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Evil Affairs On Starlife, Tuesday 11th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Evil Affairs On Starlife Tuesday 11th June 2024 Update, Nikki telling that she will move infront and will cross the fire, and will go to the destination. She rubs soil on her hands and jumps over the fire, but she drops the mercury. She thinks she has to get the mercury, but how? She tries, but can’t go back. She thinks to go without the mercury and proceeds further. A lady demon attacks a toy and Nikki feels the pain and faints. Bhikshu asks Baaldevi to help her and says she went to Daak Taal. Baaldevi says no, and says test is given by self and then only the result will be fruitful.

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She says Nikki has all the qualities, but cheat is a thing which is going to happen with Nikki, and tells that she has prepared herself to face Daakini, but she didn’t know that she has to face Daakin. Bhikshu gets worried for Nikki. Nikki sees the lady demon and her aides. She thinks if she is Daakini. Daakini calls Nikki near her using her powers and tastes her blood and says you are Shatabhisha, and that’s why you could come here alive. She says shaitaani powers are bestowed on me today and says destination came to me, I will keep my chair on her dead body. She asks the lady demons to take her and do what she wants.

Saudamini hears Daayan telling that she likes hot blood. She scratches Piyush on his back with her nails and he writhes in pain. Saudamini thinks if she shall tell the royal family, and then thinks she shall not tell, and says my revenge is taken. Daayan scratches Piyush and licks his blood. Piyush faints.

Nikki is about to slaughter. She recalls the old man saying in Saudamini’s research tape that Daakini’s heart is made of stone and she make the woman as their Servant/Hakini whom she thinks were tortured by their family. Nikki tells Daakini that just after she was born, she was dumped in the orphanage and she used to yearn for love, and then she met her Prince charming. Haakini is about to behead her, when Nikki says he betrayed me. Daakini stops Haakini from killing her. She frees Nikki and asks her to say. Nikki tells her that when she got married to him, she came to know that he has hidden a black secret from her, and when she went to her inlaws house, they didn’t accept her heartily and used to make her do strange rasams. She says I reached here after much difficulty to gain power to fight with her inlaws and husband. She asks Daakini to believe her and swears. Daakini says I will take your test to confirm if you are saying truly.

Saudamini comes to balcony and shouts Malik’s name. Malik sends the demon there and talks to Saudamini via him. Saudamini tells him that Piyush is captive by Daayan and Daayan is going to kill him. Malik says if Nikki fails to do the rasam, then I need Piyush’s heart. Demon goes from there. Saudamini thinks she has done this so that Nikki does the rasams, She says sorry chaaya and smirks. Nikki tells that she is ready. Daakini says she has to go through some test. Nikki says I am ready. Daayan says she will kill piyush. Daakini asks Nikki to give her flesh piece to her.

Sumitra asks Vikram if Piyush went to Daak taal. Daakini tells that the most powerful Shaitan is Malik. Malik tells Chaaya Daayal that Nikki is returning with the heart. Daayan gets surprised. Malik says she is precious. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.