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Little Singer Kulfi Adom Tv, Thursday 1st September 2022 update

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Sikander sings a song,kulfi hears carefully,Sikander says kulfi Kumar Bajewala cmon sing,kulfi sings it,Sikander shocked to see kulfi got it so accurate,and is in tears hearing her voice,Sikander says don’t stop,kulfi says I just knew this much how will I sing,Sikander smiles and sings the further song,kulfi follows him.

Little Singer Kulfi
Little Singer Kulfi

Amyra Wakes up and says dada please sleep and let me sleep. Kulfi and Sikander sing together,Sikander is on tears all the time,Sikander looks at kulfi and remembers every time he had heard kulfi,Sikander pulls her close and says I hear 1000 voices everyday but such real voice it’s peaceful,goddess Saraswati recides in you,you belong in stardom,you should have been on stage and not amyra and I’m your fan now kulfi Kumar Bajewala ,kulfi in tears,amyra sees that and

is in tears.
Kulfi looks at star and sees the shinning star and is very happy,Sikander lifts kulfi in his arms and takes her to balcony and looks at her hands and kisses them,Sikander asks who are you and how do you sing so well,kulfi says I don’t know but na said my father is very famous singer in Mumbai but I don’t know him will you help me,Sikander says yes I will,and give you what you deserve,just ask for it,kulfi thinks I can tell him.

Sikander says kulfi you are very innocent,you don’t know who are,kulfi starts telling her story, and turns around to find Sikander sleeping.amyra starts crying and says you praised kulfi how could you,this is all moms fault,dirty boy took my father away from me.

Kulfi says ma Sikander sir will help me,jagira nanu also told me he is good man and now I will meet my father soon,now I have someone here who cares for me,let me stay here for some more time.

Kulfi walks to Sikander with blanket,rests his legs on table,removes his shoes,puts blanket over him,kulfi touches his feet and says may be my dad is most famous singer but my guru is you,I can’t say thank you in English but take your blessings.

Dadi Wakes up and sees Sikander sleeping and kulfi beside him,kulfi wakes up greets him and tells her the story,dadi says why you feeling bad for him,kulfi says he was very helpless,dadi says hi run away,kulfi says at times kids lie to Mothers,Maninder asks how,kulfi says like when we get hurt we say we didn’t,because ma use to start crying,Maninder asks where did you learn to talk so sweet,kulfi says not sweet but truth and all laugh,Sikander Wakes up and asks what’s the news,Maninder says he is very talented,Sikander says a lot.

Gunjan walks in and says you guys wasting time here tea is getting cold,Sikander says cmon bhabhis tea is waiting.kulfi has breakfast with them.

Sikander recevies amyras contract,he leaves the table and goes to lovely,Sikander says it’s important,lovely says I’m still asleep,Sikander says I found its kulfi,and this contract belongs to him,you used his voice but I will give him what he deserves,lovely says you are spoiling amyras career,Sikander says and what about kulfi,lovely says I don’t care.

Sikander tears the papers and says amyra will get this when she will be capable and now world will know the truth,lovely says then even I shall tell amyra you have a step daughter. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.