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Guddan on zee one, Wednesday 5th October 2022 update

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Guddan falls on the pot maker. Abhi holds her. He says don’t touch anything now. She says I can do everything. He sits down to make pots. She says I will make them. He says give it to me. He makes pots with her. Nimki says let me make it. He says there are hardly few hours left. He removes hair from her face.


They make pots together. The clay spreads on his face. He cleans it. He says people are right. You can’t do anything. Stay away from me.


Laxmi says I am so happy. When dadi reaches home with her friends everything would be a mess. Durga comes. Laxmi says she can’t do anything.
AJ asks servants where you are.. She says they are all out to get stuff. I will clean this. He says you will mess everything. She says I can do everything. I thought you would trust me. I would clean this house. He says look around. She says why should I thank you? You didn’t help me because I asked. He says I wont ever help you. She says I don’t need it anyway. He leaves. Guddan tries to clean the house.

The soap water falls on Guddan. Dadi and everyone come. They laugh at her. Dadi cleans her face. Dadi says look around. The house is decorated so well. Guddan has cleaned everything. Look at the temple. Guddan did what I asked her to. All women appreciate Guddan. Dadi says Guddan rest. You must be tired.

A storm rages on. All the decorations start falling. Guddan tries to shut the windows. Durga looks at her broken pots. She says you dd all this. Lights turn off. Women say why is it so dark. Diwali brings happiness. There is something wrong. Guddan comes downstairs holding a dia. She says storm ruins everything but I will fix everything with my will power. DAdi says your hand will burn. Guddan says but pooja is more important.The dia is about to blow. AJ comes and saves it with Guddan. They do pooja together.Guddan says Durga did you take parsad? she shoves it. Guddan says don’t insult parsad. Durga says you couldn’t do anything before marriage. Your parents have taught you this drama. I know girls like you. Guddan says I am listening to everything, but don’t say a word about my family. They are my life. Durga says don’t you get tired of this drama? You wont hearts by burning your hand? You can’t fool me. You broke my dia. You will pay for this. I will show you your right place. This is fight of my existence now. Get ready now. she leaves.


Guddan sneaks in the room. AJ is asleep. Guddan tries to open the locker. She says why doesn’t it open. AJ wakes up and says wy are you trying to open my locker. She pretends like she is sleeping.


AJ says are you sleep walking? She sleeps on his bed. AJ says Guddan get up from my bed. He picks her and leaves her in the balcony. He gives her blanket. Guddan smirks. Rawat calls her. She says he almost saw me. Why do you do this. He says why are you so stupid. And when did I ask you to open the locker? She hangs up. Rawat says she can’t doo anything.
Scene 2
Guddan says good morning to dadi. Dadai says why are you up so early? AJ says check if she is up or not. She sleep walks. She even steals stuff in the sleep. Dadi says don’t say my doll like Guddan anything. Dadi says take blessings from God. She gives them arti. Guddan and AJ do arti together.
Guddan sees huge cards. She says such huge cards what are they for? Durga says we have cards party on diwali. AJ says ma keep your guests away from trouble. Guddan says you called me trouble? He says glad you understand. Dadi says Durga tell her everything. Guddan says yes. Durga says she already knows how to play. Guddan says yeah you are right. I used to bet before wedding. Saru and Laxmi come with money. Guddan says so much money. Durga says we spend more in this game than you can even imagine. SHe gives her a note and says get something for yourself. Guddan places it in the temple and says keep this parsad. Durga gives parsad to servant. She says I don’t take parsad from strangers. Dadi says I will speak to her. She is very rude. You don’t even say anything. Guddn says because I don’t even listen to her. I don’t even care. Dadi says she is so nice. I know she gets hurt.


Scene 3
The party starts. Dadi has invited a beautician to get Guddan dressed up. A guy comes. He says amma ji.. Dadi says why did you come? He says AJ didn’t invite us for more than two years. So we came to fix everything. AJ says he is right.

AJ says they know we dont’ even send beggars empty handed. They used to be our friends. AJ says but you are so shameless. After all that insult you came too. sit please. He says as you say my old friend. He says in heart you are so proud of your money? See how I take everything from you today. His wife says you have to teach him a lesson. Datta says we will be owners of his restaurant.


The casino starts. Dadi says to AJ sit with guddan. she is lucky for you. Guddan comes downstairs. She is about to fall in saree. Datta says second wife is even prettier than first one. I deserve one photo with her. AJ goes and holds Guddan. She says what are you doing? AJ says your blouse is open. He silently closes it. Laxmi says AJ is getting closer to her. Datta says nice to meet you. We have heard a lot aout you. He extends his hand. AJ shakes the hand and makes it into namaste. He says guddan he is saying namastay. Guddan says namasty. Datta says sit here. AJ says husband and wife sit together. Guddan come here. Guddan sits with AJ.


Durga says to dadi she is very stupid. She will make us lose. Laxmi says she can’t do anything. Dadi says Guddan can do everything. Durga says we will see. The game starts. AJ says to Guddan you don’t know the rules. Guddan says we have such good cards. Datta says is she playing in our team. He laughs. AJ says focus on the game. Datta wins the first round. Guddan says he is cheating. Datta says you are so focused on your wife but she is so pretty how can you look away. AJ leaves the game. Guddan is worried. She says Datta did something. Uncle is mad at me too.
datta’s wife says she understood you were cheating. Datta says even if she finds out no one will believe her. We will win in second time too.


Guddan says to AJ that datta and his wife are doing something. AJ says I can catch if someone cheats. I will play and you will just sit there. She says but.. He puts finger on her face.

Guddan’s family comes. She hugs them. AJ touches Bhushan’s feet. He says one will ever bother you in this house. I promise. Durga says lets show the our special card party. They haven’t seen something like this. Guddan says we were about to win but.. AJ stares her. Dadi says come in. Bhushan says she is very innocent. Please forgive her. I spoiled her. AJ says you have raised your kids very well.
Laxmi says they don’t have money to play this game. Saru says but she knows how to play games. See her daughter is here now. Kaushliya takes out money and says lets start the game. They are dazed.


Perv comes. He sys mother in law.. I meant mother of mother in law.
Guddan says to revati I can’t leave you alone in the room. That perv is here too. Revati says that’s why I don’t wanna roam around. He is a very bad person. Don’t ever trust him. She leaves. Perv hugs Revati, she says how you came here? He says anyone can come anywhere. She says go from here. Di will come anytime. He says I will show the while world I love you. He comes close to kiss her. Guddan knocks on the door. She hears Perv’s voice. uddan says are you okay? revati opens the door. Guddan says did he come herre? Revati says no one came here. I was watching movie. Guddan says he is dangerous. Come down with me. She takes revati downstairs. Perv says no one can save her from me.

Scene 2
The game starts. Guddan says to AJ I want to see the cards. His cards fall. Everyone sees them. Guddan says sorry I made a mistake AJ stands in anger. He says Guddan will play this game alone now. Everyone is dazed. She says I can’t do this. He says you will. Guddan says okayy I will convert this loss into a win. AJ stands in anger. Guddan starts playing. Durga says our family name is on you. Gudan says I can do it. Start datta. He says lets listen to the condition first. He says we will increase the bet.

Durga says are you scared? GUddan says I am not scared of anyone. He says write on paper what you want. Laxmi Durga and Guddan write. The game starts.