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His mistress’s child on zee world, Tuesday 31st October 2023 update

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TV series

His mistress’s child on zee world Tuesday 31st October 2023 update, Babu ji asking Amma to have prasad if she wants. He says don’t know to what extent, I will go to get my son. Amma says you don’t know Krishna and Yashoda will go to what extent to fight this war. Yashoda and Krishna earn money after the day’s work at the construction site. She says now we will have electricity at home and our water problem will also be solved. Krishna gives the money to her, and says it is my first earning. He says last time Bansal snatched money from his hands.

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Yashoda kisses on his hands and says you don’t know what a son’s earning means to a mother. She says you will work after growing up now. He promises her that he will work in his free time. Yashoda thinks to search job for her. Bansal keeps an eye on them, and calls Kamini informing her that yashoda and Krishna together have earned 700 Rs, but the bill is of 675 Rs. Kamini says now she will pay for the bill and her water problem will also be solved. Bansal ends the call. Kamini thinks what to do, I have to do something before Aastha and Nupur comes home. She looks at the ration boxes. Aastha and Nupur wait for Krishna and Yashoda. Krishna says if Aastha and Nupur see your hands sores, then they will feel bad. Yashoda says what to do then? Krishna sees the temple and stops Yashoda. He applies gulaal on her hand to hide the sores. She also applies it on his hands and face.

Kamini and Bansal empties the ration of Yashoda’s house in the garbage cover, to trouble Yashoda. Kamini says we have come here to cut their stay there, when they see this surprise, their mouth will be left open. Bansal says we will make their life worst than the worst. She asks him to throw the ration in the dustbin. He asks her to put the ration also.

Yashoda and Krishna come to pick up the girls. Aastha asks if money is arranged. Krishna says Madam ji arranged the money. Aastha and Nupur gets happy. Mahua talks to someone and tells that she will charge 20000 Rs for one question paper and says she will leak the exam paper and will pass the student also. Kamini hears her. Mahua says I do this to earn some money. She calls Babu ji and says Bhabhi and Krishna have come. Krishna says we have brought the money. He says the bill amount is 675 so this is 700, so you shall return 25 Rs to Madam ji. Yashoda asks what are you saying Krishna? Krishna says I was talking about calculation, if you don’t want then its ok. Babu ji sees sores in his hand and then looks at Yashoda. Yashoda hides her hand. Babu ji says I will give your 25 Rs. Aastha and Nupur see the ration boxes empty. Nupur says where did all the stuff go. Babu ji gives their 25 Rs and says I will get your electricity wire connected. Krishna says I will do. Aastha and Nupur come there and tells that the ration boxes is empty. Kamini says that’s why all the ration used to be over soon, you four have to eat a lot. Yashoda goes to check. Babu ji asks who did this? Kamini says I have done this so that my brother comes back and asks if I have done right.

Yashoda did this deliberately to trouble us. Kamini asks Yashoda if you want the money back, to buy the ration, or you want to keep the children hungry. Krishna goes out and finds the ration in the dustbin. He says what kind of people they are, we leave house and they have thrown our ration. Yashoda says babu ji? Kamini asks Babu ji not to melt down else he can’t do what he wants. Babu ji asks Yashoda, what she wants? He asks if you want electricity or food? He says you can get rid of both problems, once you kick Krishna out. Yashoda asks him to return the money and says she can’t make the kids hungry. He says your water will also go. Krishna comes there and shows him garbage bag, and tells that the ration is thrown out when we were away. Yashoda asks what you are saying? Babu ji compares him to the rats, and asks him to say what to do if rats dig in the house. Kamini says rat shall be kicked out, else it will make holes. Babu ji says I am trying to throw the rat out.

