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Cage of beauty AdomTv, Tuesday 8th November 2022 update

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Omkar telling Vishaka that he didn’t touch her and burned her factory. He asks her to tell where is Mayura, else he will burn everything into ashes. Mayura comes there and faces Omkar. Vishaka asks how did you feel this shock? It was more shocking than the machine current. Mayura comes there and says you have light fire to meet me and says you was so restless to meet me.

Omkar says you are looking beautiful and says he didn’t know that his hatred will suit her. He says where is that scar, you said that it freed you from the beauty cage. He says when I asked you to get the scar removed, you refused and did a drama. He says now you got it removed for your selfish aim. Mayura says you will know what I did and why? Just wait and watch for sometime. Omkar says you want to be in the beauty cage always. Mayura says you can’t understand women, even if you take many births.

Just then he hears Tara calling him Papa. He searches for her. Mayura says Tara is here and shows the phone. Omkar talks to her and asks how is she? Tara tells that she is fine and tells that Mamma said that you are busy in work and there is still time to meet her. Mayura feels pain to separate a father from his daughter. Tara tells that she has made many friends here and learnt so much. Omkar asks where is she? He says your Papa wants to meet you. Just then the call gets disconnected. Omkar asks Mayura to tell where is Tara? Mayura says Tara is safe with me and tells that she is feeling good to see him yearning for Tara. She asks him to understand her pain, how she felt to stay away from Tara for 5 years.

A fb is shown. Mayura tells that she is not like him and is not keeping her far from him, so that to make him yearn for her, but to make her life better. Omkar says return my Tara now itself. Mayura says I made you talk to Tara, else you don’t deserve even this. Omkar asks her to tell him in 5 mins, else he will kill Vishaka and her, and her entire family. He says all your plan will be ruined. He starts the countdown and just then his phone rings. Mayura says may be some important call, pick the call.

Omkar gets a call from DIG who confronts him for threatening Vishaka and Mayura and asks him to remember that they are more powerful than him. Omkar fumes with anger.

Megha is thrown out of Omkar’s house. She thinks where to go, she can’t back to Sanjay as he has nothing than poverty. She hears Police constables coming there and standing outside Omkar’s house. She thinks why Vishaka is helping Mayura. Mayura tells Omkar that she has caged him without the cage. Omkar looks at her staringly. Mayura says I am not scared of you. She asks him to leave from the city else she will ruined him.

Omkar asks Mayura to remind herself, who is sangemarmar sartaj and what he can do? He says if you have forgotten then I will tell you. He says to hell with your DIG and you and asks his guards to kidnap them. Vishaka asks Mayura to run and releases smoke bomb. They run away from there. Vishaka and Mayura come home. Vishaka tells that it was hectic day and asks Mayura to go and meet Tara, as everything is fine. Omkar returns home angrily. Megha is hiding and watching him. He goes inside the house and thinks how dare Mayura to take Tara away from me. He thinks I won’t let her stay in peace and will not leave her. Megha hears him. Omkar looks at the chess board. Vishaka’s team gets the toys.

Mayura says I will meet my Tara today. Vishaka asks them to hide the toys and tells that Omkar came home with some special guest. She asks Mayura to change her dress.

Omkar talking to the NGO women in Vishaka’s house and asks them to hand over his daughter to him. Mayura comes there and greets them, calling herself Maya. Omkar says she is Mayura and asks them to ask her to return his daughter. Mayura says which daughter. Omkar tells the ladies, you had seen her. Mayura asks if something happened to you, any trauma…? The lady tells that your wife’s face resembles her, but she was different and had scar on her face. Mayura says so you are Omkar ji, whose contract we got and my pic was posted on the cover page rather than you in the magazine. She asks if he is taking revenge from her. Mayura asks why? Omkar says because I have separated Tara from you. He tells the NGO women that the scar can be removed and asks them to see that she is Mayura. Mayura asks what is he saying? The NGO woman says he feels that you are Mayura and has kidnapped his daughter. Mayura says I am not Mayura, but Maya, you have a misunderstanding. She says you can check my IDs. Vishaka shows Maya’s ID proofs. Inspector and the NGO women check. Inspector says you have a misunderstanding. Mayura says it seems my face resembles his wife. Omkar takes water glass in his hand and splashes water on Mayura, but she moves and the water falls on NGO woman. Omkar says she has moved as her scar will appear. Mayura says what do you think that you will throw water on me and I will stand as a statue. Vishaka makes Omkar falls down on Mayura’s feet. Mayura asks if he is hurt and asks him to get habitual to fall on her feet. Omkar tells that he has Mayura’s stuff and tells that they shall get DNA test done. Mayura says I am showing my sympathy and you are not ending. She tells inspector that she can’t give any more proofs. Inspector asks Omkar to come. Omkar runs to Mayura and holds her hand. Mayura throws juice on her face and warns him not to harm him. She says I am human, and not your personal property. She asks him to get out.

Vishaka and Mayura laugh lying down on the bed and get up. Vishaka says Omkar’s face was upset. Mayura says I was worried when Omkar talked about DNA test. She tells that she has fight back. Vishaka asks Mayura to go and meet Tara. Mayura thinks of Omkar telling that Tara will never call her mother and tells that the scar has become her identity. Vishaka asks her to go and meet Tara, and tells that she will send her guards to see if someone is following her. Mayura says your Mamma is coming to meet you. She asks Vishaka if the work is done. Akhilesh and Dadi receive gifts from someone. Mayura sends video to them, informing them that she has become Maya until she takes revenge from Omkar, and asks them to delete the video after watching. They see Mayura’s photo frame.

Omkar thinks how to defeat Mayura. Megha comes there and tells that she can help him defeat Mayura. Omkar asks her to go. Megha says only a sister can reveal other sister’s secrets.

Omkar asks her to stop and asks what you can do. Megha says I can do so much, but you have to help me. Omkar agrees. Megha tells that she will drown Mayura’s Lanka.