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Force Of Attraction On Zee World, Saturday 8th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Force Of Attraction On Zee World Saturday 8th June 2024 Update, Ragunath is about to slap Shiv but he stops him and says if I was wrong then I would have let you curse and beat me as much as you want but I am not wrong, you are wrong in this case so I am requesting you to not raise your voice or hand on me as I will be taking the side of wrong then. Ragunath says how dare you go against me.. I won’t spare you. Keertan tries to stop him but Mandira stops him. Mandira acts sad and says I was insulted but Shiv has more power so its okay. Ragunath says no.. I won’t spare him. Mandira asks him to calm down and says Shiv did a mistake.. how can I stop him. I feel helpless.

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Gayatri rushes to Dadi and pleads with her to save Shiv.

Ragunath tells Shiv that you think you have more power than Mandira? He takes a vase and is about to hit Shiv but Dadi comes there and holds his hand back. She takes the vase from him and says how dare you raise hand on my Shiv? don’t you know about his condition? Ragunath says but.. Dadi says don’t you dare cross a line with your mother, if your son is respecting you then I better expect the same from you. She asks the family why didn’t anyone stop him? Mandira says Ragunath got angry about the scholarship thing.

Padma couldn’t see my insult and told Ragunath everything. Shiv is like my son so I felt bad when he went against me but I didn’t comeplain to anyone. She asks Ragunath to calm down and go to his room. He starts leaviing, Mandira feels his ears and says that girl is very smart, she must have fooled Shiv to sign the form. Shiv says I was not a fool but a smart person to select her. That girl is the most deserving candidate and I am sure she is going to be a very good doctor one day. Ragunath shouts that he is still running his mouth, I won’t spare him. He is about to hit him but Shiv says stop there, you can shout all you want but the truth is that nobody is more deserving than Shakti for that scholarship.

Shakti is feeling restless and says what if Shiv is not well? I should have controlled myself, it wasn’t a big moment for him. She recalls him promising to fulfill her dreams and says it felt like it was a big moment for him too. I have to rectify this. She thinks to call Shiv.

Manorama asks the groom’s family if they agree with the proposal for Rimjhim? They discuss and tells Manorama that they want to take a day to come back with a decision. They all leave.

Ragunath asks Shiv to shut up. Shiv says I am saying the right thing which is that Shakti was the most deserving candidate. You, Chacha and Mandira are not doctors but I am so I know who deserved it more. Ragunath says you think you are the best doctor out there? Shiv says yes, you can search on internet and my name would come on top as the best neurosurgeon. Shiv tells Mandira that Nidhi didn’t deserve that spot, her marks were not good and she is minister’s daughter so she doesn’t need a scholarship. He tells Ragunath that Shakti topped her exams. Mandira says but Shakti was late and doctors need to be punctual. Shiv says if the doctor is not skillful then punctuality wouldn’t make any difference, the doctor needs knowledge first. You ignored Shakti’s qualities because of her one mistake and I ignored her one mistake because of many qualities. He tells Ragunath that people keep having faiths in doctors because of people like Shakti, she can change the world and bring more respect to our profession. I know I can be stupid but the real stupidity would be denying Shakti.

Shakti calls the hospital and asks the receptionist if she can get Shiv’s number? The receptionist says very strange, Dr. Shiv just called before you and wanted your number. Shakti asks if he was angry? she says he never gets angry. Shakti says then why me? she asks for his number. The receptionist says since he was asking for your number so I will give his number to you. Shakti starts writing the number down but the groom comes there and scares her. She drops the phone. He says I am sorry, I couldn’t say no directly to Manorama but I will ask my mother to call her tomorrow and say no. Shakti tries to leave but he holds her hand and asks if she has any boyfriend? Shakti is uncomfortable. Manorama comes there and calls Shakti so he leaves her hand.

Mandira’s husband tells Ragunath that Shiv is insulting Mandira because of some random girl. Mandira has done so much for this house, Shiv and the hospital.. he should be thankful to Mandira but he is insulting her. Mandira asks him to calm down. She tells Shiv that I know Nidhi was not deserving of the scholarship but sometimes we have to do things for hospital business. Ragunath says you don’t need to provide justification as you can never be wrong. He apologizes to her on Shiv’s behalf and folds his hand. Mandira says please don’t do that. Ragunath says Shiv can’t even handle himself so he wouldn’t no anything about business. Shiv shouts no.. running a hospital is not about business, we don’t think about profits but how we can save as many lives as we can.

