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Cage of beauty AdomTv, Monday 29th August 2022 update

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Episode starts with Mayura asking Omkar to look at her. She says what do you think that you will take divorce from me by blackmailing and threatening Sanjay bhai saab. She says my family is not my weakness, but my strength. She says I will reach you somehow. Aishwarya comes there and asks what happened? Her mother informs her that Mayura married Omkar again. Aishwarya is shocked.

Cage Of Beauty Series Cast 3
Cage Of Beauty Series Cast 3

Omkar looks at Mayura. Mayura says I am just your Pinjara and nobody else. Aishwarya says I didn’t marry Omkar ji and cries. Omkar sees Aishwarya coming there and takes her to the inhouse temple. He then fills sindoor in her maang. Mayura is shocked. Aishwarya smiles. Manjari is shocked. Mayura is shocked too and shouts Omkar. Omkar tells that Aishwarya is his wife now, you might be my wife, but Aishwarya is my wife too. He says it is not a big thing to have two wives. Mayura says you can’t have two wives. Omkar asks what will you do? Will you go to court and says who can stop me from having two wives. He says if you want to get yourself insulted then go to Police. He says everyone knows that today Aishwarya and my marriage is happening. He says there is so many stains in your pallu that nobody will believe her. He says nobody has seen our marriage happening here, these are my people and nobody will give statement that your marriage have happened here. The guests and Pandit tell that they have not seen their marriage happening and leaves. Omkar asks Aishwarya, if she has seen. She says no. Omkar says you will not be my wife, if you say and asks her to stay there as a Servant, to take care of his new wife and asks her to make sure that her beauty don’t get less. Aishwarya says don’t worry Didi, we will stay together lovingly. Omkar says my new bride is so lovely, just learn from her. He asks Mayura to do whatever she wants and says he will always defeat her. He says Omkar and Mayura can’t become Mayukar…just remember this. He recalls taking Mayura home by lifting her. He thinks he will make her cry and make her feel pain. He lifts Aishwarya and asks if she will be jealous to see his and his wife’s love and asks her to be jealous. He takes Aishwarya from there and drops her down. He thinks if Mayura loves him even now, when she got a chance to go, then why she wants to stay here. Manjari tells Mayura that he will forget you after the wedding night with Aishwarya.

Omkar is going, when he sees Mayura infront of him and hides his face. He imagines many Mayuras coming and asking if he is feeling disgusted seeing her face. He asks her to go and remove this ugliness from his life. He shouts…Manjari asks Aishwarya not to think about inauspicious woman and asks her to sit on the bed. She says Omi will forget that girl after the wedding night. Mayura says Mayura’s name brick is made in Omkar’s revenge fire and will not break it so soon. Omkar comes to the room. Aishwarya asks him to come. Mayura comes there and says welcome my pati dev for the wedding night. She starts dancing pallu latke…..She asks Omkar if he recalls their first wedding night and says you had ruined our first moment due to the rash on my neck. She says today I have ruined your wedding night. He says do whatever you want, I will not bear you. He says if I want then can kick you out of my house. Mayura says ok, kick me out, but some media have come here and want to see your wife’s face. Omkar says I can’t throw you, but I can go. Mayura says she will continue troubling him until he becomes better.

Next morning, Mayura wakes up Omkar. Omkar says I don’t want to see your face and asks her to go. Mayura says you have stained this face, this is your punishment. She says I have forgotten and applies sindoor in her maang. She asks Omkar to see and says I have applied sindoor of your name. She comes to Omkar, but he turns his face. She says I have applied, just as you want, long and broad. Mayura says she has applied sindoor as he is just hers. Omkar says yesterday you kicked me out of my room, now I will see how anyone will make you leave from here. He locks her in the room and asks her to clean the mess. He says I dislike dried up flowers and stained face. Mayura shouts Omkar.

