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Force Of Attraction On Zee World, Tuesday 4th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Force Of Attraction On Zee World Tuesday 4th June 2024 Update, Mandira tells Shakti that she can’t become a doctor as she needs the signtures on the form which she won’t get anyway. She smirks and leaves from there.

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Shiv gives Shakti’s form to the receptionist and says she is a deserving candidate so I have chosen her for the scholarship. He goes from there. Mandira comes to the receptionist and gives Nidhi’s form, she says I have chosen this girl for the admission so give it to her. The receptionist says but Shiv.. Mandira says just do as I say, this girl is already chosen, she leaves. The receptionist looks at both the forms and says who will go against Mandira. She puts in one name in the database.

Shiv sees Shakti leaving the hospital and tells Nandu that he will inform that he signed her form because she deserves it. He leaves. Nandu says this girl must be special.

Shakti is leaving the office while worried about Mandira’s words. Shiv comes behind her and smiles. He taps on her shoulder and says your work.. Shakti says I know you won’t do it, its okay but you won’t break my dreams and I won’t beg you anymore. I am going to work hard and earn money to get this admission. Shiv says but.. Shakti says I know you told everyone that I came to your room to beg but not anymore. Shiv looks at his chain in her neck and points at it. Shakti says stop pointing fingers at me, I know I did a mistake by coming to your room but I really want to become a doctor to serve people, to help people in need. You should have thought when you were not able to save that kid then I did.. if I had become a doctor then I would be able to save many kids. Are you even a good doctor? are you even a good human? you have so much power, you take decisions for others because you are rich? you have so much authority but isn’t that wrong? Shiv starts getting flashbacks. Shakti taunts that you didn’t save that kid but did you fail before also in saving a life? are you even a good doctor? did you ever save anyone? or maybe someone died at your hands. Shiv is jittery hearing all that. Nandu comes there and says enough.. you are pointing fingers at him but you don’t know who is. Shakti says why are you rude suddenly? Nandu says you were rude to Shiv, he doesn’t have time. He takes a shaken Shiv from there. Shakti is confused and says he is taking him outside of the hospital? there is something wrong.

Keertan is looking at Shakti’s photos. Koyal comes there and says you got beaten because of that girl and still dreaming about her? her whole family seemed very cheap. Keertan says have you heard about beauty with brains? she is amazing. You know she saved that kid’s life and not me. Koyal laughs and says I knew that you are just a fake doctor. Keertan says stop it, no one can know that I have a fake degree. I just feel like if I get Shakti then I will be safe and she can help us in this masterplan.

Scene 2
Shiv is playing piano and recalls Shakti’s harsh words. Gayatri and Nandu see them. Nandu says that girl scolded Shiv so much and made him hurt. Gayatri says how can she hurt Shiv as I thought she would be a blessing for him.

Shakti prays to Lord and says I feel like I did something wrong. Shouldn’t I talk to Shiv like that? I got angry at Shiv because of Mandira.. he would listen to his chachi only so I shouldn’t have blamed him. Why do I feel disappointed that he didn’t sign my form? like someone my own disappointed me. Just show me a way to get my form signed.

Nandu tells Gayatri that he signed her form but she doesn’t deserve it, I should get it canceled by Mandira. Gayatri stops him and says Shiv is letting out his anger for the first time, maybe this will give him peace for the pain I gave her. Shiv wipes his tears and says to himself that sorry and thank you to Shakti, sorry because my family hurt her and thank you for showing me that I did the right thing by signing your form because you are going to be a great doctor one day Dr. Shakti Sharma. Otherside Shakti feels someone called her name in her house. Rimjhim comes there and says the hospital is calling. Shakti takes it while all look on. Shakti ends the call and tells the family that she got the scholarship. Manorama comes there and Shakti bumps into her, the rice falls from her hands. Shakti says I am sorry.. I want to tell you that I have an interview for my medical college admission. She touches her feet but Manorama moves away. Manorama says my words have no value in this house? I told you that you won’t study medical. Chacha says listen to her atleast, if she passes this interview then her education will be completely free. Dharama says there is nothing wrong with that. Manorama says I am an outsider that’s why you all think I am wrong, you all have a blood relationship but when she was a child then I used to take care of her like my own. I would take care of favorite foods but today she is acting like I am an outsider, I was always her mother but today you all are acting like her own and think that I am an evil person. She gets emotional and tells Shakti that I might not a blood relation with her but I always took care of her. Shakti says I remember everything, you always loved me like a mother. Manorama says then why are they blaming me like an evil person? only I know how I run this house, we can’t pay your fees. Chacha says but its free education. Manorama says nothing is free in this world. Shakti says I promise that I won’t take any money for this education, I have worked very hard so please agree. Manorama smiles and says okay fine but I have a condition. Shakti looks on.

