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His mistress’s child on zee world, Monday 30th October 2023 update

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TV series

His mistress’s child on zee world Monday 30th October 2023 update, Babu ji telling Yashoda that she didn’t have a son, so how she will bless others to have a son. He sets off the diyas with the newspaper and says this is my house’s happiness and I will see it. He asks her to handle her house’s darkness. Mahua says he is right. Arvind gets upset. Babu ji asks her to give money, else he will cut water supply also.

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Yashoda asks him to cut everything, but don’t forbid her from blessing Mahua to have son. She says if I don’t have a son then that doesn’t mean that she can’t pray for them. She says one day you will understand that whatever I am doing is for your son, so that when he returns he don’t questions why did I do wrong with Krishna. She tells that she always prayed for the house happiness. She says babu ji….please and continues to cry. Arvind asks her to listen. Yashoda goes from here. Arvind says Bhabhi has done many mannats so that we can have a child, and says we shall not upset her during happy times. Mahua asks him to obey babu ji without any arguments and asks him not to give stress to pregnant her. Babu ji says she is right and asks him to take care of her. He asks Amma to go and bring 9 diyas to Mahua fast. He says if you stand silent or sad, then will I change my decision. Mahua asks if you are not happy Amma. Amma says they are very happy.

Yashoda looks at Ashok’s photo. Aastha and Nupur feel bad. Aastha asks her not to feel bad. Nupur says even Mummy gets angry, but don’t vent out her anger on anyone. Yashoda asks them not to feel bad and tells that Dada ji has his own reasons. She says she is fine and asks them to go to their room, and says she will come in sometime. She closes the door and tells Ashok’s photo that she is not fine. She says just as my fight going on for Krishna’s acceptance, I am losing my patience level. Krishna comes out of study room and hears her. Yashoda says you would have given me two flowers to motivate me. Amma gives diyas thaali to Mahua. Mahua is about to go from there. Krishna comes there and tells Amma that yashoda is crying badly. Amma says babu ji will make her quiet as he is the reason that she is crying. Babu ji says I will not make her quiet, as he was safeguarding his grand son from her, who couldn’t have any son. He says people keep such woman away from pregnant ladies.

He goes. Amma tells Krishna that Yashoda needs Ashok, and says one day he will come and everyone will have happiness on their faces. She says if you don’t want him to come then I will not pray. Krishna says he is not selfish and knows how important he (Ashok) is for everyone. Kamini and bansal are angry that Mahua is pregnant and their money is wasted. Kamini says baby is not born yet.

Krishna rotates hand fan so that his sisters sleep well like princess. Yashoda offers to rotate it so that they can sleep. Krishna asks her to sleep and says he will make his sisters sleep like princess as promised. Nupur wakes up in the morning and hugs Yashoda. She asks if you were awake all night. Aastha says they might be awake all night and rotated the fan, so that we get good sleep. Yashoda says Krishna did it. Amma says Krishna said that my sisters will stay as princess. She asks them to get ready. Yashoda goes to see Krishna. Krishna comes and says I am here. He shows her two flowers and tells her that life gives the thorn also with flowers, if we don’t feel its pain then we will enjoy life. Yashoda gets emotional and hugs him.

Yashoda hugging Krishna and asks what to do with you. Krishna says make my Shikanji (lemon drink). Yashoda says how you get strength to fulfill the responsibilities. Krishna says don’t know, may be I get strength seeing you, you are a mother, you shall have strength, and seeing your strength, your kids will have strength. He says it is my duty to give you flowers to increase your strength. He gives her flower to motivate her. Nupur comes there and holds his hand. She says Krishna Bhaiyya’s hands must be paining as he rotated the fan all night for them. Krishna says he is fine. Yashoda asks him to let her massage your hands, even she has feelings like you. Krishna says ok, and tells that she shall love the new brother when he is born. Nupur assures her. Yashoda looks at them.

Kamini and Bansal come to the Vaid and tells that her Bhabhi got pregnant, and asks what medicine he has given. The Vaid tells that may be she was already pregnant, or the medicine quantity was not enough. He says he will give medicine to abort the child. Bansal asks him to make the medicine fast. Yashoda and Krishna are leaving from home. Babu ji asks Yashoda to give him money, else he will cut the water supply. Yashoda asks him to give her sometime. Mahua comes downstairs. Babu ji asks if she is going to school. Mahua says she has to earn money for the baby. Babu ji says he will drop her to school, will pray in temple for him and will feed food to the poor. Krishna stops him and says if Madam ji couldn’t give you money then I will sleep outside and will be hungry, but don’t cut our water and electricity. Mahua talks to him bluntly and asks him to give money if he has any value. Yashoda asks him to just concentrate on studies. Babu ji says you can’t earn any money, and asks him to stand outside the temple holding the bowl, and says I might give you money. Babu ji and Mahua leaves. Aastha and Nupur come there. Yashoda asks Krishna not to do anything like that. Krishna assures him.

He hears a guy telling that 50 workers are needed. He thinks studies are important, but right now he needs to earn money. He asks the guy where is the work and goes there. Yashoda comes there and hears the guy, saying more workers are needed. She asks where is the work and is coming there. Krishna asks the guy to give him work. The guy says you are very small for this work. Krishna insists. The guy asks him to remove his uniform and start working. Krishna removes his shirt and starts work. He turns and sees Yashoda standing infront of him. Yashoda scolds him for coming to work, rather than going to school. Krishna says if I don’t work now, then water and electricity will be cut. She asks him to go to school. He says he can’t let her doosri maa work as labourer. The employer asks them to either work and leave. Yashoda asks Krishna to trust her and leaves. Krishna says I can’t see you in pain. Yashoda says even I can’t see you in pain. Krishna says we will bear half pain each. He says if it was not necessary then I wouldn’t have insisted and asks her to let him work. They start working as labourers at the construction site.

Amma thinks of Krishna’s words. Babu ji comes home and asks her to take prasad, says he prayed to God to give him a grand son. Amma says I didn’t have bath yet. He asks if she didn’t have medicine and breakfast. Amma says yashoda couldn’t sleep all night, and went empty stomach now. Yashoda and Krisha continue to work although they get tired. Amma says she can’t have food and medicine, and says what will happen, I will die. She says I am dying because of you. Babu ji says it is not that I am not understanding your pain. Amma says yashoda and Krishna will give your bills one day, but whatever nights they have spent in darkness, it will be debt to you.

Aastha telling Yashoda that all the boxes are empty and the things are messed up in their kitchen. Yashoda checks and finds the boxes missing. She says someone stolen it. Kamini asks if you want the money back from Babu ji. Babu ji asks if you want money back to buy ration or want electricity and water. Mahua smiles. Krishna checks the dustbin outside their house. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.