Manjari assigns a work to the Servants. The Servant lifts the heavy utensil having hot oil, but drops from his hand. It falls down from the balcony. Omkar sees it about to fall on him. Mayura comes there and saves him at the right time. She falls on Omkar. Omkar looks at her. Manjari comes there and thanks Mayura. She gives her necklace as a reward to save Omkar’s life. Mayura throws the necklace on Manjiri’s neck and it falls on her. Mayura says you have thought your son’s life so cheap and says I didn’t have the money to buy this costly necklace, but you are not that rich to buy my self respect.

Mayura thinking he has saved Omkar, but he didn’t thank her even once. She thinks until he apologizes to her, she will stay here with her face, this will be punishment for him. Manjari scolds the Servants for their careless behavior and says if anything had happen to my son. The Servant tells that they had slipped and the kadai fell down. Omkar finds the powder on the floor and thinks how did this powder come here? He thinks Maa is allergic, Papa and I don’t use it, so whose powder is this? He thinks Mayura and comes to her. He says you tried to kill me, then came to me and saved me. Mayura asks what are you saying? She asks him to talk to her, looking in his eye. Omkar asks her to accept that she conspired to kill him. Mayura says she can’t lower like him and says she says you didn’t care about my wound, you just don’t want to look at it. She says I really don’t care about what you think? Omkar says I know that you hate me then why did you save me? Mayura says my humanity is the reason, but you can’t understand it. She says I shouldn’t have saved you. Omlar says you did a mistake and says I will show what I can do with you. Mayura asks him to look in her eye and say. Omkar says you will know, when I do.

Aishwarya asks Manjari if she is timepass as Omkar only thinks of Mayura and don’t have time for her. Manjari asks her not to cry, as Omkar don’t like dark circles on the face. She says I will ask Mayura to make the kheer and says it is upto me, what she makes. Mayura is in the kitchen and asks Manjari why is she standing? She asks if she wants to ruin her kheer? Manjari goes. Mayura doubts her.

Aishwarya with Manjari’s help, adds salt to the kheer using the sugarcane stick. Mayura looks back, but they hide. Aishwarya laughs and tells Manjari that she is more clever than Chacha Chaudhary. Omkar welcomes Pandit ji and washes his feet. Mayura brings the food plate. Omkar asks why did you ask Mayura to make food. Manjari says how would I send Aishwarya to kitchen, if her hand or face gets burnt. Omkar gets silent. Pandit ji asks Mayura about the scar on her face. Manjari says it is her karma. Pandit ji takes Mayura’s side and tells that future depends on present karma. Manjari asks him to have sweets first. Pandit ji tastes sweets and says he never had such a tasty kheer. He blesses Mayura and finishes the food. He then blesses Omkar and leaves.

Manjari tastes the kheer and spits it, saying it is salty. Omkar says there is no salt as Pandit ji wouldn’t have eaten it. Mayura says she knows that she will ruin the kheer and that’s why she made it again and served that kheer to pandit ji. She says I have served that salty kheer to you. Omkar asks her mother, how she can add salt in Pandit ji’s kheer and tells that last time, he was scolded by other Pandit ji due to Mayura. Mayura says not because of me. Omkar goes upset with Manjari. Mayura says Omkar got happy with her instead, even though he didn’t say anything. She goes. Aishwarya says the nation wants to know, what will you do?

Later Omkar thinks of Mayura and thinks she is coming in his dream too now. He hears a noise attracting his attention. He finds Mayura missing from her place and finds someone leaving. He thinks Mayura is going out and goes behind her. He sees the veiled woman meeting someone and hugging some guy. Omkar gets shocked. Mayura is seen taking water bottle from the fridge and thinks she has spoilt her sleep, for teaching a lesson to Omkar. She thinks don’t know when this thing will end. Omkar doubts Mayura and finds them missing. He returns home and finds Mayura sleeping on her place. He thinks she is sleeping as if she didn’t go from her place.

He makes her get up and looks in her eyes, asking if she don’t feel shame to hug a stranger man. Mayura is shocked. He asks her to reply. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.