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Guddan on zee one, Thursday 13th October 2022 update

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Guddan says I have been doing all my mistakes and writing them here. He says why do you keep reminding yourself with these mistakes? You should accept, fix and move over these mistakes. Your mom’s photo should be in a better place. She says I am used to of this. I deserve this. You wont understand because you didn’t do anything you would regret all your life.

These mistakes come back to me everytime. I don’t run away from them. I write them. She goes in and cries. AJ is about to put his hand on her shoulder. AJ recalls what she said. He looks at the notes and sits down distressed himself. AJ writes a mistake on notepad. He pastes it on the board. Gudan turns back and sees him pasting one there. Guddan looks at him dazed. She reads it.. I couldn’t

save my wife Antra. I will live with this regret all my life. He comes to his room and looks at antra’s picture. He is in tears. AJ sits down in tears. Guddan looks at him.
AJ hugs Antra’s picture. He leaves the room. Guddan says what did I do. I made him relive his pain. He comes to the hall and hears Antra shouting. Guddan comes downstairs too. She looks at AJ sobbing and panicking. He runs out. Guddan comes after him. AJ comes to kitchen and cooks. He throws the lighter away. AJ looks at Guddan. She says please eat. I haven’t eaten either. Eating alone isn’t good. He says Antra is always with me i am never alone. Guddan says then eat with Antra. I would eat with my mom. If you eat with me, I wont speak this much. If you don’t eat, I will keep speaking like I always do. Guddan comes to the hall.

Dadi turns on the light. She say why are you upset? Guddan says I was giving food to the fishes. Dadi says you can’t hide your pain from me. Durga asks all servants to come in the hall. She says your holidays are over. Everyone has their works assigned. No mistakes can be done. Pick your chits and start the work. Durga says to saru and laxmi your MIL’s rule is over. So you have to work, or are you like her now? She gives work to Laxmi and Saru. Guddan says you gave the work to everyone. You are just like my PT sir, he has huge mustaches and was strict. Laxmi says but she doesn’t have mustaches. Guddan says what should I do? Durga says you shouldn’t do anything. That’s the only thing you do fine. Tomorrow is our Christmas party. I don’t want any mess. Gudan says you are right. Why would I work. You three would work for me. I will celebrate Christmas. It would be so much fun.

Scene 2
Laxmi’s saree is torn. She says who did this. Guddan is making decorative from it. She says are you a kid Guddan? durag says are you crazy? Guddan says I didn’t do it intentionally. I would egt you a new saree. I made this collage for my dad. I thought this was a cloth not your saree. Durga says in heart I was wrong. Now I would give you work and make you realize how bad you are.

Durga says I asked for the biggest Christmas cake? Durga says to Guddan get these lights up in the whole house. She says I was making collage for papa but I will do this. Guddan says I will do this don’t worry. She takes the collage to her room.

Laxmi says to Durga why you gave her work now? Saru says so she can’t go to her dad. Durga says no so I can show dadi for her, her papa is more important than this house. Guddan fixed the lights. She checks which ones aren’t working. AJ comes and says why are there so many lights in the room? Why do you do all this in this room? She says Durga trusts me. She gave me this work. I am double checking all lights. He says wow. She says I will connect everything. She gets a shock and falls. AJ holds her. The

lights are entangled around them. She picks them and says I will fix everything. He says this room doesn’t need more decoration. I will check the wiring.
Durga and Laxmi are decorating the tree. DAdi says durga you have handled everything well. Call guddan too, she would something new and different. Durga says she can’t even do what I asked her. Laxmi says she isn’t even home. Saru says I think she went to her dad’s place to give him collage. Durga says I asked her to fix lights in the house first. Turn on the switch and check. Saru turns on sweitch, there are lights everywhere. The lights spark and whole house’s light is gone. Servant says she gave wrong wiring so the whole electricity is done. Laxmi and Saru did this. Durga says see dadi how she is. She can’t even do one thing. She is more concerned about her dad. SHe doesn’t care about our family name. Dadi says there is something wrong. Guddan wont ever do this. Durga says dadi I will show you nothing is more important for her then her family not even you, nor AJ.

Durga says to dadi I am sorry I spoke about Gudan that way. I am going to invite Guddan’s family here too. DAdi smiles.

Scene 2
Perv comes to Kaushliya. He says merry christmas. She says where is Revati? She says you can meet her alone after wedding. Perv says just wanna give her the gift. Perv says merry Christmas. He shows her a medal and says got this for my bravery. I killed Datta and saved AJ and Datta. Perv puts his gun on kaushlia. He says revati please make tea. I will help you. Kaushaliya is silent.
Perv comes close to revati. She says someone will see. Guddan comes home. Perv and Revati are dazed.