Shakti tells Manorama that she promises to not take any money for her education, please let her give this test. Manorama says fine, you can go for the test but I have a condition. I still think there is something fishy, I just trust promises and no papers. I don’t feel good about this, you even threw rice from my hands by mistake. Rimjhim says we can order them back. Manorama says no, if she can pick all these rice by tomorrow morning only then she can go for the exam. Rimjhim says don’t do this with her. Shakti says I accept this condition, if I fulfill this then she has to bless her. Manorama is surprised and says sure, I will bless you. Shakti agrees to her condition. Manorama says its my promise. Shakti starts picking up rice. Manorama thinks she can’t put her family on line to make her a doctor.

The minister calls Mandira and asks if she is playing a game with them? his daughter still hasn’t got a call for the admission. He asks if she wants her secrets out? he can expose her fake companies. Mandira says I already gave my recommendation letter to the receptionist. The minister says stop doing drama with me and you have time till tomorrow. He ends the call. Mandira thinks what is happening?

Shakti is picking up rice and says who signed my form? she recalls how Shiv was signing her form and says he signed my form and I scolded him before he could say anything. I have to thank and apologize to him. I pray that he gets all the blessings. She starts picking up rice and recite lord Shiv’s name. Otherside Shiv is eating dinner and starts hiccuping. Dadi asks what happened? he says nothing. Gayatri is worried for him. Shakti keeps chanting Shiv’s name and otherside he is hicupping. Mandira thinks who would even remember him? Gayatri says Shiv would hiccup when she would miss him.. does that mean someone is going to come in his life?

Shiv is sleeping when Nandu comes to him. Shiv says I couldn’t sleep as I kept hiccuping. Nandu says who is missing you? Shiv asks him to stop being mischievous. He goes to get ready.

Shakti is sleeping in the lounge. Chacha comes there and says its your interview so wake up. Manorama comes there and is surprised to see no rice on the floor. Dharam says Shakti fulfilled her promise so she has to let her go now. Shakti tells her that she picked all rice. Chacha asks her to go and get ready. Rimjhim tells Manorama that she can’t stop Shakti now. Manorama thinks how can she stop Shakti now? she has to cheat. She is about to throw rice on the floor but Chacha comes there and stops her. He says don’t plot against Shakti. Manorama takes more rice and about to throw on the floor but Dharam comes there and picks it. He says you shouldn’t cheat if you lost already. Manorama tries to throw more but Rimjhim catches it, she says you are a cheater. Manorama says you all are against me. I will throw the rice at any cost. She takes rice and goes out of the house. She throws them but a priest catches it in his basket. Chacha says even God is with Shakti so don’t make him angry. Manorama gets scared and stops.

Shiv is in the hospital and says she is still not here, she can’t be late if she is going to be a good doctor. Nandu comes there and says you want to be scolded more? he asks him to stop it.

Shakti gets ready and says I will leave now. Manorama comes there and ignores her. Shakti says please don’t be angry now. Manorama says you are going for good work so let me bring yogurt. She feeds it to her and says pass that interview with flying colors, she hugs her and says I am not a villain. I still think we will need to pay money but Lord has already blessed you so go. They all wish her luck. Shakti prays to Lord and leaves the house.

Mandira talks with the hospital administration and shouts that I already signed Nidhi’s form then why was she called? The manager says we already got a letter from the final authority of this scholarship, he is the final authority and Mandira is just an acting trustee. The minister asks who? The manager says Shiv is the final authority and he has more authority than Mandira. Mandira is angry hearing that and asks who was chosen by Shiv? She checks the form and is shocked to see its Shakti only. She recalls Shakti challenging her.

Shiv is waiting for Shakti. She arrives in the hospital and he smiles seeing her. Shakti turns around to see Shiv standing there. She gets embarrassed and tries to close her umbrella. Shiv goes to her and helps her. Sun Saathiya plays as she stares at him. Shiv smiles at her and thinks to leave before she can scold him but Shakti says sorry and thank you. Shiv is surprised hearing that.

Shakti stumbles into a rack and few bottles of chemicals fall down and it makes poisonous mustard gas, she calls Shiv for help and falls on ground. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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