Amma asks Babu ji, why he let Mahua and Kamini throw the ration of yashoda’s house. Babu ji says when I am doing wrong with her, then how can I stop others. Amma says instead of scolding them, you asked Yashoda to make arrangements of water from outside. She asks what will happen to our respect if anyone comes to know that lawyer’s wife is having a hardship in her life. Babu ji says everyone shall know it. He calls Arvind and asks him to get the news published that Sitapur’s Ashok Gupta’s wife Yashoda Gupta is thrown out by her inlaws and is struggling to get water and food. Arvind says we will be humiliated. Babu ji says I just want my son back. Mahua asks him to post Yashoda’s photo also, so that Bhaiyya melts down seeing her. She clicks her photo. Arvind says we shall think of her respect. Yashoda asks him to get the news published, and says I want to see if he will return seeing his wife’s condition, I want to see that if my illusion that he will return will come true or not. She asks him to get the photo published with the news.

Yashoda asking Arvind to get the news published with her photo. Babu ji asks Arvind to call the newspaper. Amma says even I want Ashok to read the news and come back so that Yashoda’s problems end. Bansal asks Kamini, if Ashok returns reading this news. Kamini tells him that once Babu ji had a fight with someone, and that’s why he had decided to become lawyer, that time he was in 12th std. She says now he is determined to become Sadhu. She says he will not come. Krishna hears them and says it will be good for you both. He says the person who can become lawyer seeing his father lost, he can become husband again seeing his wife’s condition. He asks them to leave before he returns, else they have to pay a big price for it. Bansal hurts Krishna and asks him to talk to him nicely, says I am the son in law of the house. Krishna says Ashok Gupta and I both know that you are enemy of this house, and asks him to leave. Kamini asks him to see her face and tells that she is not scared of him. She holds his collar and threatens him. She then pushes him. Nupur comes there and holds Krishna. She asks Kamini why did she push Krishna? Bansal tries to instigate her against Krishna. Nupur tells that Krishna helped their mother to get water and rotated fan for them all night. Kamini says they shall get rid of him fast.

Aastha asks yashoda until when they will be in darkness. Yashoda asks her to adjust for a day. Aastha is having difficulty to do her homework in lantern light. Yashoda tells her that they shall sleep on the terrace so that they don’t need fan and will get good sleep seeing the stars. Yashoda then feed the food to Aastha, Nupur and Krishna. Later Yashoda applies ointment on Krishna’s hand. Krishna then applies ointment on Yashoda’s hand. They try to sleep. Yashoda hopes Ashok shall return. Krishna tells that Ashok Gupta shall return.

The neighbor Pradeep comes to Ashok’s house, and asks about the news. He says everyone is spitting on you for torturing Yashoda. Babu ji asks him to go. Yashoda gets a call and goes saying Ashok ji. He asks Pradeep to go. Yashoda runs out of then house, while Krishna is about to run behind him, but Babu ji stops him. He tells Amma that Ashok has called Yashoda. He says this means Ashok is in the same city and will return home soon. Kamini gets shocked and thinks if Bhai returns home.

Yashoda comes running to the railway track and finds a guy standing holding the newspaper. The guy says good morning, yashoda ji. Yashoda says Randhir Sharma. He says yes, I am Randhir Sharma and says I saw you with Ashok in the court. He says my image is not good and that’s why I have to lie to meet you. Yashoda asks why you have called me here? Randhir Sharma says everyone must have thought that I am Ashok Gupta’s rival, and says we don’t have any fight personally. He says Ashok was best lawyer and I want to be best like him. He says once I asked how he win all cases. Yashoda says like I convince my wife. Randhir says exactly.

Randhir says he felt very bad to know that Ashok has left the fight on her shoulder and left. He offers her a job in his firm.

Krishna asks Babu ji to leave his hand. Amma asks him to leave her hand. Babu ji refuses. Yashoda comes back. They ask if Ashok came. Yashoda says no. Kamini asks who has called you. Yashoda says Randhir Sharma has called me with the job proposal.

Arvind says he is Bhaiyya’s enemy and must have read the newspaper and called Bhabhi. Mahua asks did you agree for the job? Amma says yashoda must have refused to take up the job. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.