Guddan says to kaushliya where is Revati? Revati is scared. She says di is coming here please go. Guddan comes to the kitchen. Perv hides. Guddan says what happened? Revati says nothing.

Guddan says I know you were missing me. Why aren’t you happy? Perv hides behind fridge. Bhushan comes. guddan hugs him. Revati says to Perv please go before she sees you. Guddan shows the collage to Bhushan. He says you are amazing. I love this. You make this on all Christmas I thouh this time.. She says you thought I would forget? i wont ever. How can I forget something that makes you so happy? She says by mistake I put AJ’s picture. Bhushan says he is part of our family now. Durga comes. SHe says did I disturb? Durga says we have a huge party for Christmas. I am here to invite you. We want a cake from Revati. She made one last year too but Guddan ruined it. Guddan says she will make it this time too. Durga says this is advance. She would need it for grocery.

Guddan takes the money and says you can give half of it. Don’t give all. The gaurantee is on me. The cake wont be smashed on anyone’s face.
Durga says to Laxmi why is there no food on table of guests. Perthh stops Laxmi. He says you look so good. She says but I am like a servant in this house. Durga wants me to just serve people. NO one listens to me in this house. Durga says to Saru is everything ready/ She says yes. Durga says they are coming too. Guddan’s family comes with the cake. Saru asys welcome to the theme party. Your dress is ready there. They all go to change.
Bhushan comes to a room and ses boxes there.

AJ comes and sees the cake. Guddan makes him wear demon cape. He says what is all this? She says costume. She says let me dress the cake. He says you aren’t doing it right. She says i know how to do it.
Bhushan says to AJ that costume.. It is weird. AJ says you would enjoy. Kids wanted it so we should also celebrate with them.
Guddan’s tiara falls in the cake. AJ says your sister made it with so much effort what did you do. She says it isn’t my mistake. He says yeah tiara fell into the cake itself. She says please help me.

The party starts outside. A joker comes there. It’s Bhushan. He says everyone’s dressed normally why this for me? All the kids start teasing Bhushan and tickling him. Dadi says the arrangements are amazing. Durga laughs. Bhushan feels insulted.
AJ says making a cake is an art. It needs balance. He fixes it for her. All the kids ask Bhushan to dance. He says I am Bhushan.. He looks around for Guddan. Kids do snow spray on him. Laxmi says where is Guddan. SHe has to see all this. The kids throw water balloons on him. GUddan comes. Laxmi says come see the party. Bhushan falls his wig falls and everyone recognizes who he is. Guddan is dazed. The kids throw balloons at him.

Guddan is dazed and in tears. She says papa.. AJ is shocked too. Guddan cries. Bhushan is in tears too. Guddan says that’s my papa. AJ holds her. AJ shoves all the kids and hugs Bhushan. Bhushand is crying. AJ goes towards Durga in anger. Bhushan stops him. AJ says come with me. Laxmi picks the cake and comes towards Bhsuhand. He collides with her and his face falls in the cake. Durga says Laxmi can’t you see? Why are you being like Guddan. Let me clean. He dd so much to entertain us here and you did this. she cleanrs his face. Everyone is dazed. Laxmi says tat’s Bhushan. Durga says you.. You were the joke. People make fun. A woman says we didn’t know their relatives become jokers in parties. They give Bhushand money. Bhushan is in tears. AJ says

enough. Take your money with you. He is way wealthier than you in grace. Learn to respect people. Gudan hugs Bhushan in tears. She cleans his face. She recalls how he always took care of her. Guddan hugs him and sobs. Revati hugs him too.
AJ makes Bhushan sit down and takes off his shoes. Bhushand says please don’t do this. You’re respected to me. AJ says how did this even happen? He says you asked me to wear that costume AJ says yes I said but I didn’t know what it was. he recalls. Bhushan says its okay. Durga says are you trying to blame AJ? He is cleaning your feet and you are accusing AJ? Kaushaliya says who are you to question my husband? First you insulted him then this. Bhushan says don’t make a fuss. Kaushaliya says you are a witch. DAdi says it should have been a mistake. Kaushliya says we can’t take this insult. We wont forgive you this time. YOur daughter in laws don’t even respect Guddan. Durga can’t save herself this time. AJ says please.. Durga says enough. Look at your daughter first. Is she even worth being respected? She married here because she wanted to live here a rich life and not do anything. Bhushan says enough. Don’t say a word about my daughter. If you insult her in front of me you might be really bad to her in front of everyone. Dadi says we treat her with love.

Dadi says Guddan tell your papa. Do you also think we insulted your papa? Kaushaliya says take revenge from them Guddan. Say everything