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Evil Affairs On Starlife, Wednesday 5th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Evil Affairs On Starlife Wednesday 5th June 2024 Update, Daayan’s hair troubling Nikki and the latter wakes up from sleep to see Daayan. Daayan says you will go to Daakini and says if you fail to get her heart then will take out Piyush’s heart and asks who will save your family now. Nikki gets shocked. Piyush comes to Nikki. Nikki tells that she doesn’t think that she can do this rasam. Piyush asks her not to underestimate her and says you have defeated Kapalika and made her run away from there. Nikki says when she fought with Kapalika, only her life was in danger. She says her soul is shaken up to think that if she fails then Daayan will take out his heart. He shows the phone and tells that Daayan’s tears can kill Daakini, and says don’t know how her tears will come. Nikki says only a person doing research can say. Piyush thinks to take Saudamini’s help.

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Malik calls Daayan and says you have forgotten to get the rasams done. She says she doesn’t forget and tells him that Nikki is very courageous and is suitable to become his wife. She says she has laid trap for her also. Malik asks if she had any doubt on his decision before and asks her to think how will be the sight of Nikki and his union and says it will be a wonderful sight. Daayan says may Shaitaan make this possible too. She says she has made Nikki scared of her. He calls he has called her to keep his precious in control. She asks if she is so precious then why you are sending her to Daakini. She says you knows well, if she halts Daakini’s marriage then it means she is inviting her death. Malik says Nikki got rebellious, she attacked Kapalika and tried to make Bhurangarh family elope from here. He says he has chosen the rasams to make Nikki suitable for him to become his wife. She says you want her to be an ideal wife who obeys you, bears your anger, surrender herself to you fully and loves you. She asks which test you want to take with this Daakini ki rasam. Malik tells that with this rasam, he will find out if Nikki can given her life for my happiness or not.

Piyush comes to Saudamini’s room. Saudamini asks if you have forgotten the way. Piyush says he came to question her. She says she doesn’t know more than him. He asks when does Daayan cry? She says Daayan is infront of you and you are asking a researcher. She asks her to go and ask Chaaya. He says I came with much hope, and asks her to help her. Saudamini asks why you need this info, and says I don’t want to get hang with Daayan’s hair. Piyush says there is nothing important and tells that she heard Daayan crying and wants to help her. Saudamini thinks she didn’t hear her crying and thinks to help him to know his intentions.

Bhavani Singh comes to Vikram and says he couldn’t find anything about Daakini, he has enquired with the villages and near by villages. Vikram asks him to go far and enquire, and says Malik ordered to get the rasam done. He says if Chaaya ji asks what will I answer. Nikki comes there. Vikram turns his face. She says you hate me so much. Vikram says when I see you, I see danger on our vansh. Nikki says I have disappointed you, now I will do anything for my family and asks him to bless her. She tries to bend down, when Vikram moves away and Daayan’s hair makes her fall down. Daayan says you got trapped by saying that you can do anything. She holds Vikram with her hair and Nikki to get up and touch his feet to take his blessings, else she will kill Vikram with the weapon attached to her hair.

Piyush learns that a woman becomes Daayan when she kills her husband or her own child, and tells that her tears are very dangerous, and she doesn’t know herself. He says Tantrik uses her tear to kill daakini. Saudamini thinks he wants to make Daayan cry and help Nikki. Piyush hits on her head and she faints. Piyush sees the video in which the guy tells that Daayan’s tears are used by Tantrik to kill Daakini, Shakini and Sakshini, and says daayan cries in thousand’s years when someone shows her real avatar and only Satyadarpan can do this. Everyone comes to hall hearing Daayan.

They see Vikram held by Daayan’s hair. Daayan says if Nikki manages to take Vikram’s blessings then she will free him. Nikki tries to slide and reach Vikram. Sumitra shouts Choti bahu. Piyush tries to help Vikram, but Daayan stops her.

Piyush tells Nikki about Daayan’s tears can kill Daakini. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.