Manorama asks Shakti what she wants to do? you remember what happened before also. These groom families keep looking around for better deals and you are a better deal. I saw that guy holding your hand and I don’t doubt you at all. I know you love Rimjhim a lot and I understand you better than your mother would. Shakti smiles. Manorama says we have done a lot for you so you have to do this for me. You have to get Rimjhim married.

Ragunath shouts at Shiv that he is being boostful, what does he think that he has higher position than Mandira in the trust? Shiv says exactly, I have that. I have a better position than not only Mandira but everyone else. I am the main member of the trust. All are surprised to see him taking a stand.

Ragunath tells Shiv he thinks he is above everyone? Shiv says exactly, I am above everyone in the trust and the best surgeon there. Ragunath says you are really boostful but I will cut your wings by calling a trust meeting and throw you out of the trust. Mandira smirks and thinks I wanted this only, Padma thinks she gets whatever she wants. Ragunath is about to call a meeting but Dadi stops him and says who are you to do that? Shiv created this hospital to serve people and not become a business center, he treats patients irrespective if they can give money or not so Shiv is the main person to run it, he is the main trustee and will remain so. Ragunath says look at this condition, he can’t run it. Dadi says he will become fine, you remember the priest said that a girl will come in Shiv’s life and make him better. I am just waiting for that girl to enter his life. Mandira tells Ragunath that its a small mistake, I am an acting trustee because of Shiv’s condition. I have a fear that maybe hospital will have to pay for Shiv’s actions. He looks on.

Shakti looks at Gauri’s photo and says Shiv made my dream come true but I hurt him. I was so happy for today but I feel sad, I won today but I felt like I lost something today. You know you saved me in childhood and today Shiv saved me when that Mandira locked me in the room, when I was weak then he became my strength and made me fulfill my dream. She says Gauri showed me the dream and Shiv fulfilled it. I hugged him in happiness but he got angry, how can I mend things? She cries and hugs her photo.

Mandira is angry at Dadi and says she took away my chance today. She says Shiv challenged me today, he thinks he can rub his power in my face but tomorrow will be the start of Shiv and Shakti’s destruction.

In the morning, the news aboout Shiv and Shakti’s hugging photo gets printed in the news and spread around the city. Shakti and Shiv are praying in the morning.

Shiv tells Nandu that I am trying to calm down but yesterday’s actions are still worrying me. Nandu says you shouldn’t worry about being angry at Ragunath. He says that wasn’t in my control. I am thinking about pushing Shakti away and she was so confused.

Shakti tells Rimjhim that I feel restless, Rimjhim says same here, what if that groom said yes to the marriage? you know I have a prince charming doctor. Shakti says what are you hiding from me? Rimjhim says I mean I have a dream of finding prince charming, she tries to leave but Shakti stops her. She tells her everything that happened in the hospital. Rimjhim says this Mandira is a vamp. Shakti says I can’t do anything about her but I should have controlled myself. She tells her about hugging Shiv and how he threw her away, she says I might have crossed a line. Rimjhim says you are worrying too much about him, what if he is your prince charming? I can see all the signs, you both keep bumping into each other, how he keeps saving you and help you. It feels like you both are soul mates, even your names match. Shakti recalls all her meeting with Shiv and smiles.

Keertan says he should get a gift for Shakti. Sundari puts newspaper there and leaves.

Shiv is getting ready and tells nandu that he will get Shakti’s number. Nandu says you did what you could for that girl, already there was a huge drama in the house because of her so let her be now. Shiv says I feel like I can’t let Shakti be angry or confused because of me, she must be blaming herself because of me.

Mandira comes to the family and sits down for breakfast. She puts the newspaper on the table so they can see the news. Sundari comes there and sees the newspaper, she says Shiv’s photo is in the newspaper.

She shows it to Ragunath and is shocked to see it. Dadi asks what happened? he reads the title which says ‘exposing Shiv’s hospital’s malpractices, an affair going on in lieu of scholarships’. All are shocked. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.