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Evil Affairs On Starlife, Sunday 9th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Evil Affairs On Starlife Sunday 9th June 2024 Update, Daayan sitting infront of the mirror, and applies make up and laughs. She says she is looking beautiful and putting bad sight on herself. She looks at herself in Satya darpan and says my face. She sees her real self and shouts. Piyush tells Nikki that he shall not let her tears go wasted and goes. Prateik comes to Aarohi and holds her. Aarohi gets scared, but relaxes seeing him. Daayan shouts and runs out from the window. Piyush sees her coming and comes behind her. Daayan cries and says I can’t be that…her tears fall down on the leaf. Daayan stops crying, gets up and goes. Piyush comes there and takes the leaf in which Daayan’s tears has fallen and has become mercury.

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Next day, Vikram says don’t know what will happen, we made Daayan cry. Daayan comes there and asks why you all are standing, if you didn’t see any beautiful girl before. She asks Nikki to go and do the rasam. She signs Suguna to take her. Nikki and Suguna goes. Daayan asks Vikram to go. Vikram goes. Piyush comes to Nikki and gives her Daayan’s mercury. Nikki asks if this will be our last meeting. Piyush says I am coming with you. He promises that they will not separate even after death. He says he is sure that they will live the lovely moments again. Nikki says I trust your trust. Piyush says we have to go, and kisses on her forehead. Agar tum na hote song plays…..

He goes out and sits on the bike, when the Daayan lifts his bike in air. She says what do you think that you will play game with me and I will not know. She hangs him in the air with her hair.

Nikki comes to Sumitra. Sumitra tells Nikki that she has to win anyhow. She says if you lose, they my womb and your maang will be destroyed. Nikki says don’t worry, until I am alive nothing will happen to Piyush, either I will return victorious or will never return. Aarohi tells Nikki that she trusts her fully and says you are the one among us, who can do this miracle, come back victorious. Nikki says your prayers and blessings are enough for her. Nikki asks them to take care. Suguna tells Nikki that she trusts her fully and asks her to remember that Daayan’s mercury can kill Daakini. Sumitra says where is Piyush. Nikki says he said that he can’t see me going. Sumitra says ok. Daayan asks Nikki if she didn’t go till now and says it seems you don’t care for your husband, but I care for Malik’s rasam. She asks her to go as the way is long. Nikki goes out.

Prateik and Bhavani Singh bring Nikki near to Daakini’s place in the jeep. Bhavani asks Prateik to stop the car. Prateik stops the car. Bhavani tells Nikki that she has to do to Daak tal herself from here and you will find Daakini there. Nikki looks on.

Nikki is walking to reach Daakini. The guy tells Baal devi that Nikki is going through her life’s difficult test and says she is going to Daak tal. Baldev says Nikki has to face Daakin and not Daakini. Vikram says if Piyush went to help his wife. Daayan says he will never return now. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.