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Ishqbaaz on Atinka tv, Tuesday 20th December 2022 update

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TV series

Ishqbaaz on Atinka tv Tuesday 20th December 2022 update, Gauri asks Anika are you going somewhere. Anika says yes, I told about my interview. Gauri says I know you will crack it, what are you finding. Anika says my phone. Gauri says its in kitchen, I will get it. Anika goes to get it. Sahil’s mum comes and says explain your sister to shut up in front of me, she didn’t leave any snacks for me. Anika says I will fry pakodas for you. Sahil’s mum says she learnt some English and boasts a lot, I will tell her that your mum is someone’s mistress. Anika says if you tell anything to Gauri, I won’t leave you. Sahil’s mum says you have no courage, you can’t do this. Anika says don’t think my decency is my weakness, I m still khidkitod, I can do anything for family, don’t do this mistake to tell Gauri.

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Shivaye hears Khanna and goes to ask what’s going on. Khanna says they forcibly got in. Shivomru and Tia see police. Bhavya says Mr. Shivaye, I m ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathod, Sunil Tyagi has filed a complaint against you, you have to come with me. Rudra asks have you gone mad. She asks him not to talk in between. Om asks what did Shivaye say. She says it will be better if you ask your brother. She sees Shivaye and its a crime to threaten someone of death, you have to come Shivaye. Rudra says you can’t talk to him this way, you can’t even touch him. She says I handcuff people. Rudra says I will see. Shivaye calls commissioner and says Bhavya is here. He gives her the phone. She gets instructions. Om asks what did he say. She says he asked me to apologize to Shivaye. Rudra jokes. She says sorry.
Rudra asks her to say aloud. She says I m sorry Mr. Shivaye and goes. Rudra goes after her. Tia says its good it got solved here itself. Om says Shivaye knows how to handle such things. Anika talks on call and says I will reach on time. She keeps money in an envelope. Gauri asks what are you hiding. Anika says just papers. Gauri says I filled the forms. Anika asks the last date to pay fees. Gauri says maybe in 3 days. Anika thinks how will I pay her fees, I need a job. She says don’t take tension, I will pay the fees. She gets Nikhil’s call and leaves. Rudra stops Bhavya and says your entry was good, but exit wasn’t, I feel bad for you, this is Oberoi mansion, big ministers and commissioners come here, come when you become a commissioner, else I will get your transfer done. She says you have much pride about your family name, I will not leave you. He laughs and says this was not good. She says you can wait and watch what I do. She goes. He says I will see you and your attitude, why didn’t I get this line before.

Shivaye asks Dadi did you call me. She gives the money and says take this, you gave 50000rs to pandit for a one year late mahurat for your marriage, you should have told me, what would be my respect in his eyes, he would think I m compelling you. He says I didn’t wish to hurt you. She says you made pandit lie, won’t I feel hurt now. He says truth is, whatever happened with mom and dad, I don’t have any belief in marriage, they pretended to be happy, they fought so much and risked lives, they didn’t think for me and Priyanka, can we heal our wounds or not. Dadi says I know and understand your pain, you lost your parents, I lost my young son, Shakti didn’t go alone, he took away my hopes too, I just have a wish to see you happy, I want to see your marriage, so that I can be relieved that someone is there to look after you. He says if you want me to marry, I will marry. She says I have faith in you. She hugs him. She says I will ask pandit for mahurat, you meet pandit ji for the puja. She goes. He turns and sees Tia crying. Tia asks don’t you want to marry me Shivaye. Nikhil gives a rose to Anika.

She asks what was the need to spend on the rose. He says its for you, I plucked this from garden. She says I don’t like anyone stolen. He asks didn’t you eat stolen mangoes. She says no, I just plucked mangoes for Gauri and Sahil, there is nothing imp than truth in life. He says okay, no more lectures. She gives him money. He says sorry, I will return money when I get my new ATM card, I lost my cheque book too. She says don’t say sorry, I feel bad that I couldn’t help you more. He says its already enough, I will return all your money. Gauri comes and teases. Anika says I wanted to go temple so he came to pick me. Gauri asks when are you getting your parents to talk about marriage. He says I m waiting for right time. Gauri says right times comes when families meet. He says something wrong always happens, I promise they will come next week. She says I trust you completely. He goes to get scooter.

Shivaye says its not about you, I don’t have faith in marriage relation. She says I thought your thinking changed. He says I want to be honest with you, I m doing this for Dadi’s sake, we have friendship, there can’t be anything more. Tia says I m in love with you. He says then you shouldn’t marry me, I can’t love anyone. She says I can’t live without you, you are more than a friend for me, I m sure that you will also love me after marriage. He says I have to go temple, pandit ji called. Gauri says you will be getting married, I will snatch shoes, I m a Gundi, then your Bidaai will happen. Anika says I will always be here, I know it takes time for good time to come, Nikhil is struggling, he is a lawyer, he wants time and I want to give him time, marriage is imp.

