 update

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TV series

Lost in love on starlife Friday 27th October 2023 update, Virat tells Bhavani that if she reacts angrily, people will badmouth about them and hence she should silently watch the function. Bhavani says she has to bear all this because of Sai. Sai tells Amba and team that they would be performing now. Two employees mix alcohol in their water to enjoy lavani dance. Host announces that due to some unknown reason, they have to cancel lavani performance.

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Satya notices Virat talking to show organizers and says Virat got it canceled as his aunt didn’t want to watch lavani. Sai walks to Virat and says she didn’t know he has such a cheap thinking. Virat asks what did he do. Satya says he obeyed his kaaku/aunt and got lavani performance canceled as she was telling dignified people shouldn’t watch lavani.

Bhavani says its good that they don’t have to watch lavani. Amba says Bhavani is jealous that she is sitting between so called dignified people. Bhavani taunts back not to get happy as she is still a cheap dancer. Virat tells Sai and Satya that he doesn’t have any problem with lavani. Host informs that they had to cancel lavani performance as their VIP guest got urgent meetings lined up. Sai walks to guest and requests if he can stay back till lavani performance as they have to promote lavani or else it will vanish from their society completely, etc. Guest agrees and says she is not only a good doctor but a good citizen. Host announces lavani performance by Amba and group. Bhavani and Virat fume hearing that while other guests clap. Host further announces Sai and Savi joining them. Virat and Bhavani get more jealous. Sai stands up to go on stage. Satya points that her gajra is loose and corrects it. He says he feels happy with what’s happening. Virat fumes seeing that. Sai and Savi join Amba’s team and perform on Pingadi pori… song.

Virat walks away unable to hold his anger and drinks alochol mixed water. Satya also drinks same water. They both start feeling intoxicated and walk out to have some fresh air. They both bump on each other and get friendly. They call themselves as cousins and take selfie together. Satya says Sai is so cute that Virat must have fallen in her love at first sight. Virat says Sai had to marry him under pressure. Satya asks if Sai married even him under pressure. After lavani performance, everyone clap for the artists. VIP guest praises that the artists are keeping their state’s tradition alive and asks guests to encourage them. Amba feels happy while Bhavani frowns.

Satya reveals Virat that Sai married him to avoid Virat’s pressure on her and she still loves Virat. Virat says he is wrong as Sai in front of media said Satya is her husband and fought with the minister for his family, so Sai loves Satya. Satya says let us both directly ask Sai whom she loves. Virat asks Satya if he will leave Sai if she says she loves Virat.

Intoxicated Virat tells Satya that Sai loves Satya. Intoxicated Satya says Sai still loves Virat and says let us ask her. They find function ended and everyone already left, hence they leave in their car. Sai gets call that she got some important news. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.