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Evil Affairs On Starlife, Tuesday 4th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Evil Affairs On Starlife Tuesday 4th June 2024 Update, Daayan telling that very soon Amavasya’s black night will come, and your bahu will do one of the 13 rasams, which is Daakini ki Shaadi. Daakini is shown sitting on the skeletons mountain. Daayan says Nikki has to go to Daakini ki Shaadi and has to bring her heart back, the same night she will go to Malik and will do shaitaani rasmein else I will pierce Piyush’s chest and will take out his heart. Everyone is shocked and scared. Saudamini smiles.

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Vikram tells everyone that Nikki has ruined everything and says she has brought new trouble on our heads. He tells that we made her understand, and requested and also made her take blood swear, but she didn’t understand. He says Daakini ki shaadi rasam is not an ordinary rasam and says it will be our death sentence. Prateik says I am glad that Daayan has punished Nikki, but we all will not be saved and Malik will kill us one day. Aarohi asks him to say in low tone and tells that if Dayan hears then you know what she has done with Suguna. Sumitra says I am thinking if Nikki fails to steal the heart then our Piyush’s heart…..Vikram says stop it and says it won’t be easy to steal Daakini’s heart.

Piyush takes out the glass pieces and asks Nikki why did she mess up with Daayan. He says Daayan’s feed is blood and Malik’s sister. Aarohi tells Vikram that she heard that there will be ghost there, and asks how Nikki will reach there in such a weak condition, after punished by Daayan. Vikram says Nikki has to complete the rasmein, even if blood flows out of her foot or if she feels pain. He says she has to do Daakini’s rasam anyhow. Nikki tells Piyush that nothing existed in Goa for her, so she didn’t know about supernatural powers, she just tried, but more than this pain, I am feeling pain that I couldn’t protect my family and has failed. Piyush says you atleast tried, your intention is right, everyone knows. He says I am afraid, how you will do Daakini’s shaadi rasam, don’t know what are the challenges which you have to face. Vikram and Sumitra come there.

Vikram sees Nikki’s condition and says how she will go there. Sumitra asks Nikki to get up and says she has to do all the rasams for Piyush else Daayan will take out Piyush’s heart. Nikki gets up and tells that Daayan has hurt her body, but has not broken her courage. She says I will go there and will do the rasam, not just for Piyush but also for all the family. She faints and falls down. Suguna comes there and tells that she had much blood loss and is weak. Vikram says her failure will take our lives.

Piyush tells that she has done this for all the family and has fought with death also. He says we shall try and find out about Daakini, so that we can help her. Sumitra asks Suguna if she knows anything. Suguna says I didn’t know anything about the rasam, till now no bahu has done this rasam, even Tantrik Baba is not alive else he could have said. Prateik tells that he wishes that Nikki shall be killed by Daakini so that all the trouble ends. Piyush says if anything happens to Nikki then we all will die. Sumitra asks them to shut up and tells Prateik that their lives are related to Nikki’s failure, and says if she doesn’t do the rasam then we all will be killed. She asks Prateik to think how Nikki will do this rasam. Prateik asks him to search on the internet about Daakini. He says I will also enquire. He asks Piyush not to think that he has any sympathy for Nikki. Piyush searches on the net and finds about the saying on Daakini, and finds the place to be Kartapgarh. Dayan comes there and tells that if Nikki fails to steal the heart then she will steal his heart.

Sumitra gets emotional and hugs Piyush. Piyush asks her not to worry and asks about Daakini rasam. Sumitra says nobody had done this rasam earlier. Piyush tells that no bahu had reached and won from Rakshaudi, had attacked and won from Kapalika. He says they have to send Nikki with all the preparation. He says he wants to ask her about her mayka, and says you used to tell about some place. Sumitra says I didn’t go to my mayka since I came. He asks where was Nana and Nani’s house. She says she forgot her memories of kartapgarh. He tells about the saying Daayan ka para, Daakini ko mara. She says her father used to say about daakini. Piyush asks what does it mean? Sumitra says para means mercury, when she cries her tears falls and becomes mercury. Piyush says it means her tears can kill Daakini. He asks when Daayan would cry. Sumitra says I don’t know. They see Daayan hunted a servant and dragging him from there and laughing. Sumitra asks if Daayan used to cry ever.

Dayan tells Nikki that it would be impossible for her to do the rasam, and tells that when she fails then she (Daayan) will hunt Piyush’s heart. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.