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Little Singer Kulfi Adom Tv, Thursday 8th December 2022 update

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TV series

Little Singer Kulfi on adom tv, Thursday 8th December 2022 update, Sikander goes to see lovely,Sikander says to Tony I would like to talk to Lovely,Tony says you have done what you wanted too, sikander says she is my wife no one can stop me from seeing her, Tony says you are getting divorced,Sikander says we aren’t yet and till judge announces it we aren’t,Tony says enough as her father I say she is not related to you, sikander says what are you, keep changing.

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Tony says a father can do anything for his daughter but you won’t understand that, who could do nothing, for a moment I came there for my daughter but that’s not possible, with that stupid kulfi, Amyra git spoilt and cheated her mother and you priorities her. Kulfi hears that and says I’m his daughter but how will I tell that, Sikander says not a word against kulfi she is mine,Kulfi says

god why do you do this to me, I was doing for good.
Tony says I know sikander for that kulfi you left your family, Sikander says please be quite for some time, Tony gets violent , Sikander says calm down, and shut up, Lovely walks in and says what wrong did he say, Kulfi leaves. Mohendar sees kulfi and walks to her and asks what’s wrong come with me, why get scared no one will scold you, I’m with you, tell me one thing who you were talking too, gunjan walks in. Lovely says you are in his house how dare you talk to him like this, Sikander says I came to talk to you and he was misbehaving, Lovely says enough Sikander did you know about all that you have nothing for amyra only kulfi, Sikander says why blame her, Lovely says I hate her, my daughter lied to me to her mother,first she snatched you and now amyra I will be alone what will I do, Sikander says calm down I’m not leaving you don’t do this and push people away.

Lovely says go to your kulfi and ask, planning secret missions and all. Kulfi says I was talking to Santa, he had called me,gunjan says Mohendar she is already scared,Mohendar says kulfi you go rest we will talk later. Mohendar says she was talking to Santa Claus, gunjan says enough troubling kids you concentrate on fact that Lovely taught amyra and Amyra taught kulfi. Mohendar says it’s not about girls but who did this, somebody tried separating Sikander and lovely again, they were trying to gel up, and I will find out who did this cheap thing.

Tony says lovely this Sikander will kill us with stress, Sikander says enough let me talk to my wife, Lovely asks who what, Kulfi first did with us now my daughter and I’m tried talking to you, enough I can’t do it, amyra won’t see Kulfi, tony says she is right amyra won’t just see Kulfi but also you, just let divorce happen and all this will end, Sikander asks what do you mean,tony says lovely wants amyra full custody, and you can see her on,y once a week, and Lovely Apoorva was happy with your new approaches so let’s get to next.

Sikander looks at Lovely, and says I was changing thoughts for you, but you want to take my daughter away from me, Lovely says I can’t live without her, Sikander says she is my daughter too, and if this is what you are upto, listen to this my daughter will live with me,she is my life, my princess, Lovely says she isn’t your daughter, not even your blood, Sikander in tears and says if you dare ask for full custody in court I won’t be quite,do whatever you want to, she is my daughter and no one can take her away from me.

Kulfi thinking what to do and hears Mohendar and gunjan fighting, Mohendar asks how did kulfis recording come on screen , Mohendar calls kulfi, Sikander walks in and says call lawyer I will fight for Amyra I want full custody, Mohendar scolds him says me these kids Bebe are fighting to stop this divorce and look what you are talking,Sikander says lovely wants,no one asks what I want, now I will show what I can do, Mohendar scolds Sikander, Kulfi asks Bebe what is custody, gunjan stops Mohendar and says let him do what he wants too.

Sikander calls Sabha and arranges urgent meeting, Kulfi walks to Jonny and asks what to do no one telling me the truth and I don’t understand English too. Sikander asks kulfi not to go downstairs. Lovely asks Amyra not to go to Sikanders place,amyra tries to talk but she leaves. Sikander looks at Kulfi and it reminds him of Amyra, Sikander says kulfi just listen to me you won’t go down.

Bebe and Mohendar scolding Sikander and asking not to go meet Sabha, Sikander says why not I will show them what Sikander is, Bebe says enough calm down,sikander says no one can separate me from my daughter.

Kulfi tries to interrupt, Mohendar says you wait you come with me. Lovely sees Sikander with papers near lift. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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