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Evil Affairs On Starlife, Thursday 6th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Evil Affairs On Starlife Thursday 6th June 2024 Update, Daayan telling Piyush that if Nikki succeeds to go to Vikram and take his blessings, then I will leave him immediately. She says you said that you will give your life, but it is easy and asks her to save the life. She asks her to stand on her feet. The weapon is piercing in Vikram’s forehead. Baal devi is doing meditation. Sumitra asks Nikki to save Vikram. Daayan asks Nikki to tell the old lady that no strength or courage is left in her. Piyush asks Nikki to get up. Nikki slides and tries to reach Vikram’s feet.

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She manages to touch his feet. Everyone cries and takes a sigh of relief. Suguna says there is something special in choti bahu. Daayan frees Vikram. Vikram falls on the ground. Sumitra rushes to him. Daayan is about to attack Nikki, when Piyush pleads infront of her to leave Nikki and tells that she is very weak and she has to do the rasam also. Daayan thinks of Malik’s words and leave Nikki. She thinks if Nikki fails then she will take Piyush’s heart and if Nikki brings daakini’s hand, then it will be proved that Nikki is special and she will get behind her. Piyush hugs Nikki. Nikki thinks Daayan can’t break her courage and that she will face Daakini. Piyush thinks to help Nikki win from Daakini.

Later he asks Nikki, how many reasons she will give him to love her. He thanks her for regarding his family as her own. Nikki says they are her family. She says I have to go to Daakini. Piyush says I have taken way out, Daakini’s death way. Nikki is shocked. He says if I am right then you will win from Daakini. He says he took Saudamini’s help and tells her about Daayan’s tears which can kill Daakini. He says you might be thinking that how can I believe her, but I saw it in her research tape. Nikki says if Saudamini tells anyone. Piyush says she can’t tell. Rachna finds Saudamini’s door locked and thinks where did she go? Saudamini gains consciousness and tries to call for help but Rachna goes.

Nikki doubts about Saudamini, and tells that she feels that someone was taking her test, if she is capable or not. Piyush asks what power? Nikki says I don’t know. He says you have always came 100/100. Nikki says I don’t know if I am passed or failed, but one thing I know that I will not end the fight against Malik and will walk even on the fire for my love and family, and this failure has relieved all my fears. She says I will stop when I either win or dies. Sumitra hears them. Nikki says they need Daayan’s tears, but how we will make her cry. He says I heard that Daayan’s steals the people’s age when she hunts them and that’s why she stays young, but actually she is very old. Nikki says Daayan looks at herself in the mirror always. Piyush says Daayan’s true face will be seen only in Satya Darpan. Nikki says where to get it? Sumitra says I know someone who can take us to the key. She asks Nikki not to think that she is helping her, and says if you don’t bring Daakini’s heart then Dayan will take out Piyush’s heart. Piyush says nothing will happen. Nikki says I have increased your troubles, but I assure you that I will not let anything happen to your son. Sumitra says I believe you and asks her to rest. She asks Piyush to come with her. Nikki sees Daakini’s photo and gets shocked.

Daayan attacks Nikki. Vikram tells Nikki that he will make Satya darpan to give weapon for this fight. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.