Gauri asks what about love. Anika says I have no idea about love, you know Nikhil is my childhood friend, he belongs to a good family, he asked me for marriage and I said yes. Gauri says you mean you didn’t fall in love. Anika says don’t know what’s love. Gauri jokes and acts filmi. Anika says I know meaning of marriage, it means respect, a woman gets respected by society when she gets married, when a man gives her name. She thinks of Sahil’s mum’s words. She says living is not living without respect. Gauri asks why are you getting senti, I want you to be happy, the guy will be lucky, he will keep you as queen, you will have a big house, designer clothes and cars. Anika smiles.

Shivaye gets down his car. Anika buys flowers. Nikhil says I will wait, I think I left wallet in scooter dicky, I will get it. Anika says its fine if you pay or I pay for it. She pays the money. He says I got an urgent call and goes. Anika and Shivaye reach the staircase. Mihir’s words play…. along with Tu Jaane na song. Anika’s flowers fall down. She sits to pick the basket. Shivaye goes over the stairs. Anika holds her dupatta, that flies in air. They are close. Shivaye stops for a moment. He turns to see. She goes. Guards move the crowd away. Shivaye goes inside the temple, while the queue is formed aside. Pandit says sorry, your Dadi asked me strictly and I told her about you willingly getting late mahurat. Shivaye asks about the rasam.

Pandit tells him. Anika asks are you still here.

Nikhil says what shall I do, a rich VIP has come for visit. Anika says rich and poor are for the world, not for Lord, everyone is equal for Lord. The guard stops her and says you can’t go in, Sir is a VIP. She calls out to Shivaye and says I m talking to you. Pandit asks what are you doing. She says everyone is standing here in line, how can you allow him inside, he doesn’t care, if he is rich, why doesn’t he make a personal temple for himself. Shivaye opens eyes and turns to see. She goes. He asks who was that girl giving lecture. Pandit says let it be. Shivaye asks where is she. Nikhil asks Anika is she mad to get into a fight with a rich man. Anika says I was saying truth, there is nothing imp than truth.
Nikhil says I gave chadava to pandit, he will keep it, come with me. Shivaye asks where is she. He calls her out. She stops and says why do I feel that this voice is familiar. She turns to see. Tia comes in between. Nikhil asks her to come. Shivaye asks you here. Tia says yes, is ritual over, great, are you finding someone. He says no, a girl’s voice, nothing. Anika says wait, I don’t think I should leave without darshan. Nikhil says fine, but don’t do the same thing again. Tia and Shivaye pass by Anika and Nikhil. Tia’s phone falls. Nikhil picks it and gives it to her. Shivaye and Anika are too close. They turn towards each other. Tia and Nikhil get up and block their line of sight. Shivaye and Anika go different ways. Mil ke bhi…..plays….. Shivaye turns to see Anika. Anika stops and goes upstairs.

Dadi comes to Shivaye and asks are you going somewhere. He says I have imp meeting and then I have to go to airport. She says I have a surprise for you. Priyanka hugs Shivaye and says not just a surprise, but a beautiful surprise. He says Priyanka….. She smiles and says I had to surprise you and took morning flight. He says you get air sickness, did you take precautionary medicines before take off. She says yes. He says show me your face. He sees her and holds her face. She asks did you see my face, can I hug you, when will you learn to hug. He says oh my neck…. Dadi tell her. Dadi says she has come and got brightness at home, she will help me in roka arrangements. Priyanka asks how did he get ready for marriage.

Dadi says don’t start again, he runs away from marriage. Priyanka says yes, how did you do this miracle. Dadi says because of you, I told him that if he married, then your marriage and bidaai will happen. Priyanka says so sweet, you made a big sacrifice for me. He says no, it was for me, I can’t tolerate you forever. Dadi says he will cry a lot on your bidaai. Shivaye cries and turns away. Priyanka looks at him. Dadi says I just said and he got tearful eyed. He says I didn’t know when did you grow up. Priyanka says I won’t go, I will stay here with you. Dadi says she wants to get Ghar Jamai.

Nikhil tries to kick start his bike. He stops Anika. He asks how was your interview. She says like always, my ideas sounded good to them, but they gave job to their nephew, why did they keep interview, they wasted my time, I had so much hopes, how will I manage everything, if I don’t pay rent, landlord will make us out, if I don’t pay Gauri’s fees, her year will go waste and I have to get Sahil’s operation done too. He says we will find some way, I have to go in a meeting, do you have 100rs, my scooty isn’t starting, I forgot my wallet at home. He looks into her purse and says its there. He takes money and goes.

Khanna says give me your file. She says Khanna bhaiya you.. He says I heard everything, we will try where we have contacts, I will show your file to my boss, there are two marriages happening in that house, its his roka today, you will be needed there. She thanks him.

He says you tie me Rakhi and regard me brother, then you thank me, when my boss sees your file, he will ask about you. Anika smiles. Priyanka gives gifts to everyone. She says this suitcase is for Rudra, he gave a long list. Maid gets tea. Shivaye asks Priyanka to have tea. She waves hand while talking and touches the cup. The cup falls.

Shivaye moves her away and gets his hand over her hand. Tea falls on his hand. She shouts for water. He dips his hand in the water jug and gets a relief. She cries seeing the burn mark on his